How Many of These Have You Read?

43 of the most iconic short stories written in English. It has a list at the end of some other greats.

Edgar Allan Poe, “The Tell-Tale Heart” (1843)
Herman Melville, “Bartleby, the Scrivener” (1853)
Ambrose Bierce, “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” (1890)
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper” (1892)
Henry James, “The Turn of the Screw” (1898)

Anton Chekhov, “The Lady with the Toy Dog” (1899): I’ve read some of his other stories.

W. Jacobs, “The Monkey’s Paw” (1902)

O. Henry, “The Gift of the Magi” (1905)
James Joyce, “The Dead” (1914)
Franz Kafka, “The Metamorphosis” (1915)
Richard Connell, “The Most Dangerous Game” aka “The Hounds of Zaroff” (1924)
Ernest Hemingway, “The Killers” (1927)
Zora Neale Hurston, “The Gilded Six-Bits” (1933)
Eudora Welty, “Why I Live at the P.O.” (1941)
Shirley Jackson, “The Lottery” (1948)
J. D. Salinger, “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” (1948)

Ray Bradbury, “There Will Come Soft Rains” (1950): I think I read this one but I’m not totally sure.

Clarice Lispector, “The Imitation of the Rose” (1960)
Daphne du Maurier, “The Birds” (1952)
Flannery O’Connor, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” (1953)
Elmore Leonard, “Three-Ten to Yuma” (1953)
Philip K. Dick, “The Minority Report” (1956)

James Baldwin, “Sonny’s Blues” (1957) I’ve read some of his nonfiction.

Alan Sillitoe, “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” (1959)
John Cheever, “The Swimmer” (1964)

Joyce Carol Oates, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” (1966): I’ve read a novel of hers, excerpts of other novels (~10 pages), and a number of her stories.

Leslie Marmon Silko, “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” (1969)
Toni Cade Bambara, “The Lesson” (1972)
Ursula K. Le Guin, “The Ones Who Walk Away from

Omelas” (1973): I read an excerpt from one of her novels, The Malafrena.

Ralph Ellison, “Cadillac Flambé” (1973)
Octavia Butler, “Bloodchild” (1984)
Bharati Mukherjee, “The Management of Grief” (1988)
John Edgar Wideman, “Fever” (1990)
Sandra Cisneros, “Woman Hollering Creek” (1991)
Christine Schutt, “To Have and to Hold” (1996)
ZZ Packer, “Brownies” (2003)
Edward P. Jones, “Marie” (2004)
Karen Russell, “Haunting Olivia” (2005)
Kelly Link, “Stone Animals” (2005)
Edwidge Danticat, “Ghosts” (2008)
Yiyun Li, “A Man Like Him” (2008)
Claire Vaye Watkins, “Ghosts, Cowboys” (2009)
Ottessa Moshfegh, “Bettering Myself” (2013)
Amelia Gray, “House Heart” (2013)
Zadie Smith, “Meet the President!” (2013)
Carmen Maria Machado, “The Husband Stitch” (2014)
Diane Cook, “The Way the End of Days Should Be” (2014)
Kirstin Valdez Quade, “Five Wounds” (2015)
NoViolet Bulawayo, “Shhhh” (2015)
Mariana Enriquez, “Spiderweb” (2016)
Ken Liu, “State Change” (2016)
Helen Oyeyemi, “Sorry Doesn’t Sweeten Her Tea” (2016)
Lesley Nneka Arimah, “What Is a Volcano?” (2017)
James McBride, “The Christmas Dance” (2017)
Viet Thanh Nguyen, “War Years” (2017)
Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, “Friday Black” (2018)

I read 14 out of the 43 (33%) in the first list and one out of 32 (3%) on the second list, for a total of 15 out of 75 (20%). As you can see, I did a lot better on the early stuff. Between 1843 and 1964, I read quite a few of the classics. What I haven’t read is the modern stuff after 1964. Frankly, I read a lot of this in school in the 1970’s through early 1980’s, so I think that explains the focus on early material.

Repost: They Were Committing Crimes!

LOL this has got to be one of the most evil and antisocial things I’ve ever written. I really don’t think any serious crimes were committed though. Or at least I hope not. It’s also creative writing. It’s an attempt at literary fiction. Let me know what you think of this sick shit.

Originally written 15 years ago.

Chip Smith of Nine Banded Books said he liked it, and it should be published in a book. He said it reminded him of Peter Sotos‘ work. Interview with Sotos by Chip Smith. Chip Smith is a sick fuck, by the way. Not that that’s a bad thing! Nine Banded Books is his book publishing outlet for sick fuck books.

I kind of liked that, being compared to Peter Sotos. Peter Sotos, in case you are wondering, is a homosexual. He’s also sick fuck, a sick fuck writer of sick fuck fiction. But he is the King of the Sick Fucks, and the King of the Sick Fuck Writers of Sick Fuck Books, and you know at the end of the day, that has to count for something. I was in good company. I’m still proud to this day of being compared to that sick sonofabitch.

From Wikipedia:

In his books, Sotos examines sadistic sexual criminals and sexually violent pornography, particularly involving children. His writings are interpreted by some as commenting on media hypocrisy around these issues. His books are often first person narratives, taking on the point of view of the sexual predator in order to explore sadistic and pedophilic sexual impulses.

In addition to offering many details about the crimes of serial killers and Nazis, the text in the magazine praises them, describing them using such terms as “genius,” “glorious,” “exemplary,” and “illustrious.” The text is juxtaposed with pictures and newspaper clippings relevant to the crimes discussed, showing that the media also abuses the victims. A short manifesto introducing the first issue says the magazine “satiates and encourages true lusts.”

Good Lord, no way am I as sick as this guy!

Some of his sick fuck books:

Lazy (1999) examines the public fascination with sex crimes and their influence on artworks such as the painting Myra by Marcus Harvey.

Selfish, Little (2004) recounts the murder of Lesley Ann Downey by British Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in 1964.

Predicate (2005) explores the Dunblane Massacre in Scotland in 1996 and the motives and life of its perpetrator Thomas Watt Hamilton. Other topics covered include Operation Ore, the Wonderland murders, Russian orphanages, Megan’s Law, and non-nude teen websites.

Comfort and Critique (2005) explores the hidden motives of reporters and citizens as shown by their reactions to sexual crimes.

Show Adult (2007) investigates the experience of pornography. The book also analyzes the TV shows Supernanny and To Catch a Predator as publicly acceptable forms of child pornography.

Lordotics (2008) deals with sex offenders and the art of photography.

Pure Filth (2012) details transcripts of the gonzo movies porn star Jamie Gillis produced during the 1990s. Gillis adds an introduction to each transcript. Sotos, who was a friend of Gillis, brings his own perspective to these records. The book was completed a few days before Gillis died in February 2010.

A sample of his prose from Mine, of his sick fuck books. I think I like it already.

I have to pin the words down, cut them out and place them as far as possible from the dunce economy. I’m not an exegete. But I take the words and ideas and stutters and stick them somewhere far more successful.

You’ll understand this, finally, when I demean myself enough to tell you what I do with the words that these mouthy pigs just repeat often enough to tell you that they stand behind them. It’s not what I take, or who I take them away from. But where I put them. Not rewrite them.

Not change or charge the context. I identify them. I don’t, idiot, masturbate with them. I can’t imagine wanting to do anything without having these words fully included. I wouldn’t even consider doing anything without them.

The cunts that make cartoons out of their ideas. Little collages and signatures and slack versions. Strippers and songwriters and female’d max factors. I live all over them. I write through them, use them, come away with little more than a dangling possible…

What I do is inescapable.

The main characters below are some guys I knew, or maybe I never knew, or maybe I made up, or maybe they’re really me!

There’s Thrillseekerman, an all around petty criminal and moral degenerate, Internetman, an Internet semi-criminal whose web history straddles the line between legal and illegal, and Killerdude, a truly dangerous fellow with psychopathic tendencies whose bark is worse than his bite. Of course none of these people could possibly bear any possible resemblance to me, right? Of course not! This is just stuff a bunch of maniacs told me. I’m just a journalist, scribbling things down, good and bad, right and wrong, not caring to distinguish between any of them.

They Were Committing Crimes!

There were committing crimes.

And no one ever got caught.


They Were Committing Internet Sex Crimes

A few months ago, or 15 years ago, or maybe today, or maybe I read it on the Net, Internetman met 15-year-old girls on the Net, and they sent him nude pics without him even asking and said they wanted to have sex with him right now, but they were too far away. So what did he do with the pics? Delete them, call the cops and turn himself in, or keep them in an evil secret file to show it to his most evil friends? I bet they are gone now. Internetman is paranoid. Not only that, but he’s not stupid.

Were they illegal? Was Internetman a criminal? The only important thing in this whole tale is he never got caught.


Internetman went into a chatroom the other night, or was it 25 years ago, or was it just something some friend said? There was a teenage girl in there masturbating on cam, and everyone in the room was watching the fun. She was 13, but she looked like a full-grown to him. The chat room was full, mostly kids but some adults too, both sexes, including middle-aged women. They were all watching the girl on cam and cheering her on.

Some kid in the room said,

I know her! She’s 13! She goes to my school!

Internetman turned on the cam and it was ok. It was like you take the body of a full-grown woman and then stick a little girl’s face on it, then you make it act like a little girl sometimes. The effect was jarring. Was it illegal? The only important thing here is he got away with it.


It was 10 years ago, or seven weeks ago, or seven months ago, or tomorrow, and 14-year-old girls came to talk to Internetman in the chat rooms and ask for cybersex. What’s a man to do? What did he do?

Whatever the Hell he did, sick fuck shit or not, I bet he didn’t get caught, which after all, is always the most important thing!

It was a while back, or the other day, or some time ago, or 20 years ago, or never, and Internetman did the cybersex thing with them, the 14-yr-olds, the 15-yr-olds, and the 16-yr-olds, and of course the droves of many more legal-aged women as well, and it was all in good fun. He made sure he always got away with it.

One of them was just a friend, but she begged and begged for him to send her porn, so he broke down and sent porn to a 14-yr-old girl. He never got caught.

Was that illegal? Now he’s paranoid, and he’ll never do it again. Or will he? Maybe he better not. Times change, you know. But then again, all that matters here is he never got caught.


In a chatroom, five days ago, or last year, or 17 years back, or yesterday, or ten years from now, the 17-year-old girl saw he had a cam and asked him to turn it on. Internetman did so. She started whining for him to take his pants off so she could see his stuff, because she had never seen one before.

“But I’ve never seeeeen one before,” she whined into Internetman’s headphones, but he chickened out again.

Anyway, even if he did it, I bet he wouldn’t have gotten caught.

They Were Committing Statutory Rape

Internetman met a girl once on the Net a few weeks ago, or was it 21 years ago, or was it in a dream? She was 17 years and seven months old, and wanted sex right now. She kept demanding and demanding, and she would not knock it off. She was a lesbian, but she wanted to try it with a guy to see what it felt like.

“Why with me?” Internetman asked.

“Because,” she said. “You are handsome.”

Internetman thought and thought and thought, and he almost did it because she wouldn’t quit pestering him, but finally he worried it was an evil plot by one of his enemies trying to get him arrested for statutory rape. Good thing he was paranoid, so he never took her up. He still wonders about it. “Would I have gotten caught?” he wonders. After all, that’s always the only thing that matters, right?

They Were Collecting Child Porn

Internetman went into these really evil chat rooms, just on a wild dare, and people were all trying to do horrible and illegal stuff in there, men and women of all ages, normal folks, and weird, the whole human panoply. Internetman tried not to do anything illegal. Did he succeed or did he succumb to the pull of the rush. The rush of committing a crime. Will he go there again? He doubts it.

The Internet is the most evil place Internetman knows, and Internetman knows a lot of evil places, and he’s been to most of them at one time or another. Somehow he always got out alive. Somehow he never gets caught.

You can do just about anything on the Net, and who knows if it’s even legal or what? Where are the cops? What’s a cop? There are bulletin boards right now where people are asking for child porn and bragging about their antisocial acts, and Internetman knows where they are. He’s been to them, lurking, never talking, but he didn’t do anything illegal. Or did he? There was nothing illegal on the boards. Just a lot of evil talk. A lot.

He just stayed and watched the perverts perving.

“Young!” the perverts said, “Anyone got any young?”

And you know what that means.

There were men and women in there of all ages, good-looking young couples, middle-aged housewife types, the most normal people in the whole world, all trading the most evil pornography of all. Why? What gives? Was it the thrill? Of the forbidden? Of the crime? Of the rush of a crime, a rush like no other? Or of getting away with it?

Internetman went to chat rooms where sex perverts traded porn pics. Internetman, being a pervert, was right at home. Mostly it was fun, but some people sent Internetman really illegal pics without him even asking, and he freaked out and deleted them about as quick as they hit the screen. Was that illegal? Did Internetman commit a crime? Internetman trembled in his seat. Trembled with excitement. With terror. With the rush. The rush of never getting caught.

They Were Raping Women

Internetman went to this chatroom last year, or 22 years ago, or yesterday, or just some lie he told the cops, and met this guy in Kentucky, a psychopath I guess, who wanted someone to rape his wife.

“I’m looking for someone to rape my wife,” he announced.

Well, that was about the weirdest thing Internetman had ever heard, so he was intrigued and stuck around for the ride.

The guy would be gone. You had to break in, tie her up, rape her, and get away with it. Well, actually you didn’t have to get away with it, but that would certainly be preferable! He said you could not hurt her in any way. He described the sex acts he wanted Internetman to engage in with his wife.

“Fuck all holes,” he said.

Internetman was worried. “What if she doesn’t like it?”

“Don’t worry,” the guy said. “She’ll love it.”

Getting away with it was Internetman’s business his sole raison d’etre, he’d been doing it his whole life, and he’d never been caught for any of the crimes he’d ever done, and here the guy said would he not call the cops and report the rape.

“How do I get away with it?” Internetman asked.

“That’s your business. Your problem. You’re on you own there,” the guy said.

So Internetman sat there and wondered whether or not he could be a criminal rapist and try to get get away with it, under special circumstances of course in which at least the victim’s husband consented, but he chickened out at the end. But did he used to think about it sometimes? Could he have done it? Would he have done it? What if he got caught? What if he got away with it?


They Were Killing People

Killerdude came over a while back, or 35 years ago, or yesterday, and said he was considering taking an offer to kill some guy from a woman who was offering big money to have her husband knocked off.

So they, Thrillseekerman and Killerdude, sat around for hours blasted out of their minds on dope and talked about whether or not you should murder someone for the money. They discussed Christianity, as in whether or not a Christian should kill, and whether or not the would-be murder victim deserved it since he was a wife-beater, and Thrillseekerman tried to spy on Killerdude for the cops, but it did not work.

Thrillseekerman didn’t like the idea of killing for money (even Thrillseekerman had some basic values, if only a measly few) and thought his friend was degenerating morally. Even though his name was Killerdude, Thrillseekerman had never taken it literally. He thought it was all for show, like most things men do.

What if Killerdude did it? Would it corrode his mortal soul? Could he ever look in a mirror again without smashing it? Would he make his peace with God and the Devil both? Could he keep it a secret? Would the guy have deserved it? Is there a universal morality, or nothing beyond the ether? And most importantly, would he have gotten away scot free? Gotten away with Murder One?

