Assata Shakur (Joanne Chesimard) Is Innocent

Assata Shakur (Joanne Chesimard) has been on the FBI’s most wanted list for 50 years now. She is wanted for the murder of a police officer who were killed after a traffic stop in New Jersey in 1973. She was a member of the Black Liberation Army (BLA). I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them.

The BLA was formed ~1970 by former members of the Black Panthers. There was a big debate in the group about whether to take up arms against the state or not. The Panthers eventually decided to seek power by peaceful means. With that, many Panthers, perhaps 100 out of 500 high ranking members, left the group and formed the splitter group known as the BLA. The BLA from the start said they were armed and supported armed revolt.

I lived through this period in US history and I was actually a supporter of the Weathermen. In fact, I was on their mailing list at one point! Well, the mailing list of their above ground faction, the John Brown Book Club. I supported them now and I support them now.

In 1970, these type of groups set off 50,000 bombs in the US! That’s 15 bomb attacks a day! They mostly caused property damage, and they usually phoned in a warning call beforehand. The bombs usually went off in the middle of the night. Very few people were injured or killed in these bombings, which is amazing considering how many they set off.

I supported them because they took up arms to stop the Vietnam War, and I think that was worth taking up arms for. By the way, my politics have not changed one bit, and I support the Weathermen to this day.

That’s why I laugh when idiots insist that I’m not on the Left or I’m a Republican or some sort of conservative. I don’t support any conservative faction in the US right now. I support the Democrats 82% of the time and the Republicans maybe 15%. I vote Democrat every time except now and again when I vote third party hard Left. What the Hell kind of conservative does that?

I can tell you right now that the Weathermen, for instance, had a minimum of 1 million people helping them. There were counterculture or hippie neighborhoods all over the US. If you were a political prisoner on the run from the cops, you could go to any of these places and walk up to someone and say a code word. If you got no reaction, keep asking around. Nobody’s going to call the cops on you because everyone knows what’s going on, and they’re all a part of it.

Sooner or later, someone will repeat the code word back to you or give you the correct code word response. This person would immediately put you up in their place, or if not, set you up with someone who would. They would also try to get you a job somewhere.

The people who took you in would not tell anyone. Your guest already had a nom de guerre fake name and a proper constructed back story. While the person was staying with you, they would never tell you their real name or their actual history, and you would not ask. They would not tell you what crimes they had done, and you would not ask about that either.

After the Brinks Car robbery in 1981 with the remains of the Weathermen and whatever was left of the BLA at that point, the cops arrested no one. Everyone they raided was already gone. In some cases, they left so quickly that the coffeepot was still warm on the stove. They must have had spies within the Feds who warned them about the raids. The Brinks robbery was bad, but the Weathermen just wanted money. Some cops and armed car employees were killed, but they were all killed by the BLA. The Weathermen never drew a gun. The BLA were not very nice people.

On May 2, 1973 in New Jersey, police pulled over a car full of BLA militants. As the officers got close to the car, a couple of the men opened fire, and all Hell broke loose. One cop was killed and another was wounded. All of the bullets that hit the cops were from the men’s guns. No bullet was linked to Joanne, and she was not even armed anyway! In fact, she was badly wounded in this shootout. The man who killed the cop was killed in the shootout.

They put her on trial for murder of an officer even though there’s no way she did it. She was imprisoned at a federal facility in Florida. Incredibly, in 1979, the BLA broke her out of a federal prison! They dressed up as laundry workers and came in with a laundry van. Somehow they were able to free Joanne in the mess that ensued.

After that, Joanne vanished in the US for three whole years. She was on the FBI Most Wanted list, but no one turned her in, not even a clue. Next thing anyone knew, three years later in 1982, she turned up in Cuba. No one had any idea how she had gotten there. Cuba called her a political prisoner and refused to extradite her. It’s been that way for 50 years now. To this day, the feds have no idea where she was in the US during this time or how she got to Cuba.

I’m sure just about everyone thinks she killed that cop. She didn’t do it. She’s innocent.

Joanne Chesimard was not a very nice person. She carried a gun and pointed it at people a number of times. She was tried seven different times for bank robbery, armed robbery, kidnapping, attempted murder, and murder. She was acquitted, had hung juries, and dismissed cases in every case. Surely she is guilty of escaping from prison.

But she’s not charged with. She’s charged with killing a cop, and as far as that goes, she’s as innocent as the driven snow.

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