Alt Left: Why the Palestinians Make Me Angry

Ok there was a, let’s face it and call it what it is, terrorist attack today in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Attacking defenseless civilians on purpose is the very definition of terrorism. It doesn’t matter who the civilians are. So the US firebombings in Dresden and Tokyo in World War 2, in addition of course to the atom bombings, were absolutely 100

Tokyo firebombing:   100,00 killed.

Dresden firebombing: 34,000 killed.

Hiroshima atom bomb: 200,000 killed.

Nagasaki atom bomb:  100,000 killed.

That adds up to 440,000 killed by US terrorism. How many Israelis have been killed by Palestinian terrorists. It can’t be anywhere near that many.

Of course Germany and Japan targeted civilians all the time in these wars last time I checked anyway. I know Germany did. Japan certainly engaged in terrorism in China, especially in Nanjing.

But hey, two wrongs don’t make a right.

And the Palestinians, let’s get real here, have been engaging in pure terrorism from Day One in this conflict. Sure, they’ve targeted soldiers too, and I’m proud of them for that. But so many of their attacks, especially in Israel proper, and just attacks against defenseless civilians. It’s messed up. Let’s get real here. They’ve killed women and kids at short range, even with their bare hands.

Legitimate targets:

  • Israeli civilian adult settlers in the West Bank.*
  • IDF forces anywhere in the West Bank and Israel, even including off-duty forces.
  • Mossad forces in Israel and I suppose elsewhere.

Not legitimate targets:

  • Israeli civilians anywhere inside Israel.
  • Israeli police inside Israel.
  • Israeli minors in the West Bank. Those kids didn’t decide to move there, let’s face it.
  • Israeli tourists outside of Israel.
  • Diaspora Jews outside Israel.

*It makes me uncomfortable to even regard Israeli settler women as targets and it even breaks my heart to see them killed. But if they don’t want to get shot, they can move back to Israel.

The Palestinian armed groups cheer for every terrorist attack inside Israel, no matter how gruesome or unsettling.

As an example, let us look at the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv today. It was carried out by an Israeli Arab using a Carlo machine gun that the Palestinians manufacture on their own. He drove through the port area and shot one man on the sidewalk. He then drove his car into seven other people on the same sidewalk. He was shot dead in his car very quickly.

Palestinian armed groups like Islamic Jihad and Hamas are lauding this and calling it “the Tel Aviv operation.” They are saying that one “settler” was killed and seven “settlers” were wounded. I don’t regard Israeli civilians inside Israel as settlers. The only settlers are in the West Bank. There will never be any settlement here until people stop using flammable language. The Palestinians could start by not calling Israeli citizens inside Israel “settlers.”

There is a huge problem here though with this latest attack. No Jewish “settlers” were killed or wounded in this attack! Instead, one tourist from Italy was killed and seven tourists were wounded.

Ok so now it’s ok to kill tourists who are merely visiting Israel to take in the sights? That’s really stretching it. In fact that is absolutely unjustifiable. How on Earth are they the bad guys?

Sure their cause is legitimate and there are legit targets for them in this war, but so many of their attacks are just pure terrorism, and I can’t get behind that.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why the Palestinians Make Me Angry”

  1. Very stupid failed attack. Killing a tourist is no win. Settler reminds me of Ulster-Scots settlers in North Ireland. I actually loath the terrorist acts where civilians are killed. I’m sympathetic to not compromising, though maybe the loser needs to.

    1. Well they didn’t know they were tourists. How in God’s name can they possibly justify this armed attack on tourists? What in the name of God are these tourists doing wrong? How are they bad guys? Not getting it here.

      They think all civilians walking around in Israel are “settlers.” Well, how about the Arabs? I think they try to target areas that are mostly Jewish.

      I actually loathe the terrorist acts where civilians are killed.

      The Palestinians will disgust you then because it’s been pure terrorism from Day One.

      1. Most tourists I know that go to Israel are Christian. Palestinians negate their moral superiority by carelessly chaotic terrorism. Attacks should be smooth and clean, not like a hippo with the hummus shits.

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