They Were Serial Killers

They took lots of drugs, Thrillseekerman and Killerdude did, while they talked about all this insane and evil stuff. It was last month, or was it 40 years ago, or it was something he hallucinated while he was on acid. They sat around for hours at night stoned out of their minds on chemicals.

Killerdude exclaimed,

“Yeah! I could play the role of the insane serial killer! I could play that role! I could play any role! I could play as many roles as you could, Thrillseekerman! And that’s a lot of roles.

They shook their heads and laughed demoniacally. It was fun to be evil sometimes. You can’t be a choir boy forever. Sometimes you need a bit of rough.

But Thrillseekerman didn’t really consider it, just fantasized about it. About what? Being a serial killer? How many people do that? Could he have done it? Could Killerdude have done it? Could either one have gotten away with it?


It was really weird back in those days, or the other day, or whenever it was, or maybe it never even happened, but not too many actual crimes happened. There was just a lot of talk. Cheap talk. Talk is cheap.

They Were Selling Drugs

Thrillseekerman sold dope for 14 years, and the cops never caught on. He finally quit, and now he’s scared to do it again, but the temptation is always there, because he so loved the outlaw dealer life where you never get caught and outsmart the cops. He also loved being a dealer because he loved being a criminal. As a dealer, you can be a criminal without hurting anyone else, so if you have a shred of guilt left, and Thrillseekerman does, but only just a shred mind you, it’s a great Catholic profession.

They Were Robbing Stores and Driving Getaway Cars

One of his drug addict friends, Killerdude, came three weeks from now, or was it 42 years ago, or was it a lie his enemies made up? He asked Thrillseekerman to be the getaway driver for an armed robbery, and Thrillseekerman considered it, but thank God he didn’t do it.

A few months back, or 38 years ago, or just some lie he told, one of Thrillseekerman’s doper friends drove the getaway car for an armed robbery, and he told Thrillseekerman all about it.

Then the armed robber himself came over to Thrillseekerman’s house with his girlfriend, and they sat around and took drugs. He seemed like a smiling psychopath, and those guys are always charming in a way. Later Thrillseekerman called the cops and told them the guy’s name, but there was not much they could do. The smiling psychopath who robbed the store didn’t get caught. His friend the getaway driver in a robbery got away with it. And you know in the end, that’s all that really counts, right?

They Were Turning People In to the Cops

Last week, or 21 years ago, or while he was daydreaming, Thrillseekerman called the cops on his friends and tried to get them busted. Once for selling heroin because Thrillseekerman thought that was shitty. The other time because Thrillseekerman was mad at his friend who sold pot and wanted to burn the guy.

Dealers work with narcs all the time, and Thrillseekerman was a dealer like a lot of thrillseekers. Why? Mostly for revenge reasons. Most people don’t know that. Without dopers to work alongside them, every narc in America would be unemployed.

They Were Stealing Cars

Once, 11 years ago, or a few weeks back, or in a movie he saw once, Thrillseekerman stole Killerdude’s car, not to be a criminal or anything like that, but just because he was furious at him, but he brought it back when the cop’s son across the street was going to have him arrested. But it didn’t matter because he got away with it. Grand theft auto! GTO! Based!

They Were Vandalizing Businesses

One time, it was last month, or last year, or it was 45 years ago, or long ago in another world, and Thrillseekerman drove by a business at 5 AM with a slingshot and blew out a window in a business because he hated it and it was evil.

Committing street crimes like that, which were actually a revolutionary acts in favor of People’s Power and against the crooked businesses that rip off the People, is one of the biggest rushes that Thrillseekerman knows. You will shake like a leaf. You will shake so hard it will be difficult to steer the car after you do it. You will be terrified and thrilled both at the same time, and when you get away with it, there will be no better feeling.

They Were Setting Off Bombs

Once, in another country, or on the run or the lam, or just for shits and giggles, or maybe just as an urban legend, they got loaded and made some bombs. It was a few months ago, or 43 years ago, or back in the 80’s, or I made up the whole thing.

Thrillseekerman had these antisocial maniac friends, some of whom seemed like they might snap, but Thrillseekerman wasn’t worried, and they liked to make bombs, like all maniacs do. It’s so fun making illegal bombs! The psycho dudes showed Thrillseekerman how to make bombs, which is so easy it’s scary.

You take some Piccolo Pete fireworks, take them apart, and there’s gunpowder inside. You take a softball and hollow it out and fill it with the gunpowder from the Piccolo Petes. You patch the hole but leave a small hole for the string. That’s your fuse. You put a string down in and fasten it. It’s not really a bomb. It’s more like a giant firecracker, like an M-80. It’s not a shrapnel bomb.

Then they took the bombs and blew up this dude’s windshield (who deserved it) with a fused time bomb, and they slashed his tires (he deserved that too) and never got caught.

Then later they went to his apartment complex and they got a bunch of guys and they all turned his car upside down so it was sitting on its roof and they never got caught for that either!

He’d been ripping off the local dealers. The street has a thousand eyes and thousand ears. The street knows everything. Nothing gets away from the street. The thing about the street is the Paybacks. The paybacks are a bitch, you know? Believe it.

Then they took another bomb, this time sort of a firebomb that shoots up a flame, and threw it on some other guy’s lawn (who deserved it), and it burned a hole in the lawn. They got away with it.

Making little bombs is the easiest thing in whole world to do, and every revolutionary and maniac of any age might want to make them and set off them in the street at least, that is if you have the nerve, just to see what an explosion looks like and to piss off the boring neighbors.

They Were Waging Gang Warfare

Once, when they were young, or maybe when they were old, or maybe they just read it in a book somewhere, they called themselves a gang and sat on the front porch of Thrillseekerman’s house and shot BB pellets and rocks and dirt clods at the neighbors’ house (who deserved it) and dared them to call the cops.

The people did call the cops, but the cops hardly cared because they thought Thrillseekerman was doing a civic duty by getting rid of the real criminal (the neighbor) he was attacking. In other words, Thrillseekerman was a public service vigilante ridding the neighborhood of scum as he saw fit. So they all got away with it.

They Were Smashing in Doors with Baseball Bats

Once upon a time, today, or happily ever after, Thrillseekerman grabbed a baseball bat, laughed maniacally, and ran across the street to his evil neighbor’s house in broad daylight as a joke so the whole world could see it and to dare the coward neighbors cowering in their sissy kitchens to call the cops.

When he got to the scumbag’s door, he smashed it in with his baseball bat! Bam! The door caved in! Then he ran back home. He laughed because he thought he got away with it. The cops paid him a visit on the phone, told him to watch it, and told him to spend $10 to repair the door. It was almost like he got away with it. Got away with smashing a door in with a baseball bat! Is that based or what?

Moral: If you’re doing a public service crime, do it in broad daylight.

They Were Flashing Women

It was just the other day, or long, long ago, or it was just some made-up bullshit. Thrillseekerman sneaked into the ladies room to take a crap because the criminal, feral, 13 year old Black youths were in the men’s room threatening with their eyes to attack anyone who came in. He thought he could do it quick and dirty and simple without anyone seeing.

He thought he could get away with it. He was wrong. A woman called the cops, and the detectives threatened to kick Thrillseekerman’s ass if he did not confess to a perverted crime he did not commit. He only wanted to confess to taking a crap in the wrong place and the wrong time, which was the only crime he did.

Well, he was also trying to see if he could get away with it, so there was a thrillseeker aspect. The detectives quickly figured out he was not a pervert, but they kept on torturing him anyway and trying to get him to confess. Don’t you just love detectives? How many people in the US just confess unless the cops beat the shit out of them?

They Were Molesting Children

He was 20 again, or was he 50, or was he 35 or was it some lie his enemies made up? He was jogging in the park, and Thrillseekerman met a 12 year old girl he had known from an old job for a long time, and they chatted a bit and smiled and laughed, and then she flat out asked Thrillseekerman to have sex with her and smiled when she said it, just like that. Not only that but she was beautiful, brilliant, wise, and athletic.

And Thrillseekerman considered becoming the ultimate criminal that you can be, a child molesting sick evil scumbag piece of dirt, but then he decided against it.

There are Lolitas and teenage girls that want it, 12 and up, with adult men, 18-65. And if you do it and get caught, you are going down in the worst way. Is it worth it? Will you do it? Can you resist it? And most of all, will you get caught?

They Were Having Gang Shootouts

It was yesterday, or long ago in another world. A whole crowd of gangsters came in the door. There had just been a gang fight, and people were hurt. The gangsters were underage, some of them, but they used an 18 year old girl to get in the door because they knew Thrillseekerman’s fatal weaknesses.

Later, there were shots fired 50 yards from his door, and the cops didn’t even want to take any witnesses. They never do in gang crimes, and besides, in Greater Tijuana, here in California, there are pro-gang Hispanic spies everywhere. Thrillseekerman’s White, and he claims Norteno, or does he? Or does the whole neighborhood? After all, he lives in a Norteno hood, so everyone more or less claims in a way. Right? Thrillseekerman wears jogging shoes with N on them to claim Norteno, to represent, or does he?

They Were Doing Drive-by Shootings

Three weeks ago, or nine months ago, or 12 years ago, or never, someone came by and flashed a United Farm Workers shirt – Do you get it? Nortenos! – at Thrillseekerman and asked him to go out with a shotgun and kill some Surenos.

“Hey Thrillseekerman, let’s go get a shotgun and shoot some Scraps!”

Thrillseekerman had to think about it for a bit because nothing would be so thrilling and dangerous, and Surenos probably deserved it anyway, being scumbags after all, but thank God he declined. In the barrio anyway, no snitching was the rule, so you might even get away with it, but you could still get caught. Thrillseekerman didn’t like to get caught. He liked to get away with it. After all, he’d been getting away with it his whole life.

Which, after all, was the point of it all. All the crime. All the bad behavior. All the bad boy fun and games and shit. The getting away with it. The not getting caught.

They Were Committing Crimes!

There were criminal opportunities all over the place for decades, right under your nose, people enticing you here and there to break the law and commit serious crimes, some of them felonies, if only one was psycho enough, and they seemed to dare you and egg you on.

Will you do it? Can you resist it? Will you get away with it? Will you get caught? After all that’s only question that really matters in life: Can you get away with it?

The Etiology of Male Homosexuality

ChangeIt: Basically, all homo behavior is a result of poisoned brain.

“The incidence of a few homosexual males in the control group may have been an effect of captivity and/or social environment [32]. However, our results indicate that this effect is significantly exacerbated by MeHg exposure and there is no obvious reason why alteration of the same key behavioral pathways would be unaffected by MeHg exposure in wild populations.”

The best evidence so far indicates that male homosexuality is a developmental disorder caused by the fluctuating hormones when exposed to the fetus in utero. Furthermore, the feminine behavior of gay men seems to be part and parcel of homosexual behavior, and in fact, this is what we see among what I would call “pre-homosexual boys.”

Furthermore, it is incurable. No viable cures have ever been reported and my research indicates that not only is homosexuality incurable, but male sexual orientation cannot even be moved 10% one way or the other after age 15.

I swear I read on the Internet how for a brief period post-Communism, the state was monitoring pregnant women’s sex hormones in the womb to keep them within normal ranges. The page said that the rate of subsequent male homosexuality and transsexualism among neonates had both crashed in Czechia during this period.

I’ve been looking for the article, but I can’t find it anywhere!

The rate of biological homosexuality seems to be pretty steady in time and space. We don’t see all sorts of fluctuations as we might see with an issue that is with an environmental cause.

“Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies”


A great book by Anne Lawrence, who is actually a man.

It demonstrates that 89% of MtF transsexuals have traditionally been autogynephilic transvestites who get aroused by dressing in women’s clothing and seeing themselves as women. Autogynephilia is a paraphilia or sexual perversion or kink like sadism, masochism, fetishism, pedophilia, etc. So they aren’t women trapped in men’s bodies at all. Their brains look like men’s brains, not women’s brains. However they did differ from either sex’s brain in five different areas!

This always starts by puberty and there is usually arousing cross-dressing as a boy. They have stereotypical male upbringing and interests as boys. At some point, mere transvestism doesn’t cut it anymore and they begin to get urges to transition to women. These are accompanied by severe gender dysphoria.

There is no cure for autogynephilia as with all true paraphilias. They are acquired in puberty and adolescence and remain for life.

The author himself is an autogynephile. I’m deadnaming these guys because I’m not sure I want to refer to them with female pronouns, but I am open to argument on that score. The book has many case studies and they are quite fascinating. These men are often married but their marriages usually fall apart in part because they are typically terrible in bed, often impotent unless the wife can recite scripts treating him like a woman. They also need an autogynephilic fantasy to get an erection. At some point, the wives have had enough and leave.

It was most interesting that many of these men lost their virginity at a late age in their late 20’s. Part of the problem is that they are not  really aroused by having sex with a woman, so they’re not very motivated to do that. They typically have other paraphilias too. In addition, transsexuals as a group have a very high rate of mental disorder. In fact, they have more disorders than any other group that is seen clinically.

Narcissism is quite prominent in autogynephiles and narcissistic rage is often seen. How many times have you seen these guys preening and going off on videos? The narcissism stands to reason as these men are in love with their own bodies.

Since it’s incurable, I do have some sympathy for these guys. But women are largely disgusted by and enraged at them. But they are certainly not men trapped in women’s bodies as they say. But we can understand why they say that because that is how autogynephilia feels. Autogynephiles want to be seen as men trapped in the wrong bodies, and many of them really dislike the idea that they are autogynephiles.

Bottom line is these guys are basically transvestites. Most are heterosexual. A few are gay and we call those drag queens. I’m not sure what is going on in the mind of a drag queen and whether these gay men have autogynephilia too.

I’m not sure what to do here. The gender dysphoria doesn’t go away and it may get worse. Transitioning and possibly even surgery might be indicated if that is the only thing that makes them feel better. I’m open to that argument. Still, I don’t understand why this paraphilia is the greatest thing since sliced bread and we need to quit cheering this on as if it’s something to be championed.

Problems with the Peaceful Road to Socialism

Honest Guy: Also generally see one-party Leninist states like the old USSR, Cuba, Mao’s China etc. as a betrayal of genuine socialism, which should be unambiguously democratic.

I won’t necessarily disagree with that, although there are problems with the parliamentary road to socialism. See what Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru are going through and what Haiti, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Indonesia, Vietnam, Spain, South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile went through in the past.

Basically, any Left movement that takes power peacefully down there gets overthrown with a coup, the leader gets assassinated or there are attempts at assassination, death squads decimate their supporters with mass murder, business tries to destroy the economy, wars on the currency are waged, sanctions are installed, violent riots are staged, and parliament, the judiciary, the military, or imperialism conducts a violent coup!

You put in a Left government down there, and there are nonstop efforts to take it down. They wreck the economy, stage civil wars, create violence and chaos, run rightwing candidates who pretend to be Leftists until they get in, outlaw the Left parties, engage in mass lying and libel, and heavy sanctions are put on the country.

This all has the effect of making life miserable for the average person, and there have been cases where they voted for the Right just to end the chaos, civil war, and economic wreckage or because the Left had been imprisoned. A notable case of the former was in Nicaragua in 1988 and and of the latter was in Brazil with Bolsonaro.

