All the Fake Reasons The Jews Give to Prove They Have a Right to Israel

Now, of course, I despise Israel. None of their justifications for why they stole that land or why it’s really theirs makes the slightest bit of sense. All you can say is they stole it fair and square.

This is our homeland. Yeah, but you left 2,000 years ago and never came back. Think of how many places all around the world used to be some other ethnic group’s land 2,000 years ago. The UK. Spain and Portugal. Italy. The entire Roman Empire. All of the Middle East. Hardly any group that calls anywhere their home were living there and claiming it as theirs 2,000 years ago.

Can you imagine if every group that used to control some territory some time in the last 2,000 years got to go back and reclaim their land? Total chaos. How much could Italy claim? Poland? Russia? Hungary? France? North Africa? After the Jews left, Palestine was still Roman land. Then it was owned by the Greeks. Do these people get to go back and reclaim it?

And by the way, a lot of those possessions or homelands were acquired by force, usually an invasion and conquest.

Just because you Jews used to live there 2,000 years ago doesn’t mean you get to go back and reclaim your property deed! Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

Our religion says this is our land. Yeah? My religion says bats flew out of my butt! How bout that? Who cares what your crazy, made-up religion believes about much of anything! It’s not important. Religions are not factually based.

Every year we have been praying to get our land back. So? What if the French had been praying for 700 years to get the UK back? Do they get to go back and conquer the UK, and even worse, to throw out all the British and settle the place with French people? What relevance is that? I don’t care what you pray for or pray about. That’s never a basis for anything.

We have had a 2,000 year presence in this land. Yeah. So? Mostly as a tiny minority of 3-

There’s no such thing as Palestinians. Yeah. So? Guess what? There’s no such thing as most of these nationalities in the world. A lot of them were just dreamed up in the last 200 years or so. Before that they had other names. It doesn’t matter. They’re still the same people no matter what you they call themselves.

The Arabs are settlers. They conquered and settled the place 1,300 years ago. Though honestly they mostly just conquered it. The people remained the same as they ever were. If the Arabs were settlers (which didn’t happen), then by this logic, Hell, we are all settlers. This is the biggest can of worms.

The Palestinians are the Canaanites, the people who had been living there since before the Jews. The Arabs didn’t move in, kick out all the Canaanites and move in Arabs from Arabia in their place. That’s not what happened. So the Arabs are not settlers or settler-colonists. Arabs didn’t “colonize” that land, or if they did, then we have all colonized whatever land we are living on. The Canaanites are not “settlers” or “colonists.” They’ve always lived there.

After the Jews left and Greece took over, they turned Christian. Then after the Arabs, they slowly converted to Islam. Sure, some new folks moved in in the past century. So? This was all Arab land. It doesn’t matter what name the Arabs went under. Arabs moved all over the Arab World all the time. Just because some new ones moved in recently doesn’t mean it’s not Arab land!

There has never been any such thing as Palestine. Yeah. There’s never been any such thing as most of the countries on the map! They’re all new inventions mostly in the last 150 years after 1948, especially in Europe. Most of the rest only became countries after the colonists left and they got their independence. Most countries on Earth didn’t exist 150 years ago. Hell, they didn’t exist even 120 years ago. They’re all new creations or inventions. It doesn’t mean they’re not real.

For the Christians: The Bible says its Jewish land. Well, no it doesn’t. Not the New Testament anyway. You Jews got replaced. That’s what Replacement Theology is all about. It’s not your land anymore. Jesus came, freed you from the Law, and now the Church is the new Israel. You all don’t get it anymore. The Old Testament maybe says it’s yours, but I doubt if it does so in so many words. But the OT isn’t Christianity. That’s another religion, a religion called Judaism.

We conquered it in a war, so it’s ours. This is the only one that makes any sense, but they never use this about Israel Proper, although they certainly could. They only use this about the Territories. You don’t get to conquer land in war, kick out the people who live there, and move in your own people. They did it in 1948, but it was legal back then, and international law has grown up in the time since then and it’s no longer legal. The age of settler-colonialism is over. It ended here the Western Hemisphere in 1890. Nobody plays by those rules anymore.

Now, I do think the Jews get Israel based on this, but they don’t get those Territories that they conquered.

What about Russia? Well, if the people who live there want another country to come in and liberate them and free them from the people they live under and hate, that’s not settler-colonialism.

That isn’t even occupied land because the people wanted to occupiers to come in, occupy it and attach it to their country. People have a right to self-determination. If people in some country want to split off a part of that country and go join some other country, they can do just that. Consensual invasions and occupations and not an issue. No one cares about that other than some silly statists who violate the rule all the time anyway whenever it suits them.

The formation of Israel was legal. Well, that is correct. It was ratified by the UN. With a lot of abstentions, sure, but it was perfectly legal. Apparently the Nakba was legal under international law at the time it happened. But international law has changed a lot since, and it’s not legal anymore, sorry.

But they have no right to an inch of the rest of that land in East Jerusalem or the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms. All of that was conquered in war and settled and annexed illegally.

But I’m not saying Israel itself is invalid. The Jews can keep on living in Israel. They’re not being very nice about it or sharing the land with others, but it’s all kosher under international law. Yes, it would be nice if it were not an apartheid state, but apartheid states are perfectly legal. South Africa was a legal country. It’s not very nice to be an apartheid state, but a lot of perfectly legal things are not very nice.

We stole it fair and square. They don’t use this one but I wish they did. This is the only one that makes any sense. Just because the Jews stole it fair and square doesn’t mean they don’t get to live there.

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