Alt Left: The DNC’s Right Turn

The DNC’s right turn happened under Reagan due to the losses of Carter, Mondale, and Dukakis, but actually the genesis of this movement was the Democratic massacre of George McGovern in 1972. By the way, my politics has always been McGovernite Democratic Party liberalism, for all of you idiots out there who keep insisting I’m a rightwinger or a Republican.

This group decided that these losses showed that the US was a rightwing country and if the Democrats didn’t want to lose forever, they would have to turn into a rightwing party too. So they set about to do just that. Clinton was their original Frankenstein creation.

I found the website of this group some years back and found documents laying out the destruction of Social Security and Medicare! The documents argued that these were socialist programs and the whole world was turning away from socialism after 1989 and the fall of the USSR and Eastern Bloc. This event indeed did herald a neoliberal fever for some time under Reagan, Thatcher (may she burn in Hell forever), etc.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: The DNC’s Right Turn”

  1. I’ve personally seen Bill Clinton swarmed by many Jews. It’s insane, even for a former President, to be swarmed by a bunch of silly Jews. It just looks pathetic. I don’t believe modern Presidents have any manhood or backbone. Trump was said to be distilled Judaism. Reagan stands accused of being their lapdog too. It’s reasonable to deduce that every modern President answers to Jews. Washington was a Mason first but was too strong a man to have Jews dry gangbang him in public. Can’t say the same for any President in my lifetime.

    1. More nazi-dreck from a MAGA flyover country fascist (i.e. PolarBear not Robert Lindsay). Back on Planet Earth, Clinton was proclaimed “our first black President” by Toni Morrison and others and multitudes of Jews in the Socialist and other left movements denounced him (and Trump, Reagan etc.).

      1. I’m just calling it like I see it. I’m not saying it’s all Jews.

        Many joked Clinton was “our first Black President.”

    1. I don’t think so. Elaborate. It was inevitable anyway. They were out to get him on anything they could dredge up.

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