All Right, This Is Just Getting Stupid Now

For some context, the US is trying gin up a conflict between Taiwan and China so they can turn Taiwan into another Ukraine and do the same thing to China as they are doing to Russia. However, in the case of Taiwan, the US says it will defend Taiwan against a Chinese attack.

Washington is trying to drag China into a war so we can take out our two biggest competitors, Russia and China, in one coordinated attack. The US says that if the war starts, the US will bomb and destroy TSMC, a company that makes 90% of the microprocessors in the world, to keep it from falling into the hands of the Chinese . Taiwan says if you do that, we will defend against a US attack on our plant.

Anyway, Taiwan says they are the ones who should make the decision about whether to destroy the plant. It’s their factory, after all. The US says, “That’s not your decision to make, Taiwan. We will blow up that factory whether you like it or not.”

What do you think the world will be like when 90% of the world’s chip manufacturing facilities are destroyed? Chips run everything nowadays. That sounds like a catastrophe.

The Japanese produce some chips and so do we, but we got out of the business when we outsourced all of our work overseas. China is now making microchips, but it’s not an easy process.

For one thing, a new chip factory costs $30 billion! So it can only proceed via state intervention, obviously. And you will start out way behind. I think Russia is now making 50-60 nanometer chips, which are fine for a lot of things, especially war materials. However, the Taiwanese have gotten it down 3-5 nanometers! The Chinese are scaling down a lot faster than the Russians, but they still have a ways to go. It’s not like the world can just spring up a bunch of new chip fabrication plants and start making 3 nanometer chips. It doesn’t work that way.

I’m sorry but this is insane. Let TSMC go to China. Are we seriously going to go to war to blow up a chip manufacturing plant to keep it out of the hands of our competitors? That is crazy.

The Taiwanese don’t want a war with China, but there is a faction there who will go for it. We are trying to empower this faction right now. Plus, we keep shoveling weapons over to Taiwan to “keep the peace.” Yeah, right! We have not given them weapons for a long time. Nor have we made state visits there. Now we are doing both, obviously to gin up a conflict with an economic competitor.

I always thought China was nuts to demand Taiwan back. Their enemies split to Taiwan and made a country over there. Ok, and now…? Let them stay there.

However, the Chinese are dead serious about wanting that island back and saying it’s part of China. They’re not going to budge on this.

What a mess. 83% of Americans hate China for no good reason. There’s no reason we should not be allies.

A few years back, the Chinese economy started to pass the US economy in size, and it is now the largest economy on Earth. That was the start of the anti-China propaganda.

It actually started under Obama with Obama and Hillary Clinton’s “pivot to Asia.” These creeps know exactly what they are doing, but they won’t tell you why they do these things because the reason is so antisocial that they’re afraid we would not support it.

So they make up a bushel of lies about the country we want to go to war with. Even if we started the fight, and we are surrounding and attacking them, they’re still attacking us! All the people fall for all the stupid war propaganda every single time, like clockwork. A completely controlled media works in lockstep with the state to flood the country with war propaganda, which is nothing but lies when it comes down to it.

Well, we are not going to stand for that, and we will stop it even if it takes a war to do it! This is all about economic competition. What’s wrong with economic competition? I thought capitalists liked competition.

This is what I mean when I say that capitalism leads to war. Economic competitors increasingly supercharge the competition by throwing in the military to defend their economic interests. So this would be a war to smash an economic competitor like the war with Russia is. It is inevitable the capitalists, especially imperialist capitalists, end up fighting wars over markets and against economic and ideological competitors.

So war, regular war, is inevitable under free market capitalism, which neither China nor Russia practices, by the way. They operate on Statism, with the state playing a huge role in the economy and regulating business. In China’s case, they are practicing something called Market Socialism, which, by the way, is the future for Communism. State socialism doesn’t work. You need markets.

Capitalist fanboys either say the Chinese have free market neoliberal capitalism or that their model is “state capitalism.” There’s no such thing as state capitalism and even if there were, it would not be a bad thing!

Neither Russia nor China are imperialist countries. Russia’s not big enough and the China’s are ideologically opposed to it. Deng himself said that if China ever becomes imperialist, the people should rise up and have a revolution and throw out the government. The Belt and Road Initiative is not an imperialist project.

None of China’s activity in Africa is imperialist. Instead it is based more upon a win-win philosophy or solidarity. Of course, China doesn’t work free, but all the profits go back the Chinese government where it is distributed to the people. The Ukraine War is not an imperialist war or an expansionist war of conquest. Russia never wanted it to come down to this.

I’ve mentioned before on this site how capitalism always leads to imperialism and war, and some of the market fanboys disagreed. They said, “Well capitalism doesn’t have to lead to imperialism and war.” They talked about some groovy capitalism that doesn’t lead to war or imperialism. Except this doesn’t exist and cannot exist. Capitalism leads to war and imperialism like day follows night. There is no way to have a “nice” capitalism, and anyway, if you ever do, it wouldn’t be capitalism anymore and you end up with something like what the Chinese have, and that’s not free market capitalism. It’s something else entirely.

Some bad things are baked into certain objects and ideas. You can’t have the object or the idea without the baggage coming along for the ride.

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