The Leninists say there is no peaceful road to socialism, and it would be great if there were, but there just isn’t, so don’t bother. The only thing that keeps it in is a dictatorship of the workers over the ruling classes. Lenin referred to those seeking the peaceful road to socialism as “parliamentary cretins.”

I’m not a communist but I respect countries’ right to go that way if that’s what they choose. Now, I love democracy myself and I prefer the peaceful parliamentary road with democracy afterwards, but one wonders just how sustainable it is.

In case you wondering about the pitfalls of total democracy under socialism…

A Few Words about the Very High Levels of Black Crime

Honest Guy: I could be seen as culturally conservative on the crime issue as well as a “race realist” in some ways

There’s nothing wrong with saying that Whites are smarter than Blacks and Hispanics at the moment. That’s not even controversial. And it is certainly a valid hypothesis that genetics are involved at some level.

Blacks commit tidal waves of crime, especially violent crime, just about everywhere they live, and this calls for an explanation. Usually we have all sorts of fake excuses for this depending on the country.

In the US it’s the legacy of slavery and racism.

No idea what they invoke in the Caribbean.

In the UK, it is simply racism. Obviously the racism excuse won’t fly in the Caribbean or Africa where Whites at the very least are outside of power and at worst, are barely present in any numbers at all. Nor will the slavery excuse work in Africa.

In Africa, the legacy of Western colonialism is blamed. However, I have read accounts from the first European explorers in Africa about what the continent was like before there was any colonialism. The explorers’ accounts were strikingly similar although they weren’t sharing notes. And if anything, Blacks acted much worse before they were colonized than the do now post-colonialism! I’m not saying colonialism made them act any better, but the legacy of colonialism hypothesis is certainly junk theory.

I do feel there is a biological or genetic factor at root in Black crime, but unlike most who use this to advocate for segregation or separation, I’d like to figure out exactly what is going on so maybe we could try some interventions. There are pills for every mental illness out there, and bad Black behavior is certainly not as disturbed as illnesses like Bipolar Disorder, which is treated very well with pills.

Honest Guy: but incidents like last weekend in Chicago (where I lived for 11 years) remind us of the hideous dysfunctionality of so much of the “urban Black” ghetto population and how much that hurts liberal/Left movements politically.

Fox News and the like are of course having a field day with all this, and the majority of the Cultural Left makes this so much easier for them by their incessant denials, rationalizations, excuses etc.

You are absolutely correct, comrade! I feel exactly the same way. I’ve written about my feelings about the Black underclass (ghetto Blacks) before, and I’m no fan of it at all. In fact, I really hate that whole culture.

And yes, I haven’t talked about it much on here, but we on the Left are blowing it big-time on this crime issue by doing exactly what you say we are doing. It’s disastrous but it flows right out of Critical Race Theory, which is not only the official dogma of the Democratic Party now but is also the reigning ideology of the entire land! If you are practicing CRT politics, you can have no response to Black epidemic crime other incessant denials, rationalizations, excuses, etc! Any rational response like cracking down on the criminals is seen as racist!

I Wonder If I Am Even on the Left Anymore

I went to Daily Kos, the website of the base (left wing) of the Democratic Party. It’s run by Markos, a DNC insider who is representative of the party’s left wing, which is now the ascendant faction in the party as the former rightwing DNC folks that emerged under Clinton via Dick Morris, a so-called Democrat who was very rightwing for his party, have been superceded.

After he cast his wicked spells with Clinton, he fled from the rubble of the policies he advocated for, disavowed any responsibility for the wreckage, and landed in the Republican Party, where he’s been ever since. And he’s no moderate Republican. He’s a real wingnut. I think this shows that he was always just a Republican, even when he donned a Democratic Party suit and tie for a bit.

These are really “my people” and have been for most of my political life. However, lately they seem to have gone insane, mostly on cultural issues, but also in other areas like law enforcement.

I went down the list of articles and checked them off to see if I agreed with them or not. I agreed with half and disagreed with half. So that’s where I am with the Democrats. I only support them at a 50% level. However, I support the Republicans at a much lower level. I think I did a similar experiment with Republicans at one point, and I found that I opposed them 88% of the time. As has been the case for decades for me, I vote for the party I hate less.

I’m still a socialist though and I’m still for the workers and the poor and against the rich and the bosses. That right there completely rules out conservatism, as all forms of conservatism as rule reject the bolded sentence above in its entirely. In fact, rejection of that philosophy is a necessary attribute for any politics to even be allowed into the conservative tent.

Instead, belief in that bolded sentence automatically makes you part of the Left, no matter what the rest of your views are. A lot of people on the Left can’t figure this out and believe in these magical people called “rightwing socialists” who are about as real and falsifiable as structural racism. You can’t see or measure either because they’re not even there.

Morris coined triangulation, where the Democratic Party would take a position exactly midway between the left of the party and the right of the Republicans. It ended up making Clinton a much more rightwing president.

I still identify as a Leftist, not a liberal, as I truly despise liberals. I’m a really, really weird Leftist, but a Leftist I am. I guess this is what the Alternative Left was really all about from Day One.

The DNC’s Right Turn

The DNC’s right turn happened under Reagan due to the losses of Carter, Mondale, and Dukakis, but actually the genesis of this movement was the Democratic massacre of George McGovern in 1972. By the way, my politics has always been McGovernite Democratic Party liberalism, for all of you idiots out there who keep insisting I’m a rightwinger or a Republican.

This group decided that these losses showed that the US was a rightwing country and if the Democrats didn’t want to lose forever, they would have to turn into a rightwing party too. So they set about to do just that. Clinton was their original Frankenstein creation.

I found the website of this group some years back and found documents laying out the destruction of Social Security and Medicare! The documents argued that these were socialist programs and the whole world was turning away from socialism after 1989 and the fall of the USSR and Eastern Bloc. This event indeed did herald a neoliberal fever for some time under Reagan, Thatcher (may she burn in Hell forever), etc.

Neoliberalism: From One Failure to Another

The neoliberal revolution started with the election of Ronald Reagan in the US and Margaret Thatcher in the UK.

The climax occurred via the Chicago Boys, acolytes of Milton Friedman who arose after 1980. These people came out of the Chicago School of Economics that Friedman chaired where Friedman developed his radical free market economics.

This was really the birth of neoliberalism, which is really nothing other than neoclassical economics, with classical economics heralding from Adam Smith and especially David Ricardo, who was much worse. This school arose via a selective reading of Smith, who actually viciously condemned radical free market economics and always argued for government regulation of business and government social programs.

Otherwise, he said, you had nothing but the law of the jungle and a Hobbesian war of all against all. Smith phrased it along the lines of “every man against the entire world.” Literally, he said it boiled down to each citizen thinking:

Everything for me and nothing for anybody else.

Smith actually described this as one of the most evil systems ever designed by man.

Well, the classical school and its descendants forgot to read that part or deliberately passed it over because this was exactly what Friedmanite capitalism boiled down to.

Typically, radical neoliberalism almost inevitably causes a crisis at some point due to the failures programmed into it, and this is exactly what happened when the Chicago Boys were turned loose on Chile. A crisis rapidly followed in 1982 with the crash of the entire system. Though folks like Ron Paul cherish such events as “the natural ups and downs of the business cycle” and assure us that some magical “invisible hand” of the free market, which is so mysterious that we can’t even see it to prove it’s there, will intervene soon enough and set everything right.

Sure worked great in the Depression, huh? Which, by the way, was directly caused by classical economics. After eight years of this mystical hand working its wonders, the Chilean economy was still below that of Allende in 1973 when Pinochet resigned in 1990.

But no matter, as a massive wealth transfer from the bottom 2/3 of society to the upper 1/3, an outcome guaranteed in all neoliberal economies, had occurred.

I would argue that this is what Friedmanism is really all about. Reverse Robin Hood economics. Steal massively from the poor and the workers and give to the rich and the upper middle classes. Almost everywhere neoliberalism was tried, especially in Latin America which was the original petri dish for the growth of this harmful bacterium, only the top 20% of society benefited and the bottom 80% was harmed, this situation occurring in large part due to a huge wealth transfer from the latter to the former.

Neoliberal economists are undeterred by failure or instead somehow believe that failure constitutes success, as neoliberal economics is notoriously bad theory and in practice is not even falsifiable. So neoliberalism is worse than merely being false theory. It’s not even wrong! It’s also a classic “ideology” in that the theory is always right and where the facts don’t match the theory, then the facts are wrong, and alternative facts need to be invented. This is going from facts to theory whereas true empiricism is the other way around.

Theory to facts or empiricism (the scientific method): Facts do not match theory. Ok, theory is false. Back to the drawing board to get another theory.

Facts to theory or ideology or as I call it, Politics with a capital P: Facts do not match theory. Ok, the facts are wrong! Back to the Fact Sausage Factory to manufacture some new facts.

When social scientists try to do science, it’s pretty hit and miss, and this is why we have such things as Physics Envy. This is where social scientists envy physicists who can actually make mathematical proofs to conclusively prove their theories are correct, whereas in social science, even the conclusions tend to be pretty mushy.

I say that when social scientists try to do science, they do either of two things: They either do actual science or empiricism (see above) or they engage in “Politics.” The former is objective and the latter is subjective and everything subjective tends to be outside of the realm of science.

Hence in 1991, fresh from their failure in Chile, Milton’s boys headed off to Russia to wave their magic wands over there.

There were ten years of that under Yeltsin where the looting and corruption was actually much worse, the oligarchs more powerful, and state critics were much more endangered than under Putin. The killing of journalists peaked under Yeltsin, and most of it was the state killing journalists who were on the side of the rebels in the Chechen War.

The entire decade was a lootfest where banksters in Berlin, New York, and Tel Aviv, along with many helpful Russian oligarchs, stripmined the country bare by buying up everything from mineral rights to factories for a dime on the dollar.

At the end of the decade, 15 million Russians were dead. Yes, Yeltsinism resulted in 15 million excess deaths in Russia! In fact, excellent analyses have shown that the neoliberalism in the Third World of 1980-2000, in addition to being a notable failure (especially in Latin America), killed millions of people, mostly by health care cutbacks.

Fresh from their failure under Yeltsin in 2000 (although they redefined this failure as a massive success), the Chicago were back in business loosening banking regulations under Bush (the dismantling had begun under Clinton with the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act).

As I said, this type of economics always leads to a crisis sooner or later, an event so sure that it is nearly a physical law of economics. Hence in 2008, as a direct result of Chicago Boys neoliberalism, the entire US finance banking industry collapsed, taking much of the accounting and insurance industries down with them on the plunge. Yes, the Crash of 2008 was directly caused by the radical neoliberalism of Friedmanite economics.

But neoliberals are a curious sort. You can see above that they renounce science, so it doesn’t matter that they do hocus pocus and call it economics. Their reaction to the crash of 2008?

I headed over to the den of iniquity itself, the pages of the Economics Department at the University of Chicago to see what people were saying.

I checked out individual professors’ pages, and one after one, they were saying that the crash occurred not due to radical neoliberalism but instead it happened due to not enough neoliberalism. What little government regulation remained firing away after the ramparts had been destroyed was what had caused the whole mess. These regulations had to go! We needed to double down on the failed theory! That’s the ticket. This is akin to injecting snake venom into a snakebite victim. And they dare to call this a science!

Incredibly, the entire Republican Party embraced this view, but then, they make money off of the catastrophe called neoliberalism, and besides, no one wants to admit they were wrong especially when the ideology is baked into the very party itself.

Adding insult to injury, Steve Sailer, never failing to find a racial vein in whatever rock he’s handed, managed to create a new theory called Niggers and Beaners Caused the Crash. The theory was that niggers and beaners, being irresponsible wastrels, took out huge house loans that they couldn’t afford because they were stupid and couldn’t figure out that they couldn’t afford them.

Sure, of course, this is actually true in part in the sense that they took out loans that they could not pay back, but the part he leaves out is that scumbags, mostly White people, sold them those loans knowing full well that there was no way they could pay them back.

The loans had time bombs programmed into them written into their fine print so even if you could afford the initial mortgage payment, the payments kept going up to the point where you couldn’t afford it anymore. But that was the whole idea. These loans themselves were designed to make it so people couldn’t pay them back!

These junk mortgages were then packaged into investment vehicles and sold to suckers as perfectly good loans taken out by responsible borrowers. Of course pretty soon, these packages were worth less than the paper they were printed on, but as long as the banksters weren’t left holding the bag, they were fine with this. But it turns out that a lot of big finance companies had bought up a lot of these Suckers ‘R US investment packages and when they went bad, it started a chain reaction that led to a toppling of the houses of cards that we call corporations.

So, yeah, in a way, sure, niggers and beaners caused the crash, but there were a whole lot of nasty White people involved too, and the poor Blacks and Browns were not at fault and were in fact victims of the rich White dudes.

Never failing to learn a lesson from failure, Donald Trump came into office and immediately began loosening regulations on everything and anything he could find. No catastrophes have ensued yet, but don’t worry. Just give it some time. All good things happen to those who wait.

The alternative theory is that on some level, the Republicans know they’re blowing up the economy, but they just don’t care. Sort of like a gambler who loses his shirt but keeps gambling because he remembers the winning streaks of yore and the glorious spending sprees that splayed out afterwards. The pathological gambler’s solution to any losing streak is simply to double down on the failure.

Is it possible that the Republicans make so much money on the neoliberal run-ups that they don’t really about the landslide that follows. Anyway those Republicans with enough cash can always swoop in and buy all those failed business and belly up mortgages for a dime on the dollar. For the banks, they really don’t care if your mortgage goes sour because if it does, guess who owns your house? The bank!

Repost: Alt Left: India: Hell on Earth

I just got a request from a commenter for me to email him the link to this piece, but I decided to just run it again since it’s so good.

Here is an excellent piece about India that I got from an internet site. The author is unknown, but he may be a Dalit or low caste Indian. It sums up why India is such a Hellhole – Indians created it that way.

We had a commenter on here called Dota, an Indian Muslim who hates India way more than I do. He fled to Canada. He recently said that India is Hell, and its people are the scum of humanity. That’s a hard-hitting thing to say, but is it true? He lived there for many years and I did not.

It does appear that Indian society and culture itself is at the core of India’s problems, and I can’t help but think that the religion of Hinduism is a big part of the country’s problems. As Dota says, of all religions, Hinduism cares about people the least. A shocking statement, but is it true?

In another comment, I talked about the hundreds of millions of people starving, diseased, shitting outdoors and living in the streets or fetid slums of India. According to Dota, Indian elites feel that the Indian poor living and dying in Hell that is India deserve everything they get up to and including death. That’s why there’s so little effort to fix up the mess – the poor deserve their fate. They even deserve to die. A frightening remark again, but what if it is true?

And once again, this belief seems to circle back around to Hinduism once again. The Hindu religion seems to be at the very heart and core of India’s Hell on Earth.

Why Do 1 Million Indians Flee India Every Year?

Any crackdowns on illegal immigrants or restricting quotas abroad to Indians are a major concern to India’s politicians. The latest statistics from the US Department of Homeland Security shows that the number of Indian illegal migrants jumped 125% since 2000! Ever wonder why Indians migrate to another countries but no one comes to India?

Here are some Indian facts:

Poverty Graph

According to the WFP, India accounts around 50% of the world’s hungry (more than all of Africa), and its fiscal deficit is one of the highest in the world. India’s Global Hunger Index (GHI) score is 23.7, a rank of 66 out of 88 countries. India’s rating is slightly above Bangladesh but below all other South Asian nations, and India is listed under the “alarming” category. [IFPRI Country Report on India].

