Alt Left: Why Far Left Patriotards Can Be Seen as “Nazis” in a Sense

Interesting post from Francis Miville.

A supposedly Far Left White that sells himself as a White nationalist fulfills the definition in part of Nazism. A supposedly Far Left White that sells himself as a White nationalist fulfills the definition in part of Nazism. White nationalism is the elementary recipe for being a Nazi. That is what it takes to become one, and you don’t need anything more to be a full-fledged one.

A formerly conservative guy suddenly selling himself a White nationalist, well, that’s regrettable, but in the natural course of things, he will still be a more extremist kind of conservative that buttresses his argumentation with biological arguments, what all English Victorian Conservatives of note did.

But a Leftist turning a White nationalist is when the infantile disorder being a member of the Extreme Left turns into a terminal one. Of course, among the varieties of White Nationalism, I include Jewish nationalism, no matter if it is detected in a Jew or a self-fancying Jew than Jewish born-again Christian.

USSR patriotism was never based on Russian nationalism except for the love of the Russian language. Narodny was always an insult in Soviet parlance.

US patriotism, like it or not, is on the other hand and will always be based on White Anglo-Saxon nationalism, and whoever coming from the Far Left all of sudden discovers a passionate love for America is a Nazi, no matter whether he does it as a Jewish neocon, an Anglo neocon, or an Anglo anti-Semite.

My responses:

Francis Miville: White nationalism is the elementary recipe for being a Nazi.

I think he is correct on that one. I would edit it though to say that all Nazis are White Nationalists but all White Nationalists may not be Nazis. So White Nationalism is a necessary but not sufficient condition for being a Nazi.

And indeed a conservative who becomes a White nationalist is indeed following the natural order of things, as the transition is a regular one even if most conservatives never become White nationalists.

And indeed, a conservative who becomes a White nationalist has indeed made a small shift – he is just a conservative now who has added biological determinism to his rightwing resume. It is interesting that all English Victorian Conservatives would be regarded as White nationalists or Nazis nowadays, but this just goes to show you how common “Nazi” arguments were not so long ago.

He is correct that Soviet nationalism was never about more than the love of the Russian language. I get so tired of hearing about how the philosophy in the USSR was one of Great Russian Nationalism put in under Stalin and how Russians were treated better than any other citizens and in fact, there was discrimination against non-Russians. This is completely untrue. Nevertheless, some White nationalists and a lot of Russophobes love this argument. The Russophobes whip it out to say, “The Soviets were racists!”

That’s bullshit. Anyone who says that has no understanding of nationality policy under the USSR. In fact, Belarus and Ukraine had higher incomes than Russia and the Baltics had higher incomes than any of them. Yep the Ukrainians and Balts who are not rabid Russophobes were actually treated better than Russians! In addition, the Ukrainian language and culture was always promoted in the USSR, early on in particular before Stalin, and then less so under Stalin but still with a concrete policy.

There still is no Great Russian nationalism under Putin either, another charge that gets trotted out all the time. People who say that don’t get Russian nationalism. True Russian nationalism has always and only been the nationalism of the Russian Empire, not Russia herself. And the Russian Empire has always been a multilingual, multicultural, and multi-religious empire.

Indeed some of the worst reactionary movements in Russian history such as the Black Hundreds of the early 1900’s, now derided as Nazis and fascists, were actually neither. They were always multicultural in all three respects. They supported the Russian language, Orthodox Christianity (though they were probably not anti-Islam), and especially Czarism as one crown to unite them all. So even the worst Russian “nationalists” were multiculturalists!

However, they were anti-Semites, but even many multicultural Russians sadly to not extend the olive branch to Jews. On the other hand though, Russian Jews hate Russians. There is probably no group of Jews who hate Gentiles as much as Russian Jews. They proudly drink Bloody Marys made with tomato juice and hail that they are drinking the blood of Russian Gentiles as they hoist their drinks in the air to cheer. So they affirm the Blood “Libel!” All I have to say is it takes two to tango and what goes around, comes around.

Alexander Dugin is half Ukrainian. Sergei Lavrov is half Armenian. General Shoigu is half Tuvan, another race altogether as Tuvans look like Mongolians. This is all perfectly natural and normal in Russia, and nobody cares a whit about any of this. Some of the greatest heroes of Russia have been, say, Tatars, and nobody cares about that either.

Russia, as a continuation of the Russian Empire, to this day encompasses all three types of multinationalism.

Russia is also an example of how multiculturalism can work – forcing minorities to in a sense become Ruritarians (Russians) while at the same time allowing them the full flower of their languages, cultures, and religions.

White or Great Russian nationalism is considered an aberration. Putin has outlawed most of the organizations. The leaders are imprisoned, fled the country, or went to ground. Russia’s not a fascist country, and it is surely not a Nazi country! Russophobes are lying snakes!

It’s possible that Jewish nationalism can be a form of White nationalism, although it also includes Mizrahi or Arab Jews, who are quite dark if not as dark as Arabs since they never bred in with Blacks.

US patriotism, like it or not, is on the other hand and will always be based on White Anglo-Saxon nationalism

Certainly it has traditionally been true and that is why so many non-Whites reject US Patriotardism – they see it as hostile to their identities. I think the election of Trump showed US nationalism was still White Euro-American Nationalism, though a lot of Hispanics and some Blacks have now donned the tunics of MAGA nationalism and in doing so, they have become de facto Whites the same way a Brazilian Black becomes “White” merely by making a lot of money as a soccer star.

The phenomenon of “social race” a la Latin America has probably now spread to the US, though it was probably always here in a sense.

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