Alt Left: A Type of Nazi (Obsessive and Conspiratorial) Antisemitism: Jews as Communists and Bolsheviks

Ayn Rand was sick woman. I hope the world will wake up and erase her books. They not only led to the crisis from 2008, consumerism, egoism and mental illness. Her books are a manual for human disaster.

On other side the Jewish Bolshevik revolution a was modern day regime change coup, the same type is happening now in Middle East, where US backed terrorists are destroying whole countries only to install puppets who will obey the orders from US and comfort Zionist Israel….

This author is a Russian woman. She hates the Russian Communists, who she calls a bunch of Jews and she also hates the Jewish state of Israel at the same time. A lot of modern Russians are extremely opposed to the USSR. It’s a very common point of view. They are often deeply religious of the Orthodox branch and praise for Czarism is quite typical. In fact, Orthodoxy, Czarism, and anti-communism seem to go together for a lot of very patriotic Russians. Russians are more split on Israel and mostly don’t seem to care much about it.

Look, any time you start talking about “Jewish Communists” and “Jewish Communism,” you’re talking like a Nazi. This is the sort of antisemitism that has been most popular on the European Right for a long time. It’s literally a warrant for genocide.

In fact, the Jews who were murdered during WW2 were murdered for lots of reasons, but this was one of the top ones. What the Nazis and their ilk in other European lands had against Jews was mostly that “Jews were Communists.” They thought that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia had been a “Jewish revolution.”

This line is usually tied into the idea that very wealthy Jewish Americans helped fund the Bolshevik takeover. It’s all nonsense. Yes, Diaspora Jews did help fund the general revolution that overthrew the Czar, but the parties they funded tended to be more of the Social Democratic sort. In the elections of 1917, 70

The Czarists were thought to be antisemites by Diaspora Jews. Well, they were, face it. The Diaspora Jews funded revolutionary parties in order to overthrow the antisemitic Czarists and install a more pro-Jewish government which the moderate parties they funded were advocating.

The idea that the American ruling class funded a literal Communist revolution where the rich lose all their money and stuff is insane. There really have been very few wealthy Communists. I know that the Venezuelan father of “Carlos” the 1970’s terrorist was one of them, but others are almost nonexistent. Marxism states that people pursue their class interests. It’s as close to a law, not a theory, in political economics as we can get. The class interests of the wealthiest people do not include Communism. Instead they support a full-throated opposition to it.

Around the same time in 1919-1920 there was a revolution in Southern Germany in Bavaria. This led to a Bavarian Socialist Republic, basically a Communist government, for a couple of years. It was quickly toppled and the Freicorps demobbed soldiers that Hitler was a part of played a major role in overthrowing this government. It was the memory of this government and the terror of the German middle class for Communism that led to the “Communist Jews” line that the Nazis spouted.

Unfortunately a number of the leaders of this Bavarian Revolution like Karl Leibnecht were indeed Jewish, though the vast majority of their supporters were Gentiles. Jews made up only 1

The German middle class was also terrified the Russian revolution. Yes, there were a number of Jews in the top ranks of they Bolsheviks, but there were just as many Latvians as Jews. Anybody accusing Latvians of being Communist revolutionaries? Didn’t think so.

The Bolshevik Jews were typically lost to the Jews for some time. Most were either part-Jews like Lenin (1/4 Jewish) which doesn’t really count or they had left their Jewish identities behind and became “ex-Jews.” They didn’t particularly pursue Jewish interests. Trotsky was Jewish, yes, but when asked about his ethnicity, he said he was not Jewish. Instead he said his ethnicity was “working class.”

The idea that these folks concocted a revolution solely to benefit Jews is risible. And I already showed you that 70

Further, in the Civil War, the Bolsheviks via the Red Army had the support of the masses of rural peasants and urban proletariat. Jews were 3

Also, anyone who uses the word “Bolshevism” is suspect as a hardcore anti-Communist and more often than not they are pushing the “Communist Jews” line. There’s no need to use that word, and the word “Jewish” is often attached to the word “Bolshevism.” It’s a toxic word.

Another nasty antisemitic argument along these lines is:

“The (implied to be Bolsheviks) murdered 60 million Russian Christians.”

This is basically a Nazi line of discourse, sorry. The idea here is that the Russian Jews conducted a genocide against Christians apparently because religious Jews hate Christians. There were no 60 million “Christians” killed even during Stalin’s tenure. Many people turned into atheists under the new government, and the state didn’t go after religious people. However, they did shut down a lot of churches and turned them into other facilities because they were hostile to religion in general.

