The CIA Says That Iran Doesn’t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program

So does the State Department.

These scum talk out of both sides of their mouths. On the one hand, they tell the truth and say that there’s no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Notice how these maggots always say “Iran’s nuclear program” instead of “Iran’s nuclear weapons program?” They know that when you hear “nuclear program” you are automatically going to think “nuclear weapons program,” so, like the loathsome imperialist curs that they are, they’re phrasing it in such a way that they’re lying without formally lying.

Iran’s “nuclear weapons program” is just some bullshit the Jews (Israel) dreamed up. They’re the ones who started this whole lie. But wait! Those people would never lie, would they? They’re as honest as Hutterites!

Of course, many US Gentiles have other reasons to hate Iran (1979 hostage crisis is one), so they’ve all gone along with the lie and now they are pushing it too.

I’m not even sure what they are so upset about. I guess they don’t even want Iran to have the capability of developing a nuclear weapons program. The capability would be in the form of enough nuclear material refined to 9

But if you want nuclear energy or nuclear medicine, you have to use the exact same stuff as you would use to make a bomb. So every country that builds its own nuclear plants also has a “nuclear weapons program” just like Iran. What bullshit, huh?

They’re saying now that Iran is “twelve days from breakout.” Breakout means building a nuclear bomb. Well, that’s bullshit too. They’re lying to you! Breakout simply means having enough fissile material to make a single bomb.

Nobody understands nuclear weapons program. Before you get a bomb, you have to do research, usually years of research. It’s very hard to find these materials, as the countries that make the bombs don’t want it getting out. However, if you scrounge around in the deep recesses of some European libraries, you could gather enough material to start a program. I know that’s how Saddam did it. Saddam indeed wanted a bomb but  Iraq didn’t know how to make one. They had to crawl around these libraries in Europe for a long time until they dredged it together.

The thing that people don’t like about Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, is that he had these materials on hand and he was running around the world selling these documents to the highest bidder. North Korea happened to be one of his customers.

Now once you get the documents, you will have to study them for a while to figure out what they even say because it’s not apparent. When you finally figure that out, now you can design your bomb.

But your problems don’t end there. People don’t understand nuclear bombs. For one, they’re as big as a Volkswagen! Now if I had one of these bombs and I flew over some area with a lot of buildings,  I could drop it right on top of a building and nothing would happen except people might get hurt or die due to the weapon smashing the roof in and collapsing the building. But I guarantee you it won’t blow up!

Why not? Because just having a bomb isn’t good enough, that’s why! You need to get the triggering mechanism down, and you have to get that down to the 1,000ths of a second. And there are many other things involved. A country might take 2-3 years just getting the triggering mechanism to work.

Now you might want to stick it on a missile. First you have to develop a nuclear warhead for the missile and that is not so easy. Now you have to build rockets or ballistic missiles. And know you have to figure out how to fly the thing. I know that North Korea has spent years trying to get their missiles to fly right.

The ones that could hit the US don’t have their flight down pat. There is something called re-entry where the missile re-enters the atmosphere from space on its downward fall. Last I heard a few years ago was North Korea still did not have the re-entry down right. People thought they would get it right in 2023, a few years later. It would take them another three years to get that right! Well, here we are, 2023. North Korea should have gotten the re-entry down by now, but we have no idea if they did or not.

You starting to get the picture?

Even if Iran does have enough fissile material to make a bomb, it’s going to take them years to actually make one and make a missile to put it on. Like 5-10 years! And you need to start up a nuclear weapons program to do that, and they don’t have one.

What the mainstream media and the lousy US government are doing is lying to you. Everything you’ve been told about this nuclear weapons program is a lie! You haven’t been told one true thing about this program because the program itself doesn’t even exist! You’re being scammed! Quit falling for it!

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