Alt Left: I Wonder If I Am Even on the Left Anymore

I went to Daily Kos, the website of the base (left wing) of the Democratic Party. It’s run by Markos, a DNC insider who is representative of the party’s left wing, which is now the ascendant faction in the party as the former rightwing DNC folks that emerged under Clinton via Dick Morris, a so-called Democrat who was very rightwing for his party, have been superceded.

After he cast his wicked spells with Clinton, he fled from the rubble of the policies he advocated for, disavowed any responsibility for the wreckage, and landed in the Republican Party, where he’s been ever since. And he’s no moderate Republican. He’s a real wingnut. I think this shows that he was always just a Republican, even when he donned a Democratic Party suit and tie for a bit.

These are really “my people” and have been for most of my political life. However, lately they seem to have gone insane, mostly on cultural issues, but also in other areas like law enforcement.

I went down the list of articles and checked them off to see if I agreed with them or not. I agreed with half and disagreed with half. So that’s where I am with the Democrats. I only support them at a 50

I’m still a socialist though and I’m still for the workers and the poor and against the rich and the bosses. That right there completely rules out conservatism, as all forms of conservatism as rule reject the bolded sentence above in its entirely. In fact, rejection of that philosophy is a necessary attribute for any politics to even be allowed into the conservative tent.

Instead, belief in that bolded sentence automatically makes you part of the Left, no matter what the rest of your views are. A lot of people on the Left can’t figure this out and believe in these magical people called “rightwing socialists” who are about as real and falsifiable as structural racism. You can’t see or measure either because they’re not even there.

Morris coined triangulation, where the Democratic Party would take a position exactly midway between the left of the party and the right of the Republicans. It ended up making Clinton a much more rightwing president.

I still identify as a Leftist, not a liberal, as I truly despise liberals. I’m a really, really weird Leftist, but a Leftist I am. I guess this is what the Alternative Left was really all about from Day One.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: I Wonder If I Am Even on the Left Anymore”

  1. Neos all suck.

    Neocons act tough while they suck Jew cock. They’re half-assed shells of true conservatives, and it’s sad how many fall for it. They make some sense. They want to go back to a less backwards time, but they don’t know how to get there. They’re mid-level intelligence and the modern Left is all over the place. I like that there’s some consistency with conservatives. They can be understood and haven’t changed.

    Neolibs are triggered snowflakes. Socially they are often backwards on every issue. “I support Ukraine, trannies, BLM, kitty litter at schools, etc.” They are diverse in a bad way – anarchy at best and full reversal of the natural order at worst. The Old Left was the pinnacle of the Left. The Left has declined into a bunch of super-freaks. I wonder if the Old Left isn’t distancing themselves from the young super-freaks because they are the future.

  2. The bosses where I work are generally a joke. The more corporate and less family-owned the company, the worse the bosses tend to be. A friend’s daughter quit McDonald’s. They are supposed to have no downtime, and only get a small percentage off their so-called food. They’re treating workers there worse than they did when I was a kid. The Chinese and Mexican restaurants are good role models. They hire within the family too – a very familial structure.

  3. There cannot be any Left in the United States. The US constitution prohibits it stringently if you read it carefully. Being in favor of alternate, less mainstream social categories such as the practitioners of alternate sexualities doesn’t move you howsoever to the Left. I shall even go further to say that concentrating on minorities as if the majority were by definition the enemy to be attacked as such is most typically rightwing by definition, even and especially when the minority happens to be Jewish.

    Traditionally, before the Americanization of culture from 1968 onward, homosexuality as an open or de facto factor of political solidarity was in most European cultures a marker of the Extreme Right. It namely harbored contempt for all those who were stuck to biologically-motivated sexuality as inferior beings made for the service of the superior ones who had left common humanity through that specific narrower door.

    In France the name for those minority-worshiping (sexual or otherwise) militants used to be Muscadins. Historically they were sons of privileged Revolutionists who found the newly established revolutionary governments way too unromantic, vulgar, and populist, and consequently, they went further to the Right.

    The only thing they lacked to be perfect Rightists on the French political scene was wishing for the return of the king and of the associated older nobility (the Ancien Regime), but in a more objective sense, they were much further to the right than even the royals had been. The traditional French royal stance acknowledged reciprocal duties between common people and nobles or kings (in theory the king was between the left and right wings as an arbiter), while the Muscadins didn’t.

    Once the king had been beheaded, the only supreme authority was “reason,” the supreme manifestation of which was money. Muscadin is a term derived from the kind of strong musk or nutmeg perfume used by that category to protect them from the common people’s very smell.

