The “We Can’t Afford It” Bullshit

transformer: I wanted to post this on the neoliberal topic but decided to post it here. Why is it so hard for the US to finance higher education for all students without going into a ton of debt? Should there be free college for all? I would like you to read these two articles. It is a good example of the oligarchic nature of US society and politics:

Here and here:

Many countries, often ones much poorer than the US, have free education through the graduate level. It’s almost the norm around the world. There are few countries that don’t have a system like this. Now, they might not fund the universities so well, but they are open and you can go to them.

This whole American “We can’t afford it” is bullshit. Anything we say “we can’t afford,” you can look around the world and see that other countries, often much poorer than our own, are easily able to afford. So the whole “we can’t afford it” is bullshit. We can afford it. Of course we can. It’s more like “we don’t want to pay for it.”

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