Around six out of 10 Indians live in the countryside, where abject poverty is widespread. 34.7% of the Indian population has an income below 1 dollar a day, and almost 80% of the population lives on less than 2 dollars a day. According to the India’s Planning Commission report, 26.1% of the population lives below the poverty line. The World Bank’s poverty line is $1 a day, but the Indian poverty line is Rs 360 a month, or 30 cents a day.

The Current Account Balance of India

A major area of vulnerability for us is the high consolidated public-debt to GDP ratio of over 70%…(and) consolidated fiscal deficit.

says the Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Mr. Yaga Venugopal Reddy.

According to the CIA World Factbook, India’s account balance is -375 trillion, while China’s is +$426.1 trillion, making it the wealthiest country in the world by that rubric. India is listed at 182 and China at 1 [CIA: The World Factbook].

Human Development vs GDP growth

The Human Development Report for 2009 released by the UNDP ranked India 134 out of 182 countries based on measures of life expectancy, education, and income. India has an emigration rate of 0.8%. The major continent of destination for migrants from India is Asia with 72.0% of emigrants living there. The report found that India’s GDP per capita (purchasing power parity) is $2,753.


According to the Indian census of 2001, the total population was 1.028 billion. Hindus numbered 827 million or 80.5%. About 25% (24 million) of those Hindus belong to Scheduled Castes and Tribes. About 40% (400 million) are Other Backward Castes. The 15% Hindu upper castes inherited the majority of India’s civil service, economy, and active politics from their British colonial masters.

Thus the caste system leaves lower caste Hindus as an oppressed majority in India’s power structure. Going by figures quoted by the Backward Classes Commission, Brahmins alone (5% of the population) account for 37.17% of the bureaucracy [Who is Really Ruling India?].

The 2004 World Development Report mentions that more than 25% of India’s primary school teachers and 43% of its primary health care workers are absent on any given day!

Living Conditions of Indians

89% of rural households do not own telephones, and 52% do not have any domestic power connection. There are daily power cuts even in the nation’s capital. The average brownout in India is three hours per day during non-monsoon months and 17 hours daily during monsoon months. The average village is two kilometers away from an all-weather road, and 20% of rural habitations have partial or no access to a safe drinking water supply. [Tarun Khanna, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization].

According to National Family Health Survey data (2005-06), only 45% of households in the country had access to improved sanitation.


India has over 35% of the world’s total illiterate population [UNESCO Education for All Report 2008]. Only 66% of India are literate (76% men and 54% women).

About 40 million primary school-age children in India are not in school. More than 92% children do not go to college. According to reports, 35% schools don’t have infrastructure such as blackboards and furniture. And close to 90% have no functional toilets. Half of India’s schools still have leaking roofs or no water supply.

While Japan has 4,000 universities for its 127 million people, and the US has 3,650 universities for its 301 million, India has only 348 universities for its 1.2 billion people. In the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities by Institute of Higher Education published by Shanghai Jiao Tong, only two Indian Universities are included.

Even the two much-ballyhooed IIT’s in India found only a lower worldwide slot (203 and 304) in the 2007 report. Although Indian universities churn out three million graduates a year, only 15% of them are suitable employees for blue-chip companies. Only 1 million among them are IT professionals.


India today allocates lower than 1% of its gross domestic product (GDP) to health. According to United Nations calculations, India’s spending on public health as a share of GDP is the 18th lowest in the world. 150 million Indians are blind. 2.13% of the total population (21.9 million) live with disabilities in India. Yet, only 34% of the disabled are employed [Census 2001]. India has the single highest share of neonatal deaths in the world, 2.1 million.

107,000 leprosy patients live in India. 15.3% of the population do not live past age forty. Serpent attacks kill as many as 50,000 Indians a year, while the cobra occupies a hallowed place in the Hindu religion.

There are only 585 rural hospitals compared to 985 urban hospitals in the country. Out of the 6,39,729 doctors registered in India, only 67,576 are in the public sector, and the rest are either in the private sector or abroad. According to a survey by NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization), 40% of the people hospitalized have either had to borrow money or sell assets to cover their medical expenses. Over 85% of the Indian population does not have any form of health coverage.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health problem in India. India accounts for one-fifth of the global TB incident cases. Each year about 1.8 million people in India develop TB, of which 0.8 million are infectious cases. It is estimated that  330,000 Indians die from TB every year [WHO India].

Economy under Siege by Elite Hindus

In India, the wealth of 36 families amounts to $191 billion, which is one fourth of India’s GDP. In other words, 35 elite Hindu families own one quarter of India’s GDP by leaving 85% of ordinary Hindus poor!

The dominant group of Hindu nationalists come from the three upper castes (Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas) that constitute only 15% of the total Indian population. But they claim perhaps 80% of the jobs in the new economy in sectors such as software, biotechnology, and hotel management.

India is also one of the most under-banked major markets in the world, with only 6 bank branches per 1,000 sq. kms., according to the World Bank, and less than 31% of the population has access to a bank account. According to India’s national agency (NABARD), around 60% of people do not having access to financial institutions in India. The figure is less than 15% in developed countries.


According to TI, 25% of Indians have paid bribes to obtain a service. 68% believe that governmental efforts to stop corruption are ineffective. More than 90% consider the police and political parties as the most corrupt institutions. 90% of Indians believe that corruption will increase within the next 3 years.

Corruption is a large tax on Indian growth; it delays execution, raises costs, and destroys the moral fiber

says Prof. Rama Murthi. Transparency International estimates that Indian truckers pay something in the neighborhood of $5 billion annually in bribes to keep freight flowing. According to Rahul Gandhi, only 5% of development funds reach their intended recipients due to hierarchical corruption in the country [Financial Times].

Discrimination Against Dalits

Crime against Dalits occur every 20 minutes in India. Every day three Dalit women are raped, two Dalits are murdered, and two Dalit houses are burnt down! These figures represent only a fraction of the actual number of incidents, since many Dalits do not register cases for fear of retaliation by the police and upper caste Hindus.

Official figures show that there are still 343 million manual scavengers in India from the Dalit community. More than 165 million Dalits in India are abused by their Hindu upper castes due to their birth [HRW Report 2007].

Human Rights

When it comes to human rights issues in India, it has not ratified the UN Convention against Torture, and its citizens do not have the opportunity to find recourse in remedies that are available under international law. The victims are trapped in the local Hindu caste system, which in every aspect militates against their rights.

India has a very poor record of protecting the privacy of its citizens, according to the latest report from Privacy International (PI). India scored 1.9 points, which makes it an ‘extensive surveillance society’. A score between 4.1 and 5.0 (the highest score) would mean a country consistently upholds human rights standards. PI is a watchdog on surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations.

Fake encounter killings are rampant in India. These extrajudicial killings are inspired by the theological texts of the Brahmins such as Artha Shastra and Manusmriti which teach espionage and torture methods. Every such killing of an innocent person branded a terrorist has encouraged the killer cops to target socially excluded communities like Dalits, tribals, and minorities.

India’s intelligence agencies like IB, RAW, etc. seem to be thoroughly infiltrated by foreign secret services which support powerful weapon-producing nations. Formed in 1947, IB is engaged in wiretapping, spying on political opponents, and sometimes indicting people on false criminal charges. The IB also has files on numerous authors, bloggers, and media persons.

According to the National Human Rights Commission, as of 30th June 2004, there were 3,320,112 prisoners in Indian jails, out of which 2,390,146 were awaiting trial. More than 70% of the people in jail have not yet seen a judge. India’s jails hold a disproportionate number of the country’s minority Muslims, a sign of discrimination and alienation from the Hindu majority.

The bar association in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, has refused to represent 13 Muslim suspects accused of bombing courthouses in 2005. A large percentage of Indian police officers, attorneys, and judges appear regularly at events organized by notorious Hindu militant groups.

India is a parliamentary democracy, but nevertheless, it is not exactly a fully free society. The human rights group Freedom House ranks India as a 2 (on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 the highest) for political rights and 3 for civil liberties. Elections are generally free, but, notes Freedom House,

Government effectiveness and accountability are also undermined by pervasive criminality in politics, decrepit state institutions, and widespread corruption.

The State Department observes:

There were numerous reports that the government and its agents committed arbitrary or unlawful killings, including extrajudicial killings of suspected criminals and insurgents, or staged encounter deaths.


About 20%, or 200 million Indians, are religious minorities. In all of India, Muslims constitute 138 million or 13.4% of the population; Christians, 24 million or 2.3%; Sikhs, 19 million or 2%; Buddhists, 8 million or 0.8%; and Jains, 4 million or 0.4%. Others numbered 6.6 million or 0.6%.

According to Mr. Tahir Mahmood, an Indian Muslim journalist,

The 2.3% Christians in the Indian population cater to 20% of all primary education in India, 10% of all the literacy and community health care, 25% of all existing care of destitute and orphans, 30% of all the handicapped, lepers, and AIDS patients, etc.

Discrimination Against Minority Muslims

Recently, Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee report admitted that 138 million Muslims across India are severely underrepresented in government employment, including Public Sector Units. Ironically, West Bengal, a communist-ruled state, reported no Muslims in higher positions in its PSU’s! The share of Muslims in government  and the lower judiciary in any state simply does not come anywhere close to their population share.

The only place where Muslims can claim a share in proportion to their population is in prison! Muslims represent 19.1% of those imprisoned, while they are 22.5%. Both figures exceed their population ratio. A note sent on January 9 by the army to the Defence Ministry in 2004 said that there were only 29,093 Muslims among a total of 1.1 million military personnel — a ratio of 2.6%, which compares poorly with the Muslims’ 13.8% share in the Indian population. Officially, the Indian Army doesn’t allow head counts based on religion.

A Muslim child attends school for three years and four months, compared to the national average of four years. Less than 2% of the students at the elite Indian Institutes of Technology come from the Muslim community. According to National Knowledge Commission member Jayathi Ghosh,

There is a need to re-orient official strategies for ensuring better access of Muslim children to schooling outside the madrassas which cater to only 4% of children from the community.

Discrimination in Media

Hindu upper caste men, who constitute just 8% of the total population of India, hold over 70% of the key posts in newsrooms in the country. Including the so-called twice-born Hindu castes, the number rises to 85% despite constituting just 16% of the total population, while the intermediary castes (15% of the population) represent a meager 3%.

The Hindu Other Backward Class groups, who are 34% of the total population, have a share of just 4% in Indian newsrooms. Muslims, who constitute about 13% of the population, control just 4% of top media posts, while Christians and Sikhs have a slightly better representation. But the worst scenario emerges in the case of Scheduled Castes (SC’s) and Scheduled Tribes /Aborgines (ST’s), whose representation is nearly nil. [CSDS Study, 2006, The Hindu, June 05, 2006]

Discrimination in the Judiciary

India’s subordinate courts have a backlog of over 22 million cases, while the 21 high courts and the Supreme Court have 3.5 million and 32,000 pending cases (2006) respectively. In subordinate courts, over 15 million cases are filed and an equal number disposed of annually by about 14,000 judges! Every year a million or more cases are added to the arrears. At the current speed, the lower courts will need 124 years to clear the backlog. There are only 13 judges for every million people.

Recently a parliamentary committee blamed the judiciary for keeping out competent persons of downtrodden communities “through a shrewd process of manipulation.” Between 1950 to 2000, 47% of chief justices and 40% of judges were Brahmins!

Dalits and Indian aborigines make up less than 20 out of 610 judges working in Supreme Court and state high courts.

This nexus and manipulative judicial appointments have to be broken

the report urged. [Parliamentary Standing Committee Report on Constitutional Review, Sudarshan Nachiappan]. Among 12 states with high Muslim populations, Muslim representation in the judicial sector was limited to 7.8% [Justice Sachar Report].

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, only 31% of criminal trials are completed in less than a year. Some take more than 10 years. According to its study, Crime in India 2002, nearly 220,000 cases took more than 3 years to reach court, and about 25,600 exhausted 10 years before they were completed. The term of the Liberhan Commission, formed 14 years ago to probe the demolition of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya and originally given a mandate of three months, has been extended again!

Discrimination Against Children

According to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, India has the highest number of street children in the world. There are no exact numbers, but conservative estimates suggest that about 18 million children live and labor in the streets of India’s urban centers. Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta each have an estimated street children population of over 100,000. The total number of child laborers in India is estimated to be 60 million.

The level of child malnutrition in India is among the highest in the world, higher than some countries in sub-Saharan Africa, says the report Extent of Chronic Hunger and Malnutrition in India by the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. While around 25% of children globally are underweight, in India the number is 43%.

A quarter of all neonatal deaths in the world (2.1 million) occurred in India, says the UNICEF Report 2007. More than one in five children in the world who die within four weeks of birth is an Indian. Nearly 50% of Indian children who die before the age of five do not survive beyond the first 28 days.

Discrimination Against Women

According to the 2001 census, female literacy in India is 54.16%, versus male literacy of 75.85%. Most working women remain outside the organized sector. A mere 2.3% are administrators and managers, and only 20.5% of professional and technical workers are women.

There are an estimated 40 million Hindu widows in India, and the least fortunate of them are shunned and stripped of the life they lived when they were married. It’s believed that 15,000 widows live on the streets of Vrindavan, a Hindu holy city of about 55,000 population in northern India.

Many widows – at least 40% are said to be under 50 – are dumped by their relatives in religious towns and left to live off charity or beg on the streets. Their plight was highlighted in Deepa Mehta’s award-winning film Water, which had to be shot mainly outside India because of Hindu extremist opposition to its production.

Nearly 9 out of 10 pregnant women suffer from malnutrition, about half of all children (47%) under five are underweight, and 21% of the population is undernourished. India alone has more undernourished people (204 million) than all of Sub-Saharan Africa combined.

Nearly 20% of women dying in childbirth around the globe are Indians. Six out of every 10 births take place at home, and untrained people attend more than half of those births. 44% of Indian girls are married before age of 18. 16% of girls from age 15-19 are already mothers or expecting their first child, and pregnancy is the leading cause of mortality in this age group.

On average, one Indian woman commits suicide every four hours over a dowry dispute. In an Indian marriage, the woman should bring jewelry, cash, and even consumer durables as part of dowry to the in-laws. If they fail bring enough valuables, the victims are burnt to death – doused in kerosene and set on fire. The in-laws routinely claim that the death happened due to an accident.

Rape is the fastest growing crime in India. Every hour, Indian women suffer two rapes, two kidnappings, four sexual assaults, and seven incidents of husband- and relative-instigated cruelty [National Crime Records Bureau Report 2006].

Fetus Killing

The female to male birth ratio was feared to reach 20:80 by the year 2020 as female fetus killing is rampant. Ten million girls have been killed by their parents in India in the past 20 years, either just before they were born or immediately after, the Indian Minister for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury related to Reuters.

According to the 2001 census, the national sex ratio was 933 girls to 1,000 boys, while in the worst-affected northern state of Punjab, it was 798 girls to 1,000 boys. The availability of ultrasound sex determination tests leads to mass abortions in India.

Around 11 million abortions are carried out in India every year, and nearly 80,000 women die during the process, says a report from the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI).

