Alt Left: US-Supported Fascist Coups, An Incomplete List

I will use the word fascist to refer to any far rightwing or authoritarian rightwing group that meets certain features such as hostility to workers, unions, the Left, social programs, progressive taxation, nationalization, etc. The coupmongers were typically anti-union, anti-Left, in favor of low taxes on rich people, and opposed to the nationalization of natural resources.

The US supported fascist (Spain) and corporatist (Portugal) governments in the West in Spain under Fransisco Franco and Portugal under Antonio Salazar’s Estado Novo from 1926-1974 during the Cold War.

The US supported fascist governments that slaughtered countless civilians with death squads. In Guatemala and El Salvador that number came to 200,000 people in each country.

The US supported a fascist coup in the Dominican Republic in 1936. Soon Trujillo murdered 70,000 workers for trying to form unions. The US supported another fascist coup in the same country in 1965 against the government led by a man named Juan Bosch and even sent troops to support it. A man named Joaquin Belaguer was made president after the coup.

The US supported a fascist coup in Honduras. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, a Democrat, was behind the coup and Democratic President Barack Obama greenlighted it. The reason for the coup was that the new president, actually a reformist member of the ruling class, tried to raise the minimum wage.

Attempts to raise the minimum wage have set off US-sponsored coups in many countries. Why on Earth do liberal Democrats support this? The first thing the government did was murder 1,000 members of the opposition. Most spectacularly, a prominent female environmental activist was murdered, leading to an uproar. Bernie supporters tried to blame Hilary for her death when she ran against Bernie Sanders in 2016.

In 1968, the US supported a fascist coup in Greece by a group of military leaders called “The Generals” that later imprisoned many members of the opposition.

In 1947, elections were held in Italy. They were stolen via mass fraud which was assisted massively by the US. A rightwing government was installed as a result.

The US supported Nazi insurgents in Ukraine for 10 years after the war and helped vast numbers of Nazis escape to the West, especially Australia, the US, and Canada.


In the 1948 election, an extremely popular Liberal Party politician named Gaitan was elected in Colombia. He was quickly assassinated with the help of the US. Because he was so popular, this caused huge riots all in the capital, which were referred to as the Bogotazo. There followed death squads which murdered 15,000 Gaitan supporters.

A lot of the remainder took up weapons against the Conservative Party, which ran the government. This turned into an insurgency trying to overthrow the government versus the army and the police. In 1952, the ruling Conservative Party shut down the Congress and turned the government into a Conservative dictatorship. After a while, the Liberal rebels realized that the government dictatorship was not going away, so more of them took up arms.

A conspiracy theory circulated among Liberals that a Nazi-Falangist conspiracy was behind the violence. This led to Liberals murdering many priests on the basis that they thought that they allied with the Nazi-Falangists.

Conservatives began promoting the seizure of peasant land owned by Liberal peasants by using private militias. The Liberals responded by taxing the large landowners who were supporting these land seizures. The taxes made a lot of people support the Conservatives.

These militias were the genesis of the rightwing paramilitaries who rampaged through Colombia for decades, murdering anyone suspected of supporting the Left. This was also the genesis of the armed Left insurgency, later started by the FARC in 1964 and the ELN in 1965. All in all, 200,000 civilians were murdered La Violencia.

In 1964, the US helped Colombia attack leftists who had set up a commune in Mariatela. They were peaceful and never hurt anybody, but the army attacked them anyway, and many were killed. Believe it or not, this is how the FARC was formed. The US then supported death squads that murdered 400,000 people over 60 years.


The US supported a fascist coup in Brazil in 1964 by a group of military leaders called “The Generals.” They imprisoned much of the opposition.

The US supported a fascist coup against Cheddi Jagan in Guyana in the 1960’s.

The US supported a fascist coup against the Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1948. An insurgency started up after a while. The government then proceeded to murder 200,000 people with deep, sometimes on the ground US support. Marines were sent to Guatemala as advisors for the fascist government in the 1960’s. This war went on for 20 years.


The US supported the fascist Duvalier government in Haiti that had a dictatorship for many decades. They stayed in  power via death squads called Tonton Macoutes. The government was also Satanist. A priest named Jean-Paul Aristide was elected in the 1990’s. He received an incredible 92

However, Clinton forced him to disband the army and the national police in return for him being allowed to stay in power. Aristide built more schools in his short reign as had been built in the prior 200 years. He was much beloved by the people. But then he made a fatal mistake. He tried to raise the minimum wage (see above).

Pro-US elements began spreading a lot of crime, assassinations and riots in Haiti. As Clinton had taken away Haiti’s police and army, Aristide could do little to stop this. The US media then started screaming about how Haiti was in chaos and the US needed to intervene to restore order.

Soon after, Haiti was invaded by remnants of the army that had left for Dominican Republic. The disarmed government could do nothing to stop them from taking over. The Bush Administration then sent in a private security company, Blackwater, to raid Aristide’s home. He was arrested at gunpoint and ordered to leave the country. He left for Africa.

