Liberals and “Progressives” Reject All Conspiracy Theory Implicating the West

This is due the Democratic Party’s (and all their liberal “progressive” scum) insistence that there is no such thing as conspiracy theory. Hence the Democratic Party has shut down every conspiracy theory that involves the US government or political parties.

I know a great progressive guy, a broadcaster, Brad Friedman. We had a good enough relationship as I would write him to correct various more or less typos in his text. He was pleasant enough but not very pleasant if you disagreed with him! But we didn’t disagree much.

Finally, I brought up the “consipracy theory” that one the Syrian fake chemical attacks (they were all fake, every single one) had been proven to be a fake by the UN’s nuclear and chemical weapons control team.

As it turned out this group was utterly corrupted by pro-US lying scum and they’d been lying and doing fake investigations for years. They were as good as useless because they were so politicized as they were completely under the control of the US (indeed, the entire UN is controlled by the US for some time now).

Well, this time the team rebelled. Somehow they had some people on their team who were not corrupted, lying scum manipulated by the Outlaw US Empire. They went out to the site of the latest fake attack in Douma. There had already been a lot of evidence that this attack was fake, as many people on the ground had testified that they were aware that Al Qaeda was doing a deliberate fake attack at the time, and Al Qaeda had even told them they were faking an attack.

Then we had all sorts of sleuths showing the obvious holes in the West’s lying explanation. The team went out there and discovered that there was no way that a chemical attack could possibly have occurred as there was zero evidence of such. I’m not sure if they accused Al Qaeda of faking the attack. They probably didn’t.

They issued a report that was attacked by the West from here to Kingdom Come (keep in mind that the entire West goes along with all of the US’ lying, cheating, thieving, false flagging, and framing schemes). There’s not one country in the West that is going against this project.

The fake attack in Douma itself was organized by MI6, British intelligence, one of the most evil intelligence agencies on Earth, as bad as the CIA. Why the “liberal” Brits put up with this reactionary bullshit is beyond me, but they probably don’t care about foreign policy, like Americans and most Westoid idiots. Death to the West!

The MI6 ran it along with NATO. Keep in mind that in so much of the CIA and MI6’s sleazy crimes against humanity, NATO is either part of the plot or is backing them all the way. NATO is the like the Alliance of Satan, perfect for the Satanic West.

The people who wrote the report got blasted and revealed for everyone to see. The report was retracted and a new report was issued that was little different. Now this agency replace the entire team who wrote the report with lying pro-US hacks and crooks.

It issued some fake report saying a chemical attack had happened. Nevertheless, the dissenters would not shut up and they kept yelling. The story would not go away. Now they were yelling about the corruption of the UN agency they worked for. All across the West, not one single media outlet that I am aware of even reported on this story! So it might as well have not have happened at all.

The story kept getting bigger and bigger and just would not away. This actually one of the best documented NATO false flags in recent history. The crooks were literally caught redhanded with their pants down and fingers in the cookie jar.

I emailed him about this and it set off a wild firestorm. This “progressive” refused to believe anything about this story because he’s allergic to conspiracy theories. Guys like this are in a sense the controlled opposition like Chomsky because they set the limits on how far the anti-imperial discourse will go.

Glenn Greenwald is similar and some say Chris Hedges is too. We went back and forth for a while and he wouldn’t believe a thing I said no matter how well I documented it. I had links and documentation for everything I said but he either refused to read them or refused to believe them. Finally the relationshit ended because he was fuming and screaming and just would not calm down. With each new email, he seemed to be getting angrier than before.

I finally figured it out: I had laid out the Rubicon (conspiracy theory) which he and all of his ilk will never cross on pain of death or serious injury.

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One thought on “Liberals and “Progressives” Reject All Conspiracy Theory Implicating the West”

  1. The Cultural Left absolutely rejects conspiracy theories. Sort of a dirty word like they say “liberal” is in the South.

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