Human Trafficking

Out of the 593 districts in India, 378 or 62.5% are affected by human trafficking. In 2006, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) sponsored a study conducted by Shakti Vahini, which found that domestic violence, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, unsafe migration, and child marriage are the major reasons for the increasing rate of illegal human trafficking.

95% of the women in Madhya Pradesh involved in commercial sex are there due to family traditions. So are 51.79% in Bihar. 43% of the women in the trade are minors, and 44% of them are there due to poverty.

Of the total women who are involved in sex work in the country, 60% are from the lower and backward classes, which indicates the pathetic living conditions of these communities. In Madhya Pradesh, a political bastion of rightwing Hindu parties, 96.7% of women sex workers are from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

India has 4 million prostitutes nationwide, and 60% of the prostitutes are from the Scheduled Castes and Tribes or other backward castes. UNAIDS says over 38% of those living with HIV in India are women.

High Crime Rate and Communal Riots

India reported 32,481 murders, 36,617 molestation cases 19,348 rapes, and 7,618 dowry deaths in 2006. NCRB found that Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest number of crimes (1,940,711), followed by Maharashtra (1,910,788), Andhra Pradesh (1,730,909), Tamil Nadu (1,480,972), and Rajasthan (1,410,992) during 2006. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, there were 1,822,602 riots in 2005 alone [Incidence Of Cognizable Crimes (IPC) Under Different Crime Heads,  Page 2, NCRB website].

On average there are more than 2,000 kidnappings per year in India. Under India’s notorious caste system, upper caste Hindus inherit key positions and control all the governmental branches. Violent crime goes largely goes unpunished due to the support of upper caste crooks.

Economic Crimes

Economic crime continues to be pervasive threat for Indian companies, with 35% of them having experienced fraud in the past two years according to the PWC Global Economic Crime Survey 2007. Many incidents of fraud go unreported. According to Price Waterhouse Coopers’ India findings:

* Corruption and bribery continue to be the most common types of fraud, reported by 20% of the respondents.
* In 36% of cases, companies took no action against the perpetrators of fraud.
* In 50% of cases, fraud was detected by chance. [PWC Report 2007]

Armed Conflicts in India

Almost every state has separatist movements, many of them armed.

A large number of Muslims were killed in the past few years across the country, and the numbers are on a steady rise.

On top of that, India has become a pariah for its neighbors. None of its neighbors appreciate their closeness to India, and they all blame it for meddling in their affairs.

63% of India’s new budget will go to the military, police, administration, and debt service (2008-09). The military might of Hindu-centric elites in Delhi led to a feeling of neglect for the people of Jammu & Kashmir and the northeastern states. It is difficult for any community to feel part of a larger country when the armed forces of the country are deployed to silence them.

According to an Indian official report, 165 of India’s 602 districts – mostly in Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh – are badly affected by tribal and Dalit violence, which the government terms “Maoist terror”.

85% of the Army’s budget is spent on the enormous army of 1,316,000, which is the fourth largest in the world.

India experienced a rapid increase in demand for security in the period following the Mumbai attacks, thanks to the world’s weapon industry! India is now one of the world’s most terror-prone countries, with a death toll second only to Iraq, says a report from the National Counterterrorism Center in Washington.

India’s crime rates, already some of the highest in the world, are also rising, as is the incidence of corporate espionage. Approximately 5.5 million private security guards are employed by about 15,000 security companies in India. As an industry, it is now the country’s largest corporate taxpayer [CAPSI report].

In 2005, Business Week reported that India became the largest importer of Israeli weapons, accounting for about half of the $3.6 billion in weapons exported by the Jewish state.

Do remember that 34 years ago, NSG was created by Americans? Hence it has been their onus to convince the group to grant the waiver to India to carry out the multi-billion dollar business as India is a large market,

said former Atomic Energy Commission chairman, Mr P. K. Iyengar.

The Booming Industry of Terrorism Experts and Security Research Institutes in India

With the emergence of Hindutva fascist forces and their alliance with neocons and Zionists, India witnessed a sharp increase in the number of research institutes, media houses, and lobbying groups. According to a study by the Think Tanks & Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, India has 422 think tanks, second only to the US, which has over 2,000 such institutions.

Out of 422 recognized Indian think tanks, around 63 are engaged in security research and foreign policy matters, which are heavily funded by global weapons industry. India’s retired spies, police officers, military personnel, diplomats, and journalists are hired by these national security and foreign policy research institutes which get enormous funds from the global weapons industry.

These institutions in fact have a hidden agenda. Behind the veil, they work as the public relations arm of weapon industry. With the help of their media and intelligence wings, they create fake terror stories and exaggerated crime waves the areas of tribal, Dalit, and minority areas in order to get public acceptance for weapon contracts.

By creating conflicts in this India, Brahmin spin masters get huge commissions from the sale of weapons to government forces. To these corrupt bureaucrats, India’s ‘national interest‘ simply means ‘their self interest’. Their lobbying power bring more wealth to their families via lucrative jobs, citizenship in rich countries, and educational opportunities abroad.

India is one of the world’s largest weapons importers. Between 2000 and 2007, India was ranked the world’s second largest arms importer, accounting for 7.5% of all major weapons transfers. It was fourth in military spending in terms of purchasing power in 2007, followed by the US, China, and Russia.

Over 1,130 companies in 98 countries manufacture arms, ammunition, and components. 90% of conventional arms exports in the world are from the permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council, namely the US, UK, Russia, China & France. 51% of the world’s heavy weapons are located in the crisis-prone areas of Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Defense Offset Facilitation Agency estimated that India will spend $100 billion importing weapons in the next five years. At least 38 court cases relating to arms agreements are still pending against bureaucrats and military officers. Hindu fascist forces currently enjoy the upper hand in the media, civil service, judiciary, defense, and education of Indian society.

Sooner or later, the 25,000-strong democratic institutions in India will collapse, and the country will be transformed into a limited democracy under the rule of a security regime like Turkey or Israel. The Hindutvas’ security-centric nationalism was never capable of bringing peace and protection to ordinary citizens.

According to Global Peace Index, India is currently ranked near the bottom (122 with 2.422 score). Interestingly, India’s top weapons supplier, Israel, is among the world’s worst performers when it comes to peace ranking (141). It remains a simple fact that peace cannot be attained by a sophisticated security apparatus.

Furthermore, India topped Asian Risk Prospects 2009 with the highest political and social risk, scoring 6.87, mainly because of internal and external instability (PERC).

Suicides of Farmers and the Collapse of the Agricultural Sector

In the last two years, more than 218,000 people across India committed suicide, mainly due to poverty, family feuds, strained relationships with loved ones, dowry harassment, and health problems. In research by the Indian National Crime Records Bureau, there were 118,112 and 100,000+ suicides in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Aside from farmers, women also have a high suicide rate.

Most of those who committed suicide were farmers, and the victims took their lives either by hanging or ingesting poison. Since 1998, about 25,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide because they could not repay their debts. These debts, however, have largely accumulated because these farmers were severely overcharged by moneylenders, who demand up to 32% interest.

76% of the nation’s land is owned by 23% of population. More than 15 million rural households in India are landless. Another 45 million rural families own only small plots of land, less than .1 acre each, which is hardly enough to make them self-sufficient, let alone generate a profit. 340 million people in India are largely dependent on agricultural wage labor and make $1 or less a day [Rural Development Institute (RDI), Washington].

70% of the Indian population still depends directly on agriculture, but growth in this sector declined from a lackluster 3.8% to an even more anemic 2.6% last year.


Retail trade employs 8% of India’s population, the largest employer after agriculture. There are more than 12 million small retailers in India, 96% of whom are small mom-and-pop stores, each occupying less than 500 square feet, creating the highest retail outlet density per capita in the world. [Tarun Khanna, Yale, op cit.].

Call centers and other outsourced businesses such as software coding, medical transcription, and back-office tasks employ more than 1.6 million people in India, mostly in their 20s and 30s. Heart disease is projected to account for 35% of deaths among India’s working-age population between 2000 and 2030, according to a World Health Organization study. The figure is about 12% for the United States, 22% for China, and 25% for Russia.

Internal Migration and Influx to the Cities

There are 5 million living on the streets of Mumbai every night, covered only in newspaper

says Dr. Werner Fornos, president of the Global Population Education think tank and the former head of the Population Institute in Washington, D.C.

India is spending more than $400 million (£200m) to polish Delhi’s image as a first-rate capital, a difficult task for a city that seems to exist between the First and Third worlds. A third of the capital’s 14 million-plus people live in teeming slums. According to crime statistics, in 2006, Delhi continued to be the undisputed crime capital of the country, a position it held for the previous 5 years in a row. 35 mega-cities in India collectively reported a total of 3,26,363 crimes in 2006, an increase of 3.7% over 2005.

For the third year in a row, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore together accounted for more than one-third of all crimes reported in Indian cities of over 1 million population.

India, a Closed Country

India’s share of the world tourism map has hovered between .38% to .39% for a number of years. Irrespective of its huge area and beauty, foreign exchange earned from tourism is merely $2.61 billion (2006). India scored only 4.14 out of 7 in the WEF’s recently released Travel and Tourism Competitive Index (TTCI 2007). Among 124 countries listed in the index, Switzerland ranked highest, while India was 65th, far below even Malaysia (ranked 31). The report also listed India at the bottom of ‘developing and threshold countries.

Indian immigration policies do not welcome tourists. On VISA requirement and T&T index scales for how hard it is to visit a country, India ranked 106 while Malaysia ranked 15. VOA facilities are not available to anyone. The easiest entry to India is typically limited to countries with considerable Hindu populations like Mauritius or Nepal.

The Hindu elite leaders of the country are always more concerned about India’s physical boundaries and its holy cows rather than the life of its poor, 85% of the population. To them, the national interest means their own economical or political interests.

Indian Embassies are rated as the worst on Earth. They are notorious for red tape and “corruption- friendly service,” a complaint repeatedly made even by Non Resident Indians themselves. 90% of Indian businessmen believe that India has yet to emerge as a hospitable country [ASSOCHAM].

Global Warming Effects on India

Water tables are dropping in those regions where farmers are lucky enough to have wells, and rainfall has become increasingly unpredictable. Economic losses due to global warming in India are projected at between 9-25%. GDP loss may be to the tune of .67% per year. Wheat losses will be serious. The rabi crop will be hit even worse, which will threaten food security. Drought and flood intensity will increase. A 100-cm sea level rise can lead to a loss of $1.259 billion to India equivalent to 0.36% of GNP.

The frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal will increase. Cases of malaria will increase to the point where it will become endemic in many more states. There will be a 20% rise in summer monsoon rainfall. Extreme temperatures and precipitation levels are expected to increase [Sir Nicholas Stern Report].

India got the most foreign aid for natural disaster relief in two decades, obtaining 43 such loans totaling $8.257 billion from World Bank alone, beating even Bangladesh, and now has the 2nd highest World Bank loan figure in the world.


Despite the much-touted economic boom, only .8% of Indians own a car; most are on foot, motorbikes, or carts. And of all the vehicles sold in India, 77% were two-wheelers – motorcycles, mopeds, or scooters. India has less than 1% of the world’s vehicle population.

China has built over 34,000 km of expressways compared to less than 8,000 km in India.

According to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM), nearly 42 million man-hours are lost every month by the delays from 7 million-odd working population of Delhi and NRC who take the public transport to travel to work because of traffic congestion during the peak morning and evening hours.

Road Safety

India accounts for about 10% of road accident fatalities worldwide, and its total numbers are the highest in the world. Indian roads are poorly constructed, and traffic signals, sidewalks, and proper signage are almost nonexistent. Other reasons for the high rates are encroachments, lack of parking facilities, ill-equipped and untrained traffic police, corruption, and poor traffic culture.

An estimated 1,275,000 persons are badly hurt on the road every year. The Government of India’s Planning Commission has estimated there are 15 hospitalized injuries and 70 minor injuries for every road death.

According to NATPAC, the number of accidents per 1,000 vehicles in India is as high as 35, while the figure ranges from 4 to 10 in developed countries. An estimated 270 people die each day from road accidents, and specialists predict that will increase by roughly 5% a year. Accidents also cause an estimated loss of Rs 8000 million to the country’s economy. About 80% of the fatalities and severe injuries occurred due to driving error.

According to World Bank forecasts, India’s road death rate will continue to rise until 2042 if no remedial action is taken. In contrast, the number of road accidents in China dropped by an annual average 10.8% for four consecutive years from 2003, despite continuous growth in the number of privately owned cars.

Doing Business in India

It takes 50 days to register a property in India compared to less than 30 days in China and less than 10 in the United States and Thailand. The average cost of a business start-up is over 60% of per capita yearly income, much higher than any comparable countries.

India has the highest cost of electricity among major industrialized and emerging economies, the result being the highest transmission and distribution losses in the world.

Transport costs are very high in India. They account for 25% of total import costs as against only 10% in comparative countries [World Bank Report on India].

Foreign Remittance from Non Resident Indians

Together, GCC countries are the largest trading partner of India, and home to 5 million members of India’s overseas workforce.

Nearly three million people in Africa are of Indian ancestry. The top three countries with the largest populations of Indians in that region are South Africa, Mauritius, and the Reunion Islands. Indians also have a sizable presence in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania in the East Africa and Nigeria in West Africa.

Foreigners Living in India

Historically, about 72% of the current Indian population originated from the Aryan race. Prominent historians and Dravidians consider Aryans to be foreign invaders to India. The Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) was postulated by eminent Oxford scholar Max Muller in 1882 and later advanced by several western and Indian historians.

Under the current scenario, potential migrants or ‘invaders’ to India include a few ‘hired or weird’ Pakistani bombers, villagers from around India’s border with Bangladesh, Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka, and prostitutes from Nepal. The 92 year old Indian painter Maqbool Fida Hussain lives in Dubai after receiving death threats from Hindu militants.

According to Hindu extremists, Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin has passed all the tests for Indian citizenship. On the other hand, Italian-born Sonia Gandhi, the Christian widow of Rajiv Gandhi, is still considered to be a foreigner, while Pakistan-born Hindu Lal Krishna Advani is ‘legally and morally fit’ to become India’s next Prime Minister.

Leave India!

Sixty years ago Indians asked the British to get out of India. Now they are doing it themselves. To live with dignity and enjoy relative freedom, one has to leave India! With this massive exodus, what will be left behind will be a violently charged and polarized society.

The Hindutvadis’ Fake National Pride in India

A 2006 opinion poll by Outlook-AC Nielsen indicated that 46% of India’s urban class wants to move to the US. Interestingly, in the Hindutva heartland of Gujarat, 54% of the population want to move to US.

Even Parliament members of the Hindutva party are involved in human trafficking from India. Recently, police arrested Babubhai Katara, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP, who was part of such a racket. He received $20,000 per person to move his victims to the US.

When Indians are fleeing India to anywhere else in the world just to find a job, how can these Hindutva idiots claim any “National Pride of India”?

India is the World Bank’s largest borrower, giving India $3.7 billion in new loans in June 2007. Due to the fake ‘Shining India’ propaganda launched by Hindutva idiots, foreign donors are reluctant to help the poor people in this country.

Gridlocked in corruption, greed, inhumanity, and absolute inequality of class, caste, wealth, and religion: this is the real India. Hindutva idiots, your false pride and antics embarrass us.