    The so-called American “Left” is composed of Muscadins. What they have in common and what motivates them to call themselves progressives is that they cannot stand the common or working people’s very odor. And by odor we mean one’s fate and interests. Some may indeed be Leftists, but most of them aren’t.

    The Left as such was always forbidden and impossible in the US. Leftism itself, which was once allowed to thrive, died in the US when the former hippies all turned into yuppies, and voted for Reagan or Clinton.

    They did this mostly by the command of the newly-defined occultist religion of New Age, mostly derived from late Hinduism as a more perfect justifier of social inequalities that clumsy Christianity had been. The New Age mopped up all what was left of Leftism inherited from the time of the New Deal. During that era Manhattanites had realized a fascistic planet as they had favored so as to bring back the Dark Ages everywhere might no longer have any need for them as the professional enlightened neither.

    They changed tunes because they saw Huey Long was knocking at their own door and showing the alternative to New Deal. Anyway the American Democratic Party has no leftwing foundational roots, even in the liberal sense when one could still dream that the interests of little people and workers might be best defended by a better, truer market.

    Nope. There is one capitalism, and it is corporate crony capitalism.

    It is the only one possible. It is the only form of capitalism that existed at the beginning in the form of big chartered corporations in need of special privileges from the state to exist and thrive concentrating as much property in their hands in a confiscatory way.

    An example of the latter being the enclosure of former public-opened pastures (as in the fencing of the Commons in England) or the acquisition of lands from indebted small farmers. American capitalism was first composed of types of companies: one pirate and the other the triangular commerce sort.

    There is one Democratic Party in the US, the one founded by Jefferson. It was from the beginning (and never ceased to be) set up as the defender of the Southern big estate owner class. For example, the Clinton clan are classical Southern Democrats.

    The means by which they waged their class war to was to set atomistic individuals and minorities against each other so they will oppose their own best interests, that of the greater whole. In other words, the Democratic Party was from the start an oligarchic party that stayed in power by divining the workers against each other so they could not unite as a common group.

    The Republican Party, on the other hand, appeared on the American scene as the organization most expert at making ordinary people vote against their own class interests in a different way. Their class war project was to get the workers to identify with their bosses and exploiters as the role models they dream to become one day. Meanwhile Democratic militants defend their petty class and group interests for real. And it those are not leftwing interests.

    The New Deal was not a Democratic partisan move. It was the result of a merger political platform between FDR’s Democratic faction (a very aristocratic but somewhat benevolent one) and La Follette’s Progressives. The latter group had tried to get established as a mostly rural-based Left party but couldn’t do so without terminally confronting the American system and its constitution via a civil war.

    At the time, it was impossible to win an election without military action of some sort. The result was that the Progressives could win only one or two states while being the majority in every state. LaFollette discovered this quickly enough, and when FDR offered the bargain to merge, he couldn’t resist it.

    After that “historical compromise,” there could now be a Left in the US but not a real Left, which by definition would have been as heavily armed as that operating in the theater of the Spanish Civil War.

    Alas, the infamous Second Amendment never applied to any people deemed to be on the Left. They are at best constantly harassed and stopped on the roadside by the police for further detailed interrogation if they happen to carry a personal gun in their car in the (all too real) eventuality of physical danger. For people on the Left, gun ownership was not considered a Constitutionally protected right in courts. Instead, it was an act of subversion.

    On the contrary, the Second Amendment applies only to those who are deputized by the police exclusively to shoot at poorer people in order to defend their property or in solidarity with local property owners. This is the only form of gun ownership that qualifies as a “well-regulated militia.”

    There is no such thing as an American Left. All those who are identified as such in the US stand for something most opposite – government by chaos, disaster capitalism as defined by Naomi Klein. The US Left should be instead be classified as Far Right like a certain type of fake Democrat who, especially in the South, used to be rabidly anti-Black as well as anti-Catholic and anti-worker. But as you know the US is the only country in the world refusing to go metric.

    Likewise it is the only country in the world to use the color red for the party of explicit money-worship. They should use orange instead, which does have that meaning in heraldry both in Europe and India. I never understood why those people who generally follow evangelical preachers accept their little elephant party-ensign being comprised of inverted stars.

    Those incredibly superstitious people should have demonstrated boisterously to have those stars turned upright again, but apparently, no one among them cared, or only a few did. Evangelism is essentially not so much a religion as a political position stating striving for the end of the world is more more acceptable and far worthier than seeking the end of capitalism.

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