“Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies”


A great book by Anne Lawrence, who is actually a man.

It demonstrates that 89

This always starts by puberty and there is usually arousing cross-dressing as a boy. They have stereotypical male upbringing and interests as boys. At some point, mere transvestism doesn’t cut it anymore and they begin to get urges to transition to women. These are accompanied by severe gender dysphoria.

There is no cure for autogynephilia as with all true paraphilias. They are acquired in puberty and adolescence and remain for life.

The author himself is an autogynephile. I’m deadnaming these guys because I’m not sure I want to refer to them with female pronouns, but I am open to argument on that score. The book has many case studies and they are quite fascinating. These men are often married but their marriages usually fall apart in part because they are typically terrible in bed, often impotent unless the wife can recite scripts treating him like a woman. They also need an autogynephilic fantasy to get an erection. At some point, the wives have had enough and leave.

It was most interesting that many of these men lost their virginity at a late age in their late 20’s. Part of the problem is that they are not  really aroused by having sex with a woman, so they’re not very motivated to do that. They typically have other paraphilias too. In addition, transsexuals as a group have a very high rate of mental disorder. In fact, they have more disorders than any other group that is seen clinically.

Narcissism is quite prominent in autogynephiles and narcissistic rage is often seen. How many times have you seen these guys preening and going off on videos? The narcissism stands to reason as these men are in love with their own bodies.

Since it’s incurable, I do have some sympathy for these guys. But women are largely disgusted by and enraged at them. But they are certainly not men trapped in women’s bodies as they say. But we can understand why they say that because that is how autogynephilia feels. Autogynephiles want to be seen as men trapped in the wrong bodies, and many of them really dislike the idea that they are autogynephiles.

Bottom line is these guys are basically transvestites. Most are heterosexual. A few are gay and we call those drag queens. I’m not sure what is going on in the mind of a drag queen and whether these gay men have autogynephilia too.

I’m not sure what to do here. The gender dysphoria doesn’t go away and it may get worse. Transitioning and possibly even surgery might be indicated if that is the only thing that makes them feel better. I’m open to that argument. Still, I don’t understand why this paraphilia is the greatest thing since sliced bread and we need to quit cheering this on as if it’s something to be championed.

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6 thoughts on ““Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies””

  1. Basically, all homo behavior is a result of poisoned brain.

    “The incidence of a few homosexual males in the control group may have been an effect of captivity and/or social environment [32]. However, our results indicate that this effect is significantly exacerbated by MeHg exposure and there is no obvious reason why alteration of the same key behavioral pathways would be unaffected by MeHg exposure in wild populations.”


    1. If you look into the book though you will see that most autogynephilic transsexuals are not gay! In fact, most could best be defined as heterosexual more than anything else though it’s hard to label them one way or the other because their sexual attraction is towards their very own bodies!

      1. I’ve met some that really listen to their wives. I believe some of male to female trannies are being guided by women’s illogical emotions. Like empty shells filled with fluff.

  2. Have you heard about the “güevedoces “of the Dominican Republic? I wonder what could be causing 5α-Reductase 2 deficiency in these regions?

    1. Genetics. Real simple.

      These people are intersex. That’s biological and it’s not the same thing as trannies.

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