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Health Update

As I mentioned a while back, I’ve developed piriformis syndrome. I thought it was from sleeping too much and not exercising enough, but the doctor said it was just age. It’s a muscle spasm in your thigh that pinches the sciatica nerve so you end up with sciatica nerve pain that runs from your hip down your leg to your feet.

So I got put on nerve pain killer called Gabapentin (Neurontin). Unfortunately, it kills my sex drive, which is depressing. It’s a nice high though, I must say. And it kills that nerve pain really good. I found that if you drink on it, the effects are pronounced, and you get better painkilling effects. Also the anti-anxiety effect is really awesome.

I’m taking up to 100mg/day hydroxyzine, a painkiller, anti-itch medicine and anti-anxiety agent. I mostly take it only for itching nowadays. Lately not so much of that though. It’s a nice high but it zeroes out your memory in a bad way. Lower doses work a lot better. I’ve found that taking one at a time with considerable time between doses minimizes the memory erasure. I was taking 50 mg at midnight and 50 mg at 8 AM, but that was practically causing premature dementia LOL. Excellent sleep aid too.

A while back, I had an EKG done, and it found borderline LVH or left ventricular hypertrophy, otherwise known as hypertensive heart disease. I’ve had high blood pressure since age 35, so it would stand to reason that I might have that. That worried me because I’m not sure if it gets better. It’s an enlargement of one side of your heart. What scared me was the idea that it was progressive. As your heart gets larger, at some point, you have heart failure, and that’s no good.

I had another EKG done recently and I didn’t have signs of that at all. LVH started at 40, and mine was 25. The PA said that EKG’s sometimes give off messed up readings on that variable and an echocardiagram is a better way to measure that. I’m so glad I don’t have LVH!

Of course I have a psychiatrist to get psych meds (antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs). He asked me if I was depressed, and I thought for a bit. I said:

Once you get to about my age, isn’t it pretty much normal to be depressed? I mean it’s pretty depressing getting older.

He nodded his head and said of course it was. The idea that a certain amount of depression might simply be normal at certain points in the lifespan is pretty interesting!

Been a Bit Sick

I actually got sick the other day, something that rarely happens, believe it or not.

Symptoms: Cold hands and feet, mild fever 100.5, nausea, gas, burping, farting, no appetite, chills.

The nausea was so bad that for a while, I was on the verge of vomiting for hours. But that went away. Now most food grosses me out though so I am not eating very much. I’m down to sparkling water and saltines. Had some chicken soup the other day.

About the symptoms: The cold hands and feet are due to the fever. I’m not sure the mechanism. You can look it up on the net but the fever causes the cold extremities.

I assume that the nausea, burping, farting, etc. is all related.

Duration: It’s been not quite two days now, and it’s already getting better, though some foods still taste gross.

My diagnosis: Stomach flu. Alternative diagnosis: Food poisoning, but the presence probably rules that out. Also food poisoning lasts about a day and stomach flu lasts for 1-3 days.

Temporary Ban from Twitter for This Post

Here’s the post I made:

Bottom line is that in almost all transwomen (89%) and nearly all transmen (99+%), there’s nothing in their brains to make them trans. Instead, they have other disorders. Almost all transmen have ROGD, a mental illness.

Only ~6% of trans people are plausibly “biologically trans,” but even they don’t have opposite sex brains.

I received a temporary ban from Twitter that was worded thus:

Violating our rules against hateful conduct.

You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.

Problem? Everything I said is 100% true, pure, scientific fact. Dumb, huh? I guess hate facts are illegal now.

Actually, I would change the wording to this below if I were to rewrite this post:

Bottom line is that in almost all transwomen (89%) and nearly all transmen (99+%), there’s nothing in their brains to make them trans. Instead, they have other disorders. Almost all transmen have ROGD, a mental illness similar to anorexia that is spread by social contagion among adolescent females.

Almost all transwomen have autogynephilia, a mental disorder. It is classed as a paraphilia or sex perversion if you will such as sadism, masochism, fetishism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and pedophilia.

11% of transwomen are biologically trans in a sense that their brains are different, but even then, they don’t have women’s brains. Instead they have male brains that are “female-shifted,” that is, their brains are in between male brains and female brains.

Also, the onset is powerful and occurs very young, before age 5. All of these men are gay. These are called Homosexual Transsexuals. This is best seen as an extreme form of homosexuality. They’re “super-gay.”

Kennedy Was in Conflict with His Own Military and CIA

Kennedy Was in Conflict with His Own Military and CIA

JFK was at war with his own military and the CIA. They hated him. Six different times the Joint Chiefs requested JFK send 250,000 troops combat troops into Vietnam. Six times Kennedy refused. His entire administration thought we should get involved in a big war with Vietnam. Kennedy was the only one in his government who balked at that plan. In the end he made an official NSAM ordering a full US withdrawal from Vietnam by 1966.

The CIA, goaded Kennedy into ordering the Bay of Pigs operation Then as soon as it began, they lied and tried to manipulate him into turning it into a a full-blown invasion of Cuba by escalating it by proving air cover. But Kennedy would not allow a precedent where another organization (the CIA) had more power and sway than the entire Executive Branch, besides which, by then JFK and the military realized the Bay of Pigs operation was wholly inadequate from the start and could not have succeeded no matter what.

Not only was he the instigator of the blockade as opposed to nuclear war on Cuba which most his council was for, but privately he said to one trusted confidante, “I’d rather my children be red than dead. If we do what the Chiefs tell us to, none of us would be around afterwards to tell them that they were wrong.”

Before Vietnam the CIA tried to pressure him into a war in Laos, but Kennedy sought and secured a negotiated settlement instead which no one else in his administration was for. He paid lip service to the domino theory, but privately he knew Asia going communist was inevitable anyway.

Was JFK One of the Greatest Presidents of the 20th Century?

There is a popular argument that JFK was only famous for getting assassinated and that during his actual term in office, he didn’t get much done.

Let’s look at that in depth here.

  • He put in the nuclear test ban treaty.
  • He did a lot of work for civil rights. Instead critics downgrade his civil rights bill as something he didn’t take a stand for until just before the end of his term and then not being able to pass. But they leave out that he electrified the populace to reach for Democratic ideals via civil rights.
  • He handled the US Steel crisis very well.
  • He inspired the country with his physical fitness campaign.
  • He issued a call to public service with his Peace Corps program.
  • He handled the Cuban Missile Crisis expertly. The revisionist view is that if it weren’t for the Bay of Pigs, there would have been no Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • His defense of Berlin which made resulted in the subsequent Vienna meeting and the allowed us t eke out a win in a situation where we were heading towards failure.
  • He presided over an economy that grew at a faster rate than any time since the Roosevelt era.
  • He passed more legislation than any President since the FDR era.
  • He initiated the Alliance for Progress in Latin America.
  • His New Frontier project.
  • He worked with Khrushchev to achieve detente in US-Soviet relations.
  • Towards the end of his term Kennedy even sought rapprochement with Cuba.
  • He was the first President who agreed with Keynesian economics. He pulled us out of a recession using that model, creating growth via the extra spending. He cut taxes from 90% bracket to 70% which business needed badly to stay afloat and succeed. Yet at the same time he refused to cut the oil depletion allowance, which LBJ reversed immediately as soon as he got in. You wanted to know why he got assassinated? There ya go. That’s one reason.
  • He curbed J. Edgar Hoover’s excessive and corrupt power by making him have to report to Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy. Kennedy and his brother protected Blacks, including Martin Luther King, from being lynched in Mississippi and also prevented riots there. He got James Meredith into the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). He significantly increased the number of Blacks in federal job positions, ending racial discrimination in the federal government.
  • Via Bobby Kennedy, he waged war on the Mafia (despite the staunch opposition of J. Edgar Hoover) and curbed Hoover’s silly paranoid McArthyite campaign against suspected communists.
  • He was a huge supporter of social programs and boosted spending and access there.
  • He inspired the nation with the space race.

JFK was the greatest president of the 20th Century along with FDR and Teddy Roosevelt, beating out Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, Bill Clinton, and LBJ. Where JFK was as sophisticated and knowledgeable about foreign policy as anyone who ever held the office, LBJ showed total ignorance through his actions, even while knowing better from the start.

Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Governments

I really don’t understand why all of these Arab regimes are selling out for Israel. It’s just beyond me.

First of all, the Abraham Accords. People don’t understand what these men. These followed a (((peace plan))) by (((President Jared Kushner))) who was actually (((running the country))) there for a while. This (((peace plan))) was completely fake. Israel basically gave up nothing and the Palestinians had to give up many things. Then again, his name is (((Kushner))), right?

The plan called for Israel to annex 40% of the West Bank, which they are probably going to do anyway.

That’s about how much Area C is, and Israel has already de facto annexed Area C. Area C is a (((fake))) firing zone for the Israeli Army. Yeah, 30% of the West Bank is needed so the Israeli Army can shoot at targets. They can shoot at stuff anywhere they want.

They hardly do anything training exercises on this land. It’s just another (((lie))) so they can (((steal more land))). There are many Palestinians living in Area C. Israel goes in there all the time and tears down stores, shops, homes, mosques, you name it. The bring bulldozers and they level whole villages. And if I am not mistaken, they allow settlers to take the land. They just destroyed another village in Area C in the last week or two.

Anyway, Israel has been wanting to annex the West Bank for a long time. It’s a logical consequence of Zionism, flowing straight from Zionist ideology.

Well, the UAE freaked out when Kushner threw out his outrageous (((plan to annex the West Bank))) for his (((fake peace plan))). They said this will have a terrible effect on the (((fake peace process))). Kushner said, “Ok, tell you what. We will not annex the West Bank if you make normalize relations with us. The (((UAE))) agreed. There may also have been some sort of a peace plan signed. But the Abraham Accords were only between Israel, the (((US))), and (((UAE))). (((UAE))) was bribed by (((Trump))) to normalize relations with Israel.

Now they’ve done far more than that, and they are full-blown allies of Israel. They mostly want access to Jewish (((money))), of which there is a lot in Israel. They also want access to Israeli weapons, which are among the best in the world. All the (((UAE))) Arabs care about hating Iran and the Shia and killing the Shia. They’ve been low-key Israeli allies forever. It’s important to note that majorities in UAE are opposed to normalization with Israel. The only reason they could put this through is because it’s a dictatorship.

It’s also important to note that normalization is no big deal. The Arab states had traditionally simply refused to recognize that Israel existed in the first place. All normalization does is make it so that country now recognizes that Israel exists. It also allows them consequently to set up embassies in each other’s countries. It’s important to note that many countries who hate each other recognize that the other country exists in the first place. In addition, a lot of such countries have

Bahrain followed next and said we want to normalize too. And so they did. Bahrain is also a dictatorship where a Sunni minority elite rules over a majority Shia population who are effectively “niggers,” downtrodden and badly persecuted. There have been a number of marches against normalization there, but they have been broken up by aggressive police.

Then the US bribed (((Morocco))) by saying that we supported their colonization of Spanish Sahara. Spanish Sahara is an illegal colony of (((Morocco))). It declared its independence from Spain in 1954 and was quickly invaded by (((Morocco)) which insisted it was (((Moroccan))) land. It wasn’t. A war involving a group called the Polisario Front has been going on ever since. Like many colonists, (((Morocco))) moved many settlers – over 100,000 – to Spanish Sahara.

It has sponsored huge marches to the border of Spanish Sahara involving tens of thousands of people. The US said we will support your outrageous colonization of Spanish Sahara if you normalize relations with Israel. A majority of Moroccans oppose normalization, but (((Morocco))) is a dictatorship ruled by a king named (((King Hussein))), so once again, normalization only occurred because of a dictatorship. (((Morocco))) also opened an embassy and began regular flights to Israel. Even more outrageously, they have been involved in military exercises with Israel.

(((Sudan))) was also bribed to normalize relations with Israel. The Sudanese military effectively rules the country and they are pro-Israel, but the people are not. We took them off the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, which is a pathetic joke of a list that bears no relation to reality. (((Sudan))) hasn’t sponsored terrorism since the 1990’s when they housed bin Laden and Al Qaeda for a while.

But Al Qaeda is now a US ally in a lot of places, including Syria, Libya, and Yemen. On the other hand, we oppose Al Qaeda in North Africa, Egypt, Somalia, and Afghanistan. None of this makes any sense of course. We support Al Qaeda in a few states where we fund and support them to attack states we don’t like, but we oppose them where they are attacking states we don’t like. Whenever the US government or media tells you that Al Qaeda is the enemy of the US government, don’t listen to them.

There were demonstrations against normalization in (((Sudan))), as the majority opposes it. Now with the recent coup I do not understand,

(((Saudi Arabia))) has also expressed interest in normalization. A majority there also opposes it. (((Saudi Arabia))) for some time now has been a very strong ally of Israel, similar to the (((UAE))). That’s because they hate the Shia and Iran way more than they hate Jews.

Life’s not about who you like and who you hate. A lot of the time it boils down to a contest between who you hate more and who you hate less. The (((US))), (((Saudi Arabia))), and Israel now are running around the Arab World trying to destroy Iranian influence and pro-Iran groups everywhere they can find them.

This is what the recent unrest in Lebanon and Iraq is all about. The Jews are on a roll and they think they can go for it all now and get everything they want. The (((Saudis))) and the (((US))) are along for the ride with equally swollen heads and hubris. They both think they can go for broke and win it all. The trio’s heads are swollen with pride and hubris and they think nothing can stop them. They thought they could take out Syria, but that failed, so now they are preventing Syria from being rebuilt.

And now they think they can take out the pro-Iranian militias in the Iraqi Army – the PMU – and end Iranian influence in Iraq. The trio is trying to start a civil war in Iraq too, but the PMU is refusing to get dragged into it. Iraq is a very complex situation and deserves a whole new piece.

And they are going for broke. They are now going all out to try to destroy Hezbollah once and for all in Lebanon to the point where the trio, especially the US, has destroyed the Lebanese economy. The message is that the economy will stay destroyed until you get rid of Hezbollah. The trio are also trying to drag Hezbollah into a civil war, and Hezbollah is refusing to get tricked into it.

The trio has been trying to destroy Ansar Allah (really nothing but the Yemeni Army) in Yemen, but it’s not working. In fact, Ansar Allah is winning and they are making mincemeat out of the (((Saudis))), their hired mercenaries, and Al Qaeda and ISIS, who fight right alongside the (((Saudis))) and receive US support.

Hadi fled to his Saudi patrons and some of the remains of the army along with the Saudis, UAE, Sudan, Jordan, various mercenaries and Al Qaeda and ISIS stayed on to fight. Somehow the Hadi government, which abandoned its post after it was overthrown in a violent revolution, is “the internationally recognized government of Yemen.” That’s a joke. Overthrowing a government by popular revolution is a legit way to change the ruling group of a state. Since when does victory in a revolution not count?

Ansar Allah recently got laser-guided weapons from Iran and they have been using them to great effect in Marib. They have an air force which is made up of a huge supply of ballistic missiles and now drones. They have a large anti-aircraft force that shoots down drones on a regular basis.

And they have 80% of the Yemeni Army who went over to Ansar Allah after the revolution. In addition, a huge number of tribes (the Popular Committees) who have taken up arms alongside Ansar Allah. Many tribes which were fighting for the Hadi government have recently gone over to the side of Ansar Allah. So we are seeing a lot of changing sides in this war.

