Alt Left: Death to the West

I’m starting to really, really hate the West. I actually believe that the West is evil and even Satanic. Putin was right that the West is Satanic. I am now refusing to support the West and in fact I think it needs to be destroyed in its present formation.

My motto is death to the West. It is very hard for me to say this as I have been a Westerner my whole life. My entire being, lifestyle, way of thinking and preferential culture is Western. Leaving the West psychologically is almost the equivalent of chopping off my arm. That’s a terrible thing to do, but in this case I am willing to bite the bullet and do it.

As an alternative, I support most of the Global South other than fascist states like India.

And the West lies as much as a pathological liar. The West blew up that pipeline, the worst act of environmental terrorism ever committed, and then they lied and accused Russia of doing it.

All Western countries have nixed investigations into the bombing, and some have made investigations that revealed nothing. So the entire West is covering for a crime of the US. The entire West is pretty much just the slaves of the Americans, who in my opinion are Satanic.

Note that the West supports all fascists and Nazis in the Global South. NATO supported fascists and Nazis during the entire Cold War. The US supported nearly all fascists and Nazis, including fascist and Nazi insurgents everywhere on Earth. The US supported many coups that supported fascists and Nazis taking power, even in the West itself, see Greece and Ukraine for example.

Since the US and now the EU have always supported every fascist and Nazi government, opposition, and insurgents in the Global South, is it proper to call the US and the EU fascist and Nazi? I would say it is. Suppose you vote for a fascist or Nazi government. Would the voter be a fascist or a Nazi? It’s hard to say. Certainly they would be fascist or Nazi supporters. I think you can also make the case that if you vote for fascists or Nazis, that that makes you a fascist or Nazi right there. Even nonvoting supporters could probably be called fascists and Nazis on that basis.

Using this logic, I think we can make a strong case that the US and EU are fascist and Nazi formations, or at least they support fascism and Nazism in the Third World. Indeed the Republican Party is now a fascist formation. Pro-West fascists now rule in Turkey, Italy, and Poland. All are NATO members.  The US and EU supports all of these fascist states to the hilt, so we can see that the US and EU even support fascism in Europe!

In a series of posts to follow, I will lay out how the US, NATO, and now the EU have supported fascism in the Global South and even Europe itself ever since the war ended. Originally this was done with the excuse that the Cold War necessitated it. This was my liberal Democrat father’s excuse.

He did say that we had done many bad things as a result of the Cold War. I will say that he definitely condemned the US fascist coup cooked up by Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon against Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973. I will give him credit for that at least.

But in many other cases, he supported fascist formations in the Global South or at least refused to condemn them. This is one reason I hate liberals and liberal Democrats so. They’ve supported every fascist and Nazi government in Europe and the Global South. They’ve also supported every fascist and Nazi movement and state in the Global South.

Although the Cold War was used as an excuse, the truth is that after the Cold War ended, not a single thing changed and the US and later EU continued supporting fascists and Nazis in the Global South. There was a lot more to it than just the Cold War, which was just used by the West as a facade.

The real reason for all of this fascist and Nazi support in the West was a Total War on the Left, which was done because Western corporations operating in the South demanded it. No one hates the Left more than Nazis or fascists, so the West has used them as pawns to get rid of hated Left governments, some of which were shockingly mild, all over the Global South.

Since they always support fascists and Nazis, I think we can say that all liberals and liberal Democrats are really fascists and Nazis themselves. Generally you can’t see the fascism/Nazism, but in every liberal, it’s a thin layer of pro-democracy and human rights that is easily stripped off when push comes to shove, all the cards are on the table, and everybody’s doubling down. Basically, scratch a liberal, find a fascist.

This is because liberals support capitalism and Western corporations who demand fascist and Nazi governments in the Global South. When we see how easily capitalist countries go fascist or Nazi with any threat from the Left, it’s obvious most capitalists are fascists and Nazis when push comes to shove. The fact the capitalism so easily goes fascist and in fact, we can say that capitalism itself has tendency to lead to fascism is an excellent reason for being anti-capitalist or at least to oppose capitalism in its present model.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Death to the West”


    “…transphobic right-wingers vs Budweiser.”

    This is today’s “Far Right.” They of course ignore the Left’s best-kept secret, the Alt-Left. Everyone’s a Far Right Nazi in their eyes, except Ukrainian Nazis, they’re the good Nazis.

    Nike is using the same tranny to advertise too. The big corporations are sellouts but still, seeing the staple American beer opting for trannies instead of Clydesdale horses is symbolic of how far the West has fallen.

    1. By the Alt Left you mean the views promoted on this website, correct? We are the anti-Woke Left or the anti-anti-White Left. We are “conservative socialists” and “conservative liberals.” By conservative we mean we are somewhat socially conservative. On everything else, we are on the Left.

      The Cultural Left has simply gone insane. I can’t even tell you how many people, especially younger men, are voting Republican simply because they hate the Cultural Left. The Cultural Left is dragging us down and electing Republicans. We need to reign it in!

      1. Yes. I personally don’t want to help wokeness to grow at all. It really is an anchor to the people that embrace it.

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