Is Russia Fascist or Nazi?

It’s not fascist at all by any definition of the word. On the other hand, I’m not even sure what it is! It’s an authoritarian state, granted. But keep in mind that the opposition won 3

Republicans have been stealing elections via voting machines for twenty years now and no one will lift a finger to stop them because the insane Democratic Party won’t admit it is true. They just tried to steal an election. They’ve been stealing Congressional elections for a long time due to disenfranchising voting laws and partisan jerrrymandering. As long as this crap is going on, we do not have a democracy in any way, shape, or form. We have an authoritarian state run by the Republican Party. The Republican Party is absolutely a fascist political party now.

Fascism in its modern form is just a rightwing dictatorship, like the ones down in Latin America or the ones we supported in the Cold War in Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Greece, Turkey, the Philippines, Morocco, Zaire, and Liberia. The basic structure of modern fascism is something like the Republican Party. That’s what the group’s actual politics are. Then you add an authoritarian layer on top of that, and wa-la! You have modern fascism.

None of this describes Russia in any way, shape or form. Russia’s not Communist either. I’m not really sure what they are! They’re pretty much unclassifiable in US political terms because we don’t have any politics in this country that looks anything like Russia’s. It’s pretty much unique to them or possibly their part of the world.

If Russia was a fascist country, I would be the first one to blow the whistle because I really hate fascists!

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