A Type of Nazi (Obsessive and Conspiratorial) Antisemitism: Jews as Communists and Bolsheviks

Ayn Rand was sick woman. I hope the world will wake up and erase her books. They not only led to the crisis from 2008, consumerism, egoism and mental illness. Her books are a manual for human disaster.

On other side the Jewish Bolshevik revolution a was modern day regime change coup, the same type is happening now in Middle East, where US backed terrorists are destroying whole countries only to install puppets who will obey the orders from US and comfort Zionist Israel….

This author is a Russian woman. She hates the Russian Communists, who she calls a bunch of Jews and she also hates the Jewish state of Israel at the same time. A lot of modern Russians are extremely opposed to the USSR. It’s a very common point of view. They are often deeply religious of the Orthodox branch and praise for Czarism is quite typical. In fact, Orthodoxy, Czarism, and anti-communism seem to go together for a lot of very patriotic Russians. Russians are more split on Israel and mostly don’t seem to care much about it.

Look, any time you start talking about “Jewish Communists” and “Jewish Communism,” you’re talking like a Nazi. This is the sort of antisemitism that has been most popular on the European Right for a long time. It’s literally a warrant for genocide.

In fact, the Jews who were murdered during WW2 were murdered for lots of reasons, but this was one of the top ones. What the Nazis and their ilk in other European lands had against Jews was mostly that “Jews were Communists.” They thought that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia had been a “Jewish revolution.”

This line is usually tied into the idea that very wealthy Jewish Americans helped fund the Bolshevik takeover. It’s all nonsense. Yes, Diaspora Jews did help fund the general revolution that overthrew the Czar, but the parties they funded tended to be more of the Social Democratic sort. In the elections of 1917, 70% of Russian Jews voted not for Communism but for the Russian Zionist political party. Yes, Zionism was a budding movement back then.

The Czarists were thought to be antisemites by Diaspora Jews. Well, they were, face it. The Diaspora Jews funded revolutionary parties in order to overthrow the antisemitic Czarists and install a more pro-Jewish government which the moderate parties they funded were advocating.

The idea that the American ruling class funded a literal Communist revolution where the rich lose all their money and stuff is insane. There really have been very few wealthy Communists. I know that the Venezuelan father of “Carlos” the 1970’s terrorist was one of them, but others are almost nonexistent. Marxism states that people pursue their class interests. It’s as close to a law, not a theory, in political economics as we can get. The class interests of the wealthiest people do not include Communism. Instead they support a full-throated opposition to it.

Around the same time in 1919-1920 there was a revolution in Southern Germany in Bavaria. This led to a Bavarian Socialist Republic, basically a Communist government, for a couple of years. It was quickly toppled and the Freicorps demobbed soldiers that Hitler was a part of played a major role in overthrowing this government. It was the memory of this government and the terror of the German middle class for Communism that led to the “Communist Jews” line that the Nazis spouted.

Unfortunately a number of the leaders of this Bavarian Revolution like Karl Leibnecht were indeed Jewish, though the vast majority of their supporters were Gentiles. Jews made up only 1% of Germany at that time. How the Hell are they going to do a successful coup if 99% of society is against them? They’re not. They needed mass support among Gentiles, and this is what they got although it probably was not majority support.

The German middle class was also terrified the Russian revolution. Yes, there were a number of Jews in the top ranks of they Bolsheviks, but there were just as many Latvians as Jews. Anybody accusing Latvians of being Communist revolutionaries? Didn’t think so.

The Bolshevik Jews were typically lost to the Jews for some time. Most were either part-Jews like Lenin (1/4 Jewish) which doesn’t really count or they had left their Jewish identities behind and became “ex-Jews.” They didn’t particularly pursue Jewish interests. Trotsky was Jewish, yes, but when asked about his ethnicity, he said he was not Jewish. Instead he said his ethnicity was “working class.”

The idea that these folks concocted a revolution solely to benefit Jews is risible. And I already showed you that 70% of Russian Jews voted against the Bolsheviks in the most recent election. How then can you blame Russian Jews for the Bolshevik Revolution?

Further, in the Civil War, the Bolsheviks via the Red Army had the support of the masses of rural peasants and urban proletariat. Jews were 3% of the population. That’s not enough to win a war, and at the start, most Russian Jews didn’t support Communism anyway. The Red Army only won the Civil War with the support of the vast majority of Gentiles in Russia.

Also, anyone who uses the word “Bolshevism” is suspect as a hardcore anti-Communist and more often than not they are pushing the “Communist Jews” line. There’s no need to use that word, and the word “Jewish” is often attached to the word “Bolshevism.” It’s a toxic word.

Another nasty antisemitic argument along these lines is:

“The (implied to be Bolsheviks) murdered 60 million Russian Christians.”

This is basically a Nazi line of discourse, sorry. The idea here is that the Russian Jews conducted a genocide against Christians apparently because religious Jews hate Christians. There were no 60 million “Christians” killed even during Stalin’s tenure. Many people turned into atheists under the new government, and the state didn’t go after religious people. However, they did shut down a lot of churches and turned them into other facilities because they were hostile to religion in general.

On the other hand, I’d say that they shut down the same percentage of synagogues as churches, as the Communists were as hostile to Judaism as to Orthodoxy. They didn’t like any religion. Yes, people were executed or killed in gulags under Lenin and Stalin, but I doubt if one of them was killed simply for being a Christian. The Communists mostly just let religious people alone, although you could not be a believer if you wanted to join the Communist Party.

Most Russians were still Orthodox by the time of World War 2. Stalin recognized this and brought back the churches and priests such that the Red Army was fighting not only for their lives and lands but also for their religion.

The comment above is incoherent. It tries to tie in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia to the governments the US installed after overthrowing the previous one. Baath Party rule was overthrown in Iraq more because it was ferociously nationalist than for any other reason. In its place were installed very religious Shia political parties. These parties are far away from Communism. In fact, Saddam was closer to Communism than the parties that took his place.

In Libya the US overthrew Qaddafi who was practically a Communist himself. However, Qaddafi was overthrown mostly for being a hardcore nationalist and also because he was in general a revolutionary and helped promote general revolutionary and leftwing separatist movements all over the world. He was almost a Trotskyite “world revolution” type.

In his place we put in total chaos with the Muslim Brotherhood ruling in the west and very religious (as in Al Qaeda) tribesmen ruling in the east. These formations are so backwards that they have brought back human slavery, as Blacks are now literally sold in slave markets. To equate these failed state formations with Russian Communists is laughable.

Furthermore, she says that the pro-Israel governments were overthrown and pro-Israel governments were put in their place. Saddam was as anti-Israel as they come, but the new Shia parties are also extremely anti-Israel, with some elements, such as pro-Iranian formations in the Iraqi Army and National Police, going as far as Saddam did. As far as overthrowing an anti-Israel Arab country and putting in a pro-Israel government, this looks like a fail to me. However, Israel did get its Iraqi failed state, which is probably preferably to Saddam’s potent rule.

Qaddafi was very anti-Israel, yes, and he even funded armed Palestinian groups. I know he gave $250 million to the PFLP at one point.

On the other hand, he felt that all the Jews in Israel/Palestine could stay, but he wanted them to live with the Arabs in a new state which he called Isratine. This is a fairly mild form of anti-Zionism, as the hardcore folks call for the collapse of the Zionist state and the expulsion of most if not all of the Jewish population. The former seems a lot more likely than the latter.

One of Qaddafi’s sons, Saif Qaddafi, called for the Libyan Jews to return to Libya and said he would protect them. Asking the Jews to come back to Libya is not particularly anti-Jewish. Although most Arab Jews were savagely expelled in the context of Arab-Israeli wars, the remainder have been treated with kid gloves for the last 40 years. In fact, many were not even allowed to leave the countries.

This is because the Arabs would rather have the Arab Jews in Israel living in their Arab lands than have them colonizing Arab land in Israel/Palestine. The Arab nations have also gotten brownie points for protecting the few Jews who are left. I know that the PLO itself evacuated the Lebanese Jews during the 1982 Lebanon war! Syrian Jews were not allowed to leave the country. A couple were murdered by Palestinians, but the state didn’t approve and prosecuted them. The few remaining Iraqi Jews had praise for Saddam:

Saddam protected the Jews

they said. Morocco and Tunisia zealously guard their small Jewish populations.

Legitimate and Illegitimate Targets for Palestinians in the Israel/Palestine

I know. That terrorism makes it so hard to support them. However, I must support the targeting of settlers in the West Bank. Those people literally stole Palestinians’ land and settled on it in violation of all international law. Further, the Palestinians were forced off the land at gunpoint and their houses and businesses were often bulldozed to make room for Jews-only roads and Jews-only towns.

I’m sorry. If you are a part of that enterprise, fuck you! You’re not an innocent civilian anymore. You’re an armed land thief with a bullseye on your back.

But then when I see photos of some of the settlers who are killed, it does bother me. Especially the women and in particular the young women. Even though I admit that they deserve it, it’s still heartbreaking when I look at their photos.

On the other hand, Palestinians kill minors and even kids all the time. Just forget it. Kids are not “settlers.” Screw you if you think so! Even in the West Bank those kids had no say in living on stolen land. They’re parents committed the crime and dragged their kids along with them. Leave the minors alone! On the other hand, when they get to be 18, they can theoretically leave, so they become targets.

I absolutely do not feel that the Jews inside Israel proper are “settlers.” Screw that. Further, the theft of Palestine and creation of Israel was legalized under international law. If you think about it, this sort of thing has happened all over the world for a long time now. You and I are living on stolen Indian land. So it’s ok for Indians to murder you or me because some of our people stole their land ages ago. Get out. At some point it becomes water under the dam.

On the other hand, I’m ok with targeting Israeli soldiers anywhere in Israel or the West Bank. Sorry about that. There’s basically a war on here. Armed Palestinians get shot at by Israeli soldiers. Armed Israeli soldiers then get to be shot at by Palestinians. All’s fair in love and war.

Some Interesting and Surprising Digressions Regarding George Orwell

Francis Miville with some interesting takes on George Orwell:

In 1984, George Orwell’s initial intention was the portrayal of a future dystopia due to some form of Anglo Left politics having turned as sour as in USSR, otherwise he would have boisterously deserted the socialist cause like Solzhenitsyn, which he never did at any point of his life.

In Orwell’s earlier social realist novels, he felt that such novels should differ from reality only by their place and personal names so as not to offend individuals uselessly. This was an important point of the doctrine of social realism at that time.

This manner of writing allowed him to pass under the scissors of many censors both in his publishing house and at government level. His adherence to this model was so severe that many stories suffered from a loss of up to of 50% in quality. See Burmese Days for example.

He wrote 1984 using the most striking and beautiful of these scissored out pages in a rather distant and very improbable, fantastic context. This context was that of a second kind of USSR overtaking the West.

Actually the culture of the Anglo world at that time was more conservative and Baden-Powellish than ever in all aspects, even among the socialists, due to the very regressive influence of the conservative US and the rejection of all revolutionary ideas by the Stalinist USSR itself.

In reality all scenes of 1984 had been experienced and witnessed by the author himself in his younger age as a civil servant of the British Empire in the Indian Subcontinent as well as in the British Isles proper.

All of 1984’s scenes were a description of the late Victorian and Early Edwardian British society. Just let that sink in for a moment! This can be verified by George Orwell’s own abundant correspondence. The Early Edwardian world was as austere and rationed for nearly all people except an oligarchy even smaller than the “inner party” of his novel. This was a worse oligarchy than those of many poorer countries in Europe or in the tropics.

Orwell on the Irish and Ireland

Francis Miville on Orwell’s view of the Irish and Ireland:

Orwell in 1984, as well as in other novels, never liked Irishmen much and tended to make them his villains in his stories as he did with O’Brien in 1984. That was an important reproach made to him.

Actually, in his articles and correspondence he didn’t oppose Ireland’s independence per se. Instead, he opposed it because he thought that an independent Ireland, instead from the fantasies of a few literary dreamers, would be ruled by arrant hypocrites doing their best to reign over a country that would stay impoverished and create little or nothing of value.

For example, nearly all legends taught in the Irish language in school condemned all technology as evil. They also said that if the Irish discarded technology, it would be strong again. However, this sort of thinking as the inevitable result of Irish independence was not foreseen by the Gaelic-touting intelligentsia.

He saw Irish culture as analogous to some sort of African slave-selling culture, and he felt that it had been so since time immemorial. What he saw in Ireland was that that nobody dreamt to be a great Irish bard or author. Instead, they all, down to the most meager famished peasant, yearned to succeed as an actor on Broadway or Hollywood.

However, most of the literal Irish slaves created during British rule had been bought by and had their destiny defined by Yankees. Even the local arch-enemies and slave captors of the Irish, the Ulsterites, were other Celts of close kin.

The result then was that during the last couple of centuries of its existence, the Irish language had been reduced to a tongue for slaves intended to maintain them in as much ignorance as possible of the outer world. The result here was that any ordinary Irishman working in the government was to be suspected of dark obscurantist designs.

Orwell on Hinduism and India

Francis Miville on Orwell’s view of India and Hinduism:

The British Empire, in contrast to the German view of Russia, planned nothing other than perpetual scarcity as the ideal mode of government for India and for most of the planet including the British Isles.

Actually, this was a mode of government which many Indian kingdoms had already mastered perfectly well by the adroit use of divisive multiculturalism. For there is no such thing as humanity in Hinduism. Instead, there are only mafias. In that religion, many animals are entitled to more respect than most humans.

George Orwell was horrified by both Hinduism and Hindustani Islam. The latter bothered him because the most totalitarian form of Islam was not in the Arab World but instead in Northern India as evidenced by the Sahih Bukhari hadiths.

He was utterly disgusted by the fascination the Anglo Protestant elites had for the most “romantic” and alienating forms of Hindu culture. Among other things he loathed the Anglo fascination with yoga and vegetarianism.

He especially disliked it when the self-guilt of the British colonizers was applied back home onto the English working class. The colonizers did this back home by making workers feel guilty for trying to escape their misery which their class brethren also suffered in India.

Orwell foresaw in what was to become “New Age” philosophy the greatest danger that could terminate for good the grand adventure of Western social progress through an extremely seductive and perverted system of philosophy.

Wokeness was already in full swing in space and time.

At the time, his philosophy was structured and designed by the Theosophical Society for the mental management of everybody in the Empire.

Orwell’s misgivings proved to turn out to be damn right. In particular the “doublethink” philosophy which he describes doesn’t caricature any form of totalitarian Marxism however perverted, as it has nothing to do with Soviet diamat.

Instead, “doublethink” is not a caricature of anything. On the contrary, it neatly sums up the Advaita (“twoness-free”, “doubly-rightness”) Philosophy in India. This way of thinking says that everything is dual, including in particular your own existence as a separate being from the economic system you are part of.

This duality of your existence has no right to exist at all. Instead, one is to achieve the state of consciousness that enables one to view the surrounding misery without revolting. This tolerance of squalor is produced by pondering paradoxes such love being the same as hatred and freedom being the same as slavery. The result is a society governed by the Hobbesian imperative of a war of all against all.