The rightwing governments that have governed since, all installed by the US, have forbidden Aristide from returning and banned his political party, Lavalas. Keep in mind that this party had the support of 92

After the coup, a rightwing president was installed and the army and police were quickly reconstituted along with a nouveax Tonton Macoute group. They murdered 3,000 members of the opposition in a short period of time. The coup was supported by France, Canada, and the US. Incredibly, the US convinced that UN to send UN troops to Haiti to enforce putschist rule! Most of these troops were from Brazil and Chile. They spent most of their time shooting at rebellious Lavalas supporters in the big slums of Port Au Prince.

The US overthrew a popularly elected government led by a man named Maurice Bishop that won a free and fair election in Grenada in 1982. A fascist government was put in in its place.


The US supported fascist coup attempts, insurgencies, and murderous riots during the Chavez presidency in Venezuela. He won many free and fair elections, but the US claimed fraud every time with no evidence. The US claimed there was massive censorship of the press when the press was freer than in the US. The US may well have murdered Chavez by giving him cancer somehow. His personal bodyguard was working for the CIA and fled to the US soon after Chavez got sick.

After he died, Nicolas Maduro and the Chavista political party, the Venezuelan Socialist Party, won several free and fair elections. The US claimed massive fraud every time with zero evidence.

After the last election, the US claimed the fraud was so bad that a new leader had to be appointed to rule the country instead of the “illegitimate” government.

This is how the fake Juan Guaido fascist government was put in as a shadow government. Gauido tried to institute violent fascist coups in two cases. The US froze and stole $20 billion of Venezuela’s money. The UK froze $3 billion dollars in Venezuelan gold. Huge sanctions were put in Venezuela that amounted to a trade embargo. This was done  because of a stolen election that never happened.

The entire EU and NATO supported the embargo and the fascist Guaido government. The US and Colombia tried to murder Maduro at a rally, but the attempt was thwarted. The US and Colombia then set up a small insurgency, but Maduro caught onto it and captured the insurgents. The US and the fascists engaged in mass sabotage of Venezuela’s oil facilities.

They also staged an economic coup by deliberately withholding products from the market, thereby ruining the economy. Although the fascist business community ruined the economy, the US blamed Chavez and Maduro instead. There were secondary sanctions put in against Venezuela that made it extremely difficult to for Venezuela to engage in any trade.

An Iranian tanker sent oil to Venezuela but the US seized the ship near Venezuela and piloted it to the US, where all of the Iranian oil was stolen along with the ship. A fascist ship tried to ram another oil tanker delivering to Venezuela, but the ship escaped. The US then said that the Venezuelan Navy had sent ships that rammed the fascist ship! This never even happened!


The US supported the fascist Somoza regime in Nicaragua for decades. It was overthrown by a popular revolution called the Sandinistas in 1979.

Quickly the US opposed the regime and set up a fascist army called the Contras to fight the government. The Contras committed mass human rights abuses. They were fond of raiding state farms where they murdered all of the men and then raped all the women and then killed them.

The opposition had a newspaper called La Prensa that openly supported the armed Contras who had taken up arms against the state. The state responded by censoring the paper, but the censorship was not extreme. They simply were not allowed to cheerlead for the armed insurgents.

The US made a huge deal out of this and reported on it all the time. Most other countries would have shut down the paper and imprisoned its owners for treason, but incredibly the Sandinistas allowed it to publish. The paper was published by a fascist named Violeta Chammoro.

The Sandinistas won a number of free and fair elections, but the US claimed fraud with zero evidence every time. Terrible sanctions were put in Nicaragua for “stealing elections and censoring the media,” neither of which occurred. The sanctions were so horrendous that they ruined the economy, causing hyperinflation.

In 1990, the fascist Chamorro was elected President. The entire US government cheered her on, including every single liberal Democrat in the Congress. My liberal Democrat father supported this fascist to the hilt.

The first thing this fascist did was close down huge numbers of medical facilities and schools because they had been set up by the Sandinistas. Millions were without health care or schooling and countless kids were thrown out of school because she put in a $35 school uniform fee for kids to go to school. Huge numbers of people couldn’t even afford that fee, so kids were thrown out of schools all over the country. I told my liberal Democrat father about it, and he still supported the fascist.

Later the Sandinistas came back into power with a moderated program that was not as Leftist as the previous one. Manuel Ortega and his party won many elections for almost 20 years. Every time they won, the US claimed massive fraud with zero evidence.

The US then instigated a fascist coup against the government in which many government officials, police officers, soldiers, and government supporters were murdered by mobs. After every fascist murder, the US and its media claimed the government did it! The government defeated the insurrection after a while, and it only had 20

The government imprisoned many rioters, who were often criminals who were paid to riot and kill, in prisons which were not the greatest. After a while, the state had numerous amnesties and released most of the murderous rioters. After the insurrection, the US claimed the government had murdered 400 people when really it was the opposition that did it. Sanctions were put on the country as a result.

The sanctions were very serious and have caused problems for the country. In the next election, 50 people were banned from running for office on the basis of treason for supporting the insurrection. As the election moved forward, it turned out that none of those people had even been trying to run for office! The US claimed that 50 “candidates for office” were banned by the state simply for being oppositionists when none of them were even running! More serious sanctions were put on the state.

An election was held and Ortega won by 70

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