Alt Left: Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Governments

I really don’t understand why all of these Arab regimes are selling out for Israel. It’s just beyond me.

First of all, the Abraham Accords. People don’t understand what these men. These followed a (((peace plan))) by (((President Jared Kushner))) who was actually (((running the country))) there for a while. This (((peace plan))) was completely fake. Israel basically gave up nothing and the Palestinians had to give up many things. Then again, his name is (((Kushner))), right?

The plan called for Israel to annex 4

That’s about how much Area C is, and Israel has already de facto annexed Area C. Area C is a (((fake))) firing zone for the Israeli Army. Yeah, 3

They hardly do anything training exercises on this land. It’s just another (((lie))) so they can (((steal more land))). There are many Palestinians living in Area C. Israel goes in there all the time and tears down stores, shops, homes, mosques, you name it. The bring bulldozers and they level whole villages. And if I am not mistaken, they allow settlers to take the land. They just destroyed another village in Area C in the last week or two.

Anyway, Israel has been wanting to annex the West Bank for a long time. It’s a logical consequence of Zionism, flowing straight from Zionist ideology.

Well, the UAE freaked out when Kushner threw out his outrageous (((plan to annex the West Bank))) for his (((fake peace plan))). They said this will have a terrible effect on the (((fake peace process))). Kushner said, “Ok, tell you what. We will not annex the West Bank if you make normalize relations with us. The (((UAE))) agreed. There may also have been some sort of a peace plan signed. But the Abraham Accords were only between Israel, the (((US))), and (((UAE))). (((UAE))) was bribed by (((Trump))) to normalize relations with Israel.

Now they’ve done far more than that, and they are full-blown allies of Israel. They mostly want access to Jewish (((money))), of which there is a lot in Israel. They also want access to Israeli weapons, which are among the best in the world. All the (((UAE))) Arabs care about hating Iran and the Shia and killing the Shia. They’ve been low-key Israeli allies forever. It’s important to note that majorities in UAE are opposed to normalization with Israel. The only reason they could put this through is because it’s a dictatorship.

It’s also important to note that normalization is no big deal. The Arab states had traditionally simply refused to recognize that Israel existed in the first place. All normalization does is make it so that country now recognizes that Israel exists. It also allows them consequently to set up embassies in each other’s countries. It’s important to note that many countries who hate each other recognize that the other country exists in the first place. In addition, a lot of such countries have

Bahrain followed next and said we want to normalize too. And so they did. Bahrain is also a dictatorship where a Sunni minority elite rules over a majority Shia population who are effectively “niggers,” downtrodden and badly persecuted. There have been a number of marches against normalization there, but they have been broken up by aggressive police.

Then the US bribed (((Morocco))) by saying that we supported their colonization of Spanish Sahara. Spanish Sahara is an illegal colony of (((Morocco))). It declared its independence from Spain in 1954 and was quickly invaded by (((Morocco)) which insisted it was (((Moroccan))) land. It wasn’t. A war involving a group called the Polisario Front has been going on ever since. Like many colonists, (((Morocco))) moved many settlers – over 100,000 – to Spanish Sahara.

It has sponsored huge marches to the border of Spanish Sahara involving tens of thousands of people. The US said we will support your outrageous colonization of Spanish Sahara if you normalize relations with Israel. A majority of Moroccans oppose normalization, but (((Morocco))) is a dictatorship ruled by a king named (((King Hussein))), so once again, normalization only occurred because of a dictatorship. (((Morocco))) also opened an embassy and began regular flights to Israel. Even more outrageously, they have been involved in military exercises with Israel.

(((Sudan))) was also bribed to normalize relations with Israel. The Sudanese military effectively rules the country and they are pro-Israel, but the people are not. We took them off the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, which is a pathetic joke of a list that bears no relation to reality. (((Sudan))) hasn’t sponsored terrorism since the 1990’s when they housed bin Laden and Al Qaeda for a while.

But Al Qaeda is now a US ally in a lot of places, including Syria, Libya, and Yemen. On the other hand, we oppose Al Qaeda in North Africa, Egypt, Somalia, and Afghanistan. None of this makes any sense of course. We support Al Qaeda in a few states where we fund and support them to attack states we don’t like, but we oppose them where they are attacking states we don’t like. Whenever the US government or media tells you that Al Qaeda is the enemy of the US government, don’t listen to them.

There were demonstrations against normalization in (((Sudan))), as the majority opposes it. Now with the recent coup I do not understand,

(((Saudi Arabia))) has also expressed interest in normalization. A majority there also opposes it. (((Saudi Arabia))) for some time now has been a very strong ally of Israel, similar to the (((UAE))). That’s because they hate the Shia and Iran way more than they hate Jews.

Life’s not about who you like and who you hate. A lot of the time it boils down to a contest between who you hate more and who you hate less. The (((US))), (((Saudi Arabia))), and Israel now are running around the Arab World trying to destroy Iranian influence and pro-Iran groups everywhere they can find them.

This is what the recent unrest in Lebanon and Iraq is all about. The Jews are on a roll and they think they can go for it all now and get everything they want. The (((Saudis))) and the (((US))) are along for the ride with equally swollen heads and hubris. They both think they can go for broke and win it all. The trio’s heads are swollen with pride and hubris and they think nothing can stop them. They thought they could take out Syria, but that failed, so now they are preventing Syria from being rebuilt.

And now they think they can take out the pro-Iranian militias in the Iraqi Army – the PMU – and end Iranian influence in Iraq. The trio is trying to start a civil war in Iraq too, but the PMU is refusing to get dragged into it. Iraq is a very complex situation and deserves a whole new piece.

And they are going for broke. They are now going all out to try to destroy Hezbollah once and for all in Lebanon to the point where the trio, especially the US, has destroyed the Lebanese economy. The message is that the economy will stay destroyed until you get rid of Hezbollah. The trio are also trying to drag Hezbollah into a civil war, and Hezbollah is refusing to get tricked into it.

The trio has been trying to destroy Ansar Allah (really nothing but the Yemeni Army) in Yemen, but it’s not working. In fact, Ansar Allah is winning and they are making mincemeat out of the (((Saudis))), their hired mercenaries, and Al Qaeda and ISIS, who fight right alongside the (((Saudis))) and receive US support.

Hadi fled to his Saudi patrons and some of the remains of the army along with the Saudis, UAE, Sudan, Jordan, various mercenaries and Al Qaeda and ISIS stayed on to fight. Somehow the Hadi government, which abandoned its post after it was overthrown in a violent revolution, is “the internationally recognized government of Yemen.” That’s a joke. Overthrowing a government by popular revolution is a legit way to change the ruling group of a state. Since when does victory in a revolution not count?

Ansar Allah recently got laser-guided weapons from Iran and they have been using them to great effect in Marib. They have an air force which is made up of a huge supply of ballistic missiles and now drones. They have a large anti-aircraft force that shoots down drones on a regular basis.

And they have 8

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