Orwell saw this way of thinking as a big mental obstacle that could topple socialism in its progress. He first tried to addressed the issue directly in his articles. But he was censored there with the force of a Medieval Inquisition’s force. This censorship against him resembled the worst sort of racism practiced against the most victimized workers by the very companies who were employing them.

Indian culture, like Catholicism but much fiercer, says in substance that as a simple believer you are not authorized to interpret sacred texts and prayers. That is left to the hereditary priests alone. Instead you are supposed to repeat them and enjoy their rhythm and cadence.

In the same way, you are not allowed even to “read” (analyze and study) Nature itself, as it is the finest book written by the Creator Gods. That must be left to hereditary elites seen as scientists. “Science” here does not mean using empiricism.  Instead you are supposed to listen to the conclusions of authorized “scientific” authorities.

Another View of Stalin

Francis Miville has another view of Stalin, an interesting one at that:

The influence of the British Empire in the Indian Subcontinent, let that be never forgotten nor forgiven, was quite like that of the Stalinist Empire’s in Russia at its worst moments. However, the British Empire differed from Stalinist USSR in one way.

This way was that while Stalin loved to send opponents to death as a relaxing daily activity, but he never rejoiced in a famine such as the fake Holodomor decimating a whole urban or rural proletariat like in Ukraine. He wanted the famine to be defeated in a military fashion even if the number of fallen fighters fallen was as bad as in WWII.

Stalin’s middle-term aim was to create a level of general consumption that overtook the US. Stalin, even though he often did it by temporary necessity and had no remorse as long as others more numerous would pick the fruits of such sacrifices, never resolved to any ideal of governing his people by constant penury and by a standard of living too close to animal survival to allow a thought of revolution.

His main principle was that about 10% of natural-born scoundrels had to be culled and that a great abundance of industrial goods, preferably produced collectively, would be the best guarantee of a long-lasting empire.

It must be not forgotten that the only alternative available for the USSR at that time was to regress to either a capitalistic comprador bourgeoisie or an aristocracy as a ruling class. If either alternative had been chosen, the USSR’s destiny would have been at best like South America.

This is because there was no place in the Western World for the USSR to become a New Germany or a Big Sweden. If either alternative arose, America would have intervened directly to prevent any such evolution.

In addition, it would be doomed to be a colony of Germany and Austria. These two countries’ plans for the USSR (and before that Russia), even before the popular evolution of Nazi doctrine, was to cull more than 60% of Russians and to leave the remainder to be most useful as the equivalent plantation slaves in the New World in the 19th Century. This is because in the White World at the time, Slavs were not considered to be Whites.

The Original NATO Officer Class Was Stacked Top to Bottom with Former Nazis

How many times have I told you all about this? As soon as Germany surrendered, former members of the Nazi government and Wehrmacht were placed in top positions in the newly formed NATO. Many also took positions in the new West German military. NATO’s been Nazi from Day One.

Ursula von der Leyen, head of the EU? Either her father or her grandfather were members of the Nazi Party and served in its military.

NATO + EU = Nazis.

About That “Pursuit of Happiness” Bit

This is a line written by Thomas Jefferson that appears in the US Constitution. Francis Miville has some very interesting comments on Jefferson’s original intentions in deciding to use that phrase.

For your information, when Jefferson spoke about the pursuit of happiness, he didn’t mean happiness as most of us probably do. Instead he tried to translate the Latin fortuna, meaning “fortuitous,” which is that which happens to you according to fate, especially regarding financial fortunes. You were supposed to be the sole person responsible for your fortuna, otherwise you renounced an essential qualification of a free man.

The proof of this analysis is that he hesitated a lot between choosing between the phrases “pursuit of happiness” and “pursuit of felicity.” In other words Jefferson was speaking in Economic Darwinian terms far more vulgarly closer to a “bagger” than you can imagine. This is especially if you discover that he was considered by others and himself as Voltaire’s late successor and continuator in the New World.

In Jefferson’s eyes, the only way to be someone was to inherit a mansion together with at least 100 personnel in your service. This is what he meant by “we the people” in which the spirit of the nation resided. All so-called “Enlightenment” philosophers had no great individuality themselves and strove not to have any part in the quantitative degree of their success.

The word “happiness” in the more emotional romantic sense arose as a concept after the defeat of Napoleon and the triumph of Byron meaning “bliss” or if you found that too simple, “felicity.”

What “Enlightenment” philosophy called “reason,” which was supposed to make the only difference between man and beast was financial cunning, which Voltaire made very clear through throughout thousands of pages of his writing. Jefferson was but the continuation of the Voltaire’s prose.

For these two authors, “humanity” meant the community of those who were akin to the “humanities” in the literary classical sense of the word. These were people who were authorized to have access to the “humanities” by their guardians and the opinion this group controlled.

All great Enlightenment philosophers made it very clear that personal interest for them was not enough to be part of “humanities.” Instead, if you were a mere laborer, having personal interest was considered social felony.

Temporary Ban from Twitter for This Tweet

This will never happen. Americans will never bring their government under control. I think they actually like being an imperialist monster enemy of mankind. They get off on it.

Americans are a profoundly sick people. Really, the whole West is. The entire West supports fascism full stop, and NATO is a gigantic fascist army. NATO working with all those fascists and Nazis all those years was no illusion.

Can you believe I got busted on “hate speech” for this trifle? They said it was “hate speech against Americans.” LOL I wasn’t aware that “American” is a race, much less an ethnicity. If it’s an ethnicity, what are the stereotypical physical features of an “American.” There are none, right? So there is race or ethnic group called “American.” Hate speech only encompasses race and ethnicity.

I’m criticizing the American people, of course. They are completely brainwashed, arrogant beyond words, and remain nestled in a tight cocoon of exceptionalism that exempts their country from all laws, rules, and mores on the grounds that our country is an inherently good country, and hence it can do nothing other than pure good overseas and I suppose at home for that matter.

Americans seem to know on some level that they are citizens of an imperialist country as much as most of them vociferously try to deny it. And I do think they get off on it. Americans enjoy their country being the world’s biggest bully, except it isn’t really a bully because we are always on the side of angels. In other words, even if we bully and push around other nations, it’s always because we are bullying or putching a bad behaving country into acting good.

Of course we are hypocrites. Most jingoists and nationalists are, and that’s a fatal flaw of each viewpoint.

We are sick. We do support fascists and Nazis and always have, even if we took a bit of a break for several years there in WW2. WW2 is shocking in US terms because it is the first time that we ever fought fascist and Nazi regimes instead of allying with them. And when the gunpowder settled, scarcely was the ink dry on the armistice papers when we went right back to supporting Nazis and fascists again.

NATO has supported fascists and Nazis since the day of its founding. It was formed as an aggressive as opposed to a defensive alliance. And it always had a sleazy mission:

NATO’s mission in terms of Europe is to keep the US in, the USSR out, and the Germans down.

So NATO has been attacking Germany ever since WW2! Why on Earth do Germans support such a hostile alliance?  Germany had to be kept down not only to prevent the feared Russia-Germany Alliance but to keep European markets open to far more US goods than would be there otherwise.

A Critique of the English and French Languages

Interesting post by Francis Miville. I definitely don’t agree with some of what he wrote, and I’m not sure about some of the rest, but its nice to have a nice, fresh view of matter, even if via a provocateur.

I especially hate two languages that have contributed most to the concept of humanity as being not only adequate mathematically but positively and adorably as such: English and French.

In English all words mean more or less the same thing or are at least quite easily amenable to mean the same thing if that is what you want to do with them. Lewis Carroll stated it very well.

French is even worse. Every single word of academically correct French is a lie. If your sentence or clause doesn’t make it a lie, it is jarringly incorrect, or at least it sounds incorrect, peasant, argot, creole. The truer your French, the more it is subject to ridicule and disgust. It is immediately qualified as nauseating (nauséabond) and unacceptable.

Even in phonetics French is remarkable. Correct French sounds, especially vowels, are as unnatural as the phonation organ can make them. Each of them demands unnecessary energy and effort to make it recognizable and acceptable.

They have no close equivalents in any other known language. There exist easy approximations of these sounds that you can use, but if you do, you will most loutish or pedantic.

For instance the French u is an awfully difficult and forceful combination of mouth positions that contradict each other (it is as rounded as closed o, as extremely fronted as long i or ee, and as closed-lipped as ou or oo, plus other nuances).

On the other hand the Swedish u is more easily described as a central closed-lipped vowel. The u‘s in both language seem quite close to each other at first.

But with the French u, the difference is that it is unfit to be used by a diva pitching her voice high. I ends up sounding like two microphones neutralizing each other into a kind of sound inaudible beyond one meter. This has the result that French opera songstresses are told to sing ee instead, incorrect though it is.

In the French u the sound of the vocal chords can’t connect to the air outside, a thing only the Klingon language strives to do at times to sound inhuman. Swedish u on the contrary is perfectly cantabile and especially agreeable through its mysterious inward echo that also resonates outwards.

French short è is strictly incantabile when followed by a consonant (as in bec) with the result that a French songstress must try to keep the consonant silent, even though this is not common usage in the language. On the other hand, it does explain why so many final consonants in French are unpronounced.

What is most remarkable is that the French phonetic system has no symmetry, most contrary to a very general law of linguistics. For instance deep long o is frequent but deep long e doesn’t exist. Short final open è without following consonant is frequent, but short open o without a consonant doesn’t exist.

In English all vowels tend to be the same: the “uh” or schwa sound. No one is sure whether “year” rhymes with “pear,” “peer,” “pair,” “peahr,” or “per.” The distinction between these words depends more on the social class dialect than on any rule. For instance, there is no sure rhyme for the word “sure.”

The same can be said about shades of meaning. In English there ain’t any shades of meaning generally except whatever shade that the pen of a particular author, his public, and publisher have chosen for the word.

Generally the privilege of having control over the shade of meaning of a word is very sternly refused to the commoners outside the received literary gentry. This holds true no matter it is classical or pop. The latter word means produced by corporate decision only for the greatest statistical number of consumers with no single popular voice having any say in the matter.

Words mean all the same thing except that they suffer from time to time from various cancellations forcing their replacement by an equivalent euphemism – this has been the history of English since Alfred. In that condition the word humanity means nothing or anything, especially since it is not an etymologically natural part of the language but a Latinism.

US-Supported Fascist Coups, An Incomplete List

I will use the word fascist to refer to any far rightwing or authoritarian rightwing group that meets certain features such as hostility to workers, unions, the Left, social programs, progressive taxation, nationalization, etc. The coupmongers were typically anti-union, anti-Left, in favor of low taxes on rich people, and opposed to the nationalization of natural resources.

The US supported fascist (Spain) and corporatist (Portugal) governments in the West in Spain under Fransisco Franco and Portugal under Antonio Salazar’s Estado Novo from 1926-1974 during the Cold War.

The US supported fascist governments that slaughtered countless civilians with death squads. In Guatemala and El Salvador that number came to 200,000 people in each country.

The US supported a fascist coup in the Dominican Republic in 1936. Soon Trujillo murdered 70,000 workers for trying to form unions. The US supported another fascist coup in the same country in 1965 against the government led by a man named Juan Bosch and even sent troops to support it. A man named Joaquin Belaguer was made president after the coup.

The US supported a fascist coup in Honduras. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, a Democrat, was behind the coup and Democratic President Barack Obama greenlighted it. The reason for the coup was that the new president, actually a reformist member of the ruling class, tried to raise the minimum wage.

Attempts to raise the minimum wage have set off US-sponsored coups in many countries. Why on Earth do liberal Democrats support this? The first thing the government did was murder 1,000 members of the opposition. Most spectacularly, a prominent female environmental activist was murdered, leading to an uproar. Bernie supporters tried to blame Hilary for her death when she ran against Bernie Sanders in 2016.

In 1968, the US supported a fascist coup in Greece by a group of military leaders called “The Generals” that later imprisoned many members of the opposition.

In 1947, elections were held in Italy. They were stolen via mass fraud which was assisted massively by the US. A rightwing government was installed as a result.

The US supported Nazi insurgents in Ukraine for 10 years after the war and helped vast numbers of Nazis escape to the West, especially Australia, the US, and Canada.


In the 1948 election, an extremely popular Liberal Party politician named Gaitan was elected in Colombia. He was quickly assassinated with the help of the US. Because he was so popular, this caused huge riots all in the capital, which were referred to as the Bogotazo. There followed death squads which murdered 15,000 Gaitan supporters.

A lot of the remainder took up weapons against the Conservative Party, which ran the government. This turned into an insurgency trying to overthrow the government versus the army and the police. In 1952, the ruling Conservative Party shut down the Congress and turned the government into a Conservative dictatorship. After a while, the Liberal rebels realized that the government dictatorship was not going away, so more of them took up arms.

A conspiracy theory circulated among Liberals that a Nazi-Falangist conspiracy was behind the violence. This led to Liberals murdering many priests on the basis that they thought that they allied with the Nazi-Falangists.

Conservatives began promoting the seizure of peasant land owned by Liberal peasants by using private militias. The Liberals responded by taxing the large landowners who were supporting these land seizures. The taxes made a lot of people support the Conservatives.

These militias were the genesis of the rightwing paramilitaries who rampaged through Colombia for decades, murdering anyone suspected of supporting the Left. This was also the genesis of the armed Left insurgency, later started by the FARC in 1964 and the ELN in 1965. All in all, 200,000 civilians were murdered La Violencia.

In 1964, the US helped Colombia attack leftists who had set up a commune in Mariatela. They were peaceful and never hurt anybody, but the army attacked them anyway, and many were killed. Believe it or not, this is how the FARC was formed. The US then supported death squads that murdered 400,000 people over 60 years.


The US supported a fascist coup in Brazil in 1964 by a group of military leaders called “The Generals.” They imprisoned much of the opposition.

The US supported a fascist coup against Cheddi Jagan in Guyana in the 1960’s.

The US supported a fascist coup against the Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1948. An insurgency started up after a while. The government then proceeded to murder 200,000 people with deep, sometimes on the ground US support. Marines were sent to Guatemala as advisors for the fascist government in the 1960’s. This war went on for 20 years.


The US supported the fascist Duvalier government in Haiti that had a dictatorship for many decades. They stayed in  power via death squads called Tonton Macoutes. The government was also Satanist. A priest named Jean-Paul Aristide was elected in the 1990’s. He received an incredible 92% of the vote.

However, Clinton forced him to disband the army and the national police in return for him being allowed to stay in power. Aristide built more schools in his short reign as had been built in the prior 200 years. He was much beloved by the people. But then he made a fatal mistake. He tried to raise the minimum wage (see above).

Pro-US elements began spreading a lot of crime, assassinations and riots in Haiti. As Clinton had taken away Haiti’s police and army, Aristide could do little to stop this. The US media then started screaming about how Haiti was in chaos and the US needed to intervene to restore order.

Soon after, Haiti was invaded by remnants of the army that had left for Dominican Republic. The disarmed government could do nothing to stop them from taking over. The Bush Administration then sent in a private security company, Blackwater, to raid Aristide’s home. He was arrested at gunpoint and ordered to leave the country. He left for Africa.

The rightwing governments that have governed since, all installed by the US, have forbidden Aristide from returning and banned his political party, Lavalas. Keep in mind that this party had the support of 92% of Haitians during elections not long before. Since then Haiti has been governed by governments with the support of less than 10% of the population.

After the coup, a rightwing president was installed and the army and police were quickly reconstituted along with a nouