I’m So Glad That Jordan Neely Is Dead

He was an out and out menace.


Like I said, a menace. A homicidal menace.

And more.

Did I mention that he was a homicidal menace?

In 2018, police were called out about him on average of once every 10 days. They kept arresting him and putting him in jail, but the jails kept letting him out again. A lot of the time they took him to a shelter or a hospital, but he often would not stay there or would refuse to go in the first place.

In California, you can be taken in if you are gravely disabled (this means you cannot take care of your own basic needs) or if you are a danger to yourself or others. You can then be held until you are well enough to be released or they’re overcrowded and they need beds. I’m not sure what New York’s rule is, but in California, he would definitely qualify to be taken off the streets. He’d been arrested 42 times in his short life, and many times the cops came out about him and would not even book him.

He was a Goddamned menace! A Goddamned homicidal menace! And now he’s dead and in the ground, where all homicidal menaces deserve to be according to the laws of karma.

Now, I’m not saying that gives people a license to kill him, but the world shouldn’t mourn his death. We should be happy that there’s one less dangerous psycho out there menacing the rest of us.

Now if someone killed this guy on purpose for no good reason, I’d say he needs to go down on at least manslaughter. But that’s not what happened.

From the looks of it, nobody tried to kill this maniac. Not to mention that he was a pretty big guy, and he was very strong like so many Black men are, stronger than White men. It took more than one person to take him down and keep him down. And some of the folks doing this were other Black men. Yep, other Black men were trying to hold him down too. All in all, five people were trying to hold this Goddamned maniac down at one time or another during this period.

He kept resisting and trying to get out of the holds, and he needed to be held down, and it was too dangerous to let him break out of the hold. I guess the chokehold was the only thing that kept him down. The cops came within six minutes, but it was already too late.

Now if it can be shown that the chokehold guy was actually trying to kill him, then go ahead and charge him. But if he wasn’t trying to kill him at all, release him. This doesn’t even qualify as involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide.

This is falling down the usual insane partisan lines. I’m so glad that my Jewish friend Honest Guy, a commenter on this blog, brought up about how we on the Left are completely failing this crime issue. He’s a bit of a social conservative on crime, as am I. Now, I think both sides are wrong.

The Republicans want to give you 10 years for spitting on the sidewalk in the most miserable Hellhole you could imagine. They love the system. And fuck the Criminal Injustice System!

But sometimes you need it. There are dangerous and bad people out there who need to be locked up, in jail, prison, or a mental hospital. At the very least they need to be kept away from the rest of us.

Jails and prisons need not resemble the 9th circle of Hell.

Half the laws on the books are just chickenshit pussy crimes that for stuff that ought to be legal. Get rid of them!

We lock up way too many people in this country for way too long. We are the most carceral society on Earth. That’s ridiculous and pathetic! In fact, it’s shameful!

I believe that for a lot of things, we should let people solve their problems amongst themselves and keep the damn cops out of it.

As you can see, I’m still fairly liberal when it comes to crime. I can’t get down with Republican maniacs’ ecstatic cop-love or carceral mindset. I’m no cop lover. But increasingly, I’m no cop-hater either.

But sometimes we need cops, judges, prosecutors, bailiffs, jail and prison guards, and probation and parole officers.

Sure, the system is shit, but sometimes we need this shit system and sometimes the people in this shit system are doing the right thing for the betterment of all of us. Sometimes they’re literally working for us and making our lives better or at least less miserable.

On the other hand, the Left with it’s abolish the police, abolish jails and prisons bullshit are just insane. We can’t keep letting criminals get off the hook or letting them get slaps on the wrist.

People, mostly Blacks, shoplifting from stores without anyone bothering to stop them is infuriating.

The rampant crime in our big cities is ridiculous.

Letting homicidal menaces out on the streets to threaten our lives doesn’t work.

Nor does cutting the number of police officers.

Nor does making law enforcement such a miserable job by picking on them for no good reason seem to work.

Many city police departments are now understaffed due to the War on Cops. Granted, there needed to be reforms, but as usual with humans, we went way too far with an emotional issue.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater here like the Left wants us to do.

But if you are on the liberal-Left, it is mandatory that you demand that the chokehold guy be arrested and charged with murder.

And if you’re conservative, I suppose you have to come down on the side of the chokehold guy, but oddly enough, conservatives nowadays are far more tolerant than liberals, which is pathetic right there! I could imagine a conservative on a conservative forum touting the liberal line on this and saying the chokeholder should be arrested. And I can imagine the other commenters not really caring that this person felt this way. I’ve seen this many times on conservative forums.

Conservatives are now the tolerant people (which historically they’ve never been).

And we on the liberal-Left are the intolerant authoritarian screamers attacking people for differences of thought. You know, the thing that liberalism was supposed to be all about? Protecting your right to have an opinion, no matter how odious that opinion may be? Well, that’s all dead and gone now, a dream of a better day long ago in another world not to return in the foreseeable future.

As a man on the Left, if I cheer on the chokeholder and say this menace deserves to be in the ground, I am literally thrown out of the Left because I’m going against the party line on this issue. I am told that I am a conservative, a Republican, a fascist, and a Nazi. I am none of these things and never will be.

It’s pathetic the way we are lining up precisely on party lines on so many issues. On any given new issue or event, I can predict the responses of those around me simply because I know their politics. That’s pathetic right there. It shows that we aren’t thinking. We are just going down the line on checklists and ticking all the boxes we have to tick to be on whichever side we are on.

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One thought on “I’m So Glad That Jordan Neely Is Dead”

  1. It sickens me how most Western women on social media seem to support Black criminals.

    Colin Wright mentioned to me that Blacks perhaps didn’t even mind having their own drinking fountains. Whites can’t help but impose their own goodie-two-shoes views unto Blacks. Truth is, we’d do it without Jews, just fewer sinister looks and less hand-rubbing.

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