Alt Left: Legitimate and Illegitimate Targets for Palestinians in the Israel/Palestine

I know. That terrorism makes it so hard to support them. However, I must support the targeting of settlers in the West Bank. Those people literally stole Palestinians’ land and settled on it in violation of all international law. Further, the Palestinians were forced off the land at gunpoint and their houses and businesses were often bulldozed to make room for Jews-only roads and Jews-only towns.

I’m sorry. If you are a part of that enterprise, fuck you! You’re not an innocent civilian anymore. You’re an armed land thief with a bullseye on your back.

But then when I see photos of some of the settlers who are killed, it does bother me. Especially the women and in particular the young women. Even though I admit that they deserve it, it’s still heartbreaking when I look at their photos.

On the other hand, Palestinians kill minors and even kids all the time. Just forget it. Kids are not “settlers.” Screw you if you think so! Even in the West Bank those kids had no say in living on stolen land. They’re parents committed the crime and dragged their kids along with them. Leave the minors alone! On the other hand, when they get to be 18, they can theoretically leave, so they become targets.

I absolutely do not feel that the Jews inside Israel proper are “settlers.” Screw that. Further, the theft of Palestine and creation of Israel was legalized under international law. If you think about it, this sort of thing has happened all over the world for a long time now. You and I are living on stolen Indian land. So it’s ok for Indians to murder you or me because some of our people stole their land ages ago. Get out. At some point it becomes water under the dam.

On the other hand, I’m ok with targeting Israeli soldiers anywhere in Israel or the West Bank. Sorry about that. There’s basically a war on here. Armed Palestinians get shot at by Israeli soldiers. Armed Israeli soldiers then get to be shot at by Palestinians. All’s fair in love and war.

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