On the other hand, I’d say that they shut down the same percentage of synagogues as churches, as the Communists were as hostile to Judaism as to Orthodoxy. They didn’t like any religion. Yes, people were executed or killed in gulags under Lenin and Stalin, but I doubt if one of them was killed simply for being a Christian. The Communists mostly just let religious people alone, although you could not be a believer if you wanted to join the Communist Party.

Most Russians were still Orthodox by the time of World War 2. Stalin recognized this and brought back the churches and priests such that the Red Army was fighting not only for their lives and lands but also for their religion.

The comment above is incoherent. It tries to tie in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia to the governments the US installed after overthrowing the previous one. Baath Party rule was overthrown in Iraq more because it was ferociously nationalist than for any other reason. In its place were installed very religious Shia political parties. These parties are far away from Communism. In fact, Saddam was closer to Communism than the parties that took his place.

In Libya the US overthrew Qaddafi who was practically a Communist himself. However, Qaddafi was overthrown mostly for being a hardcore nationalist and also because he was in general a revolutionary and helped promote general revolutionary and leftwing separatist movements all over the world. He was almost a Trotskyite “world revolution” type.

In his place we put in total chaos with the Muslim Brotherhood ruling in the west and very religious (as in Al Qaeda) tribesmen ruling in the east. These formations are so backwards that they have brought back human slavery, as Blacks are now literally sold in slave markets. To equate these failed state formations with Russian Communists is laughable.

Furthermore, she says that the pro-Israel governments were overthrown and pro-Israel governments were put in their place. Saddam was as anti-Israel as they come, but the new Shia parties are also extremely anti-Israel, with some elements, such as pro-Iranian formations in the Iraqi Army and National Police, going as far as Saddam did. As far as overthrowing an anti-Israel Arab country and putting in a pro-Israel government, this looks like a fail to me. However, Israel did get its Iraqi failed state, which is probably preferably to Saddam’s potent rule.

Qaddafi was very anti-Israel, yes, and he even funded armed Palestinian groups. I know he gave $250 million to the PFLP at one point.

On the other hand, he felt that all the Jews in Israel/Palestine could stay, but he wanted them to live with the Arabs in a new state which he called Isratine. This is a fairly mild form of anti-Zionism, as the hardcore folks call for the collapse of the Zionist state and the expulsion of most if not all of the Jewish population. The former seems a lot more likely than the latter.

One of Qaddafi’s sons, Saif Qaddafi, called for the Libyan Jews to return to Libya and said he would protect them. Asking the Jews to come back to Libya is not particularly anti-Jewish. Although most Arab Jews were savagely expelled in the context of Arab-Israeli wars, the remainder have been treated with kid gloves for the last 40 years. In fact, many were not even allowed to leave the countries.

This is because the Arabs would rather have the Arab Jews in Israel living in their Arab lands than have them colonizing Arab land in Israel/Palestine. The Arab nations have also gotten brownie points for protecting the few Jews who are left. I know that the PLO itself evacuated the Lebanese Jews during the 1982 Lebanon war! Syrian Jews were not allowed to leave the country. A couple were murdered by Palestinians, but the state didn’t approve and prosecuted them. The few remaining Iraqi Jews had praise for Saddam:

Saddam protected the Jews

they said. Morocco and Tunisia zealously guard their small Jewish populations.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Type of Nazi (Obsessive and Conspiratorial) Antisemitism: Jews as Communists and Bolsheviks”

  1. Anti-Semitism is a grey area. Whereas with racism and sexism it’s clearly true or false. I wonder if Jews are this way by design.

    “Lets keep the Jews in Polish territory,” said Russia after dabbling with Jews.

    It’s been said that Russians at their core want a Czar. The last one sure made a lot of mistakes…

  2. On some level racism and sexism seem to apply to Whites only.

    As far as I am concerned, life’s not fair, but I embrace the cards that I was dealt.

    I’ve noticed British Blacks have some good gender experts. Myron Gaines and the very light-skinned White-passing Andrew Tate. Tate is the only one of them I’ve followed, but I agree with him.

    In my experience Latinos are quite openly racial. I know a large Latino group, and they are racial as heck. Biggest insult to them is you’re a homo who fucks Black men. I’m always getting into dog fights or pissing matches with Latinos in real life. Nothing serious, just throwing it back at them a bit. They are fiesty little peppers.

    Blacks in my circle actually don’t seem like extroverted racialists at all. Blacks seem more like beaten dogs. They don’t want talk race unless it’s to deny it. Blacks are sort of soft like the Jews I know personally. Of course this is just my experience, we can find many examples not like this at all.

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