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As I mentioned a while back, I’ve developed piriformis syndrome. I thought it was from sleeping too much and not exercising enough, but the doctor said it was just age. It’s a muscle spasm in your thigh that pinches the sciatica nerve so you end up with sciatica nerve pain that runs from your hip down your leg to your feet.

So I got put on nerve pain killer called Gabapentin (Neurontin). Unfortunately, it kills my sex drive, which is depressing. It’s a nice high though, I must say. And it kills that nerve pain really good. I found that if you drink on it, the effects are pronounced, and you get better painkilling effects. Also the anti-anxiety effect is really awesome.

I’m taking up to 100mg/day hydroxyzine, a painkiller, anti-itch medicine and anti-anxiety agent. I mostly take it only for itching nowadays. Lately not so much of that though. It’s a nice high but it zeroes out your memory in a bad way. Lower doses work a lot better. I’ve found that taking one at a time with considerable time between doses minimizes the memory erasure. I was taking 50 mg at midnight and 50 mg at 8 AM, but that was practically causing premature dementia LOL. Excellent sleep aid too.

A while back, I had an EKG done, and it found borderline LVH or left ventricular hypertrophy, otherwise known as hypertensive heart disease. I’ve had high blood pressure since age 35, so it would stand to reason that I might have that. That worried me because I’m not sure if it gets better. It’s an enlargement of one side of your heart. What scared me was the idea that it was progressive. As your heart gets larger, at some point, you have heart failure, and that’s no good.

I had another EKG done recently and I didn’t have signs of that at all. LVH started at 40, and mine was 25. The PA said that EKG’s sometimes give off messed up readings on that variable and an echocardiagram is a better way to measure that. I’m so glad I don’t have LVH!

Of course I have a psychiatrist to get psych meds (antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs). He asked me if I was depressed, and I thought for a bit. I said:

Once you get to about my age, isn’t it pretty much normal to be depressed? I mean it’s pretty depressing getting older.

He nodded his head and said of course it was. The idea that a certain amount of depression might simply be normal at certain points in the lifespan is pretty interesting!

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7 thoughts on “Health Update”

  1. It might sound callous, but leave the drugs behind. Try yoga if not already, and look up videos on Youtube by Athlean-x, he has a stretch for almost every common physical ailment that works.

  2. Take some THC. Even my grandma gave in and started that. She was very anti-weed, so it wasn’t easy.

  3. You can always exercise more. I grapple and peoples bad backs get better from moving them around. Do something you enjoy.

    Western junk that makes your dick not work. I know some drugged up ladies. The doctor has them drugged up out of their minds.

    I don’t trust the entire medical field. They likely have a cure for cancer but make too much money off of cancer patients to market it. The US is a business-first country. Ethics increase as you go East, beginning in Europe.

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