Alt Left: Many US Jews, especially Young Jews, Are Disassociating Themselves from Israel

More Hitlerian bigotry conflating right-wing Zionists with every single Jew on the face of the earth.

I think leftwing anti-Israel people in the West and Global South seem to go to great lengths to condemn Zionism and Zionist Jews when they attack Israel and make a big deal about saying that Jews and Zionists are not part of a closed set. There are definitely some who go over the line though and there actually were a lot of folks in the UK Labor Party who were guilty of shading over into raw antisemitism.

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Anti-Israel folks in the Global South, particular Muslims, do often conflate Jews with Israel. Many Arabs do the same thing, but they often flat out say that they hate Jews and Israel. I knew a Middle Eastern Christian woman who said this to me.

Some far Right types in the West do the same thing, but most of them are simply silent or even neutral in the conflict, often saying that they hate Arabs and Jews equally. And there are many folks on the far right who say that apartheid fascist Israel is their model for a future White nationalist state. That certainly does not make Israel look good.

I think the commenter is correct that a lot of people conflate rightwing Zionists with every Jew in the Diaspora. This is the only group that has been in charge there for a long time now. In fact, I think most Israelis are rightwingers and now even fascists. You can argue that Arab terrorism has driven them to this extreme, but to me, that’s no excuse.

New polls coming out are showing that 25-30

In particular, many young Jews are simply disgusted with Israel and are distancing themselves from the country. They’re not so much anti-Israel as that they are simply disassociating themselves from the country in disgust. I’m really proud of these American Jews for taking this humane stand, and I know it must be very hard for them to say these things. These Western Jews are very brave, humane, and principled people.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Many US Jews, especially Young Jews, Are Disassociating Themselves from Israel”

  1. I seen a video long ago of a guy talking to young Israeli Jews. I got a liberal college vibe from them. I got the impression they were antiwar peacenik types. They seemed open-minded and wanted to talk it out. Maybe it’s just the impression they wanted to make.

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