The Etiology of Male Homosexuality

ChangeIt: Basically, all homo behavior is a result of poisoned brain.

“The incidence of a few homosexual males in the control group may have been an effect of captivity and/or social environment [32]. However, our results indicate that this effect is significantly exacerbated by MeHg exposure and there is no obvious reason why alteration of the same key behavioral pathways would be unaffected by MeHg exposure in wild populations.”

The best evidence so far indicates that male homosexuality is a developmental disorder caused by the fluctuating hormones when exposed to the fetus in utero. Furthermore, the feminine behavior of gay men seems to be part and parcel of homosexual behavior, and in fact, this is what we see among what I would call “pre-homosexual boys.”

Furthermore, it is incurable. No viable cures have ever been reported and my research indicates that not only is homosexuality incurable, but male sexual orientation cannot even be moved 10

I swear I read on the Internet how for a brief period post-Communism, the state was monitoring pregnant women’s sex hormones in the womb to keep them within normal ranges. The page said that the rate of subsequent male homosexuality and transsexualism among neonates had both crashed in Czechia during this period.

I’ve been looking for the article, but I can’t find it anywhere!

The rate of biological homosexuality seems to be pretty steady in time and space. We don’t see all sorts of fluctuations as we might see with an issue that is with an environmental cause.

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3 thoughts on “The Etiology of Male Homosexuality”

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