Alt Left:Temporary Ban from Twitter for This Tweet

This will never happen. Americans will never bring their government under control. I think they actually like being an imperialist monster enemy of mankind. They get off on it.

Americans are a profoundly sick people. Really, the whole West is. The entire West supports fascism full stop, and NATO is a gigantic fascist army. NATO working with all those fascists and Nazis all those years was no illusion.

Can you believe I got busted on “hate speech” for this trifle? They said it was “hate speech against Americans.” LOL I wasn’t aware that “American” is a race, much less an ethnicity. If it’s an ethnicity, what are the stereotypical physical features of an “American.” There are none, right? So there is race or ethnic group called “American.” Hate speech only encompasses race and ethnicity.

I’m criticizing the American people, of course. They are completely brainwashed, arrogant beyond words, and remain nestled in a tight cocoon of exceptionalism that exempts their country from all laws, rules, and mores on the grounds that our country is an inherently good country, and hence it can do nothing other than pure good overseas and I suppose at home for that matter.

Americans seem to know on some level that they are citizens of an imperialist country as much as most of them vociferously try to deny it. And I do think they get off on it. Americans enjoy their country being the world’s biggest bully, except it isn’t really a bully because we are always on the side of angels. In other words, even if we bully and push around other nations, it’s always because we are bullying or putching a bad behaving country into acting good.

Of course we are hypocrites. Most jingoists and nationalists are, and that’s a fatal flaw of each viewpoint.

We are sick. We do support fascists and Nazis and always have, even if we took a bit of a break for several years there in WW2. WW2 is shocking in US terms because it is the first time that we ever fought fascist and Nazi regimes instead of allying with them. And when the gunpowder settled, scarcely was the ink dry on the armistice papers when we went right back to supporting Nazis and fascists again.

NATO has supported fascists and Nazis since the day of its founding. It was formed as an aggressive as opposed to a defensive alliance. And it always had a sleazy mission:

NATO’s mission in terms of Europe is to keep the US in, the USSR out, and the Germans down.

So NATO has been attacking Germany ever since WW2! Why on Earth do Germans support such a hostile alliance?  Germany had to be kept down not only to prevent the feared Russia-Germany Alliance but to keep European markets open to far more US goods than would be there otherwise.

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One thought on “Alt Left:Temporary Ban from Twitter for This Tweet”

  1. Anti-fascist hate speech.

    Americans are bottom rung. I’m for free speech but Americans are typically the dumbest on every issue. There’s a sweet naive innocence about American patriotic women.

    I take in a lot of Nazism, but I’ve stood with Russia on those sites. I feel bad for Ukrainian women having to be surrogate mothers.

    A German-Russian alliance is intriguing as Hell. The West is an anti-Russian prick though.

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