Finland Invaded the USSR alongside Germany after the Germans Invaded

Part of the Continuation War. It lasted for three years and the Finns were defeated. Keep in mind that Finland was an ally of Nazi Germany at the time. After this war, Finland lost a lot of territory and had to pay restitution to the USSR for 5-10 years. The earlier war was called the Winter War. Stalin made a reasonable request of a land exchange with Finland or at least the opportunity to lease land in the South. He wanted a buffer zone between the USSR and Finland in order to slow down the Nazi invasion that Stalin knew was coming. I believe this was a reasonable request.

Also he wanted the Finns to cut off ties to Germany, with which they were allied. In addition, he wanted them to agree to a signed alliance with the USSR.

The Finns told them to go pound sand and the Winter War began. The Finns did kill a lot of Soviets in this war and they also destroyed a lot of equipment. The war is still a huge patriotic thing in Finland with movies made about it regularly. However, the USSR nevertheless defeated Finland and the Finns were forced to give up some territory around the Karelian area.

They gave up more Karelian land after the Continuation War. The Continuation War was fought when the USSR attacked Finland because Finland had invaded the USSR alongside Hitler. The Finns were beaten badly and suffered in the aftermath.

I get tired of all the anti-Soviet bullshit about these wars,  especially the Winter War, one of their favorite anti-Soviet bugaboos. The Finns were allied with the Nazis, for God’s sake!

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