Alt Left: A Few Words about the Very High Levels of Black Crime

Honest Guy: I could be seen as culturally conservative on the crime issue as well as a “race realist” in some ways

There’s nothing wrong with saying that Whites are smarter than Blacks and Hispanics at the moment. That’s not even controversial. And it is certainly a valid hypothesis that genetics are involved at some level.

Blacks commit tidal waves of crime, especially violent crime, just about everywhere they live, and this calls for an explanation. Usually we have all sorts of fake excuses for this depending on the country.

In the US it’s the legacy of slavery and racism.

No idea what they invoke in the Caribbean.

In the UK, it is simply racism. Obviously the racism excuse won’t fly in the Caribbean or Africa where Whites at the very least are outside of power and at worst, are barely present in any numbers at all. Nor will the slavery excuse work in Africa.

In Africa, the legacy of Western colonialism is blamed. However, I have read accounts from the first European explorers in Africa about what the continent was like before there was any colonialism. The explorers’ accounts were strikingly similar although they weren’t sharing notes. And if anything, Blacks acted much worse before they were colonized than the do now post-colonialism! I’m not saying colonialism made them act any better, but the legacy of colonialism hypothesis is certainly junk theory.

I do feel there is a biological or genetic factor at root in Black crime, but unlike most who use this to advocate for segregation or separation, I’d like to figure out exactly what is going on so maybe we could try some interventions. There are pills for every mental illness out there, and bad Black behavior is certainly not as disturbed as illnesses like Bipolar Disorder, which is treated very well with pills.

Honest Guy: but incidents like last weekend in Chicago (where I lived for 11 years) remind us of the hideous dysfunctionality of so much of the “urban Black” ghetto population and how much that hurts liberal/Left movements politically.

Fox News and the like are of course having a field day with all this, and the majority of the Cultural Left makes this so much easier for them by their incessant denials, rationalizations, excuses etc.

You are absolutely correct, comrade! I feel exactly the same way. I’ve written about my feelings about the Black underclass (ghetto Blacks) before, and I’m no fan of it at all. In fact, I really hate that whole culture.

And yes, I haven’t talked about it much on here, but we on the Left are blowing it big-time on this crime issue by doing exactly what you say we are doing. It’s disastrous but it flows right out of Critical Race Theory, which is not only the official dogma of the Democratic Party now but is also the reigning ideology of the entire land! If you are practicing CRT politics, you can have no response to Black epidemic crime other incessant denials, rationalizations, excuses, etc! Any rational response like cracking down on the criminals is seen as racist!

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Few Words about the Very High Levels of Black Crime”

  1. Unfortunately you and I are probably the only people on the Left who think this way, and indeed I rarely share my views on this issue with other identifiable socialists, Leftists or even liberals, nor do I post them under my own name publicly.

    To look at these issues honestly as you have done unfortunately DOES suggest a certain level of at least cultural “inferiority” on the part of African Americans (much less true of other Blacks such as most African immigrants to the U.S., many British Blacks, etc.) to which the segregationist approaches are an inevitable if wrongheaded response.

    TBH, in my own case while I can only afford to live in upper Manhattan rather than the more centrally located areas or fashionable parts of Brooklyn, I have taken care to live in areas where Blacks in particular are still a small minority rather than even the “nicest sections” of Harlem and similar (I was badly burned by my experiences living in “highly racially integrated” sections of the South Side of Chicago). It’s a very difficult issue for anyone who wants to simultaneously face facts yet not be a bigoted asshole.

  2. The thing is, the first thing people do before moving to a given area these days is CHECK THE DEMOGRAPHICS of the area(s) in question. If the area/city in question is more than the national overall percentage Black (about 13%), migration to that particular area will be low (not just by Whites).

    Just by memory, the last numbers I saw about New York City state that the city (the five boroughs combined: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island) is about 24% Black, 11% higher than the total US number. It has become unfortunate but the first number people look at when deciding whether or not to live in any given city is which city has the fewest percentage of Blacks.

    Just the truth.

    1. Yes, but that 24% (or whatever the percentage now is – gentrification throughout New York City has led to a steadily decreasing percentage of Blacks over the past two decades) is hardly distributed randomly in the multitudes of neighborhoods, boroughs etc. Due to housing segregation/housing costs etc. the average neighborhood is not even 13% Black.

      The Black population overwhelmingly lives in highly concentrated areas where they make up well over 50% of the population, with all other neighborhoods having a much smaller Black presence, way below that. For example, other than Harlem, there are no majority-Black areas in Manhattan, and even that is now only a plurality Black due to the increase in Latinos – mostly Dominicans – and gentrifying Whites and Asians.

      Many other areas of Manhattan are less than 5% Black – certainly the Upper East Side is. Same with huge swaths of Brooklyn, Queens, and most of Staten Island.

      So people are not in most cases basing their choice of whether or not to live in New York City on the size of its overall Black population, which certainly would be a or THE factor in many Midwestern and Southern cities, e.g. Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Baltimore etc.

      1. Thx for this comrade. I will respond but in the future could you please capitalize Black as in the Black race, and for that matter, cap all racial groups. Blacks and Whites are the only ones people don’t want to cap because they’re not the names of nations, actual ethnicities, or regions. Instead they are vague approximations of the subjective appearance of folks’ skin color.

        I’d also say to cap Blacks and Whites because they are two of the world’s great races! And by that I mostly great as in important. The Black and White ethnic groups certainly have an outsized effect on our world, an effect that goes far beyond their numbers, I might add.

      2. But that’s not the question. The question is, is it best not to have children before marriage, for the good of a society?

          1. It’s good for women to start breeding young. Men can breed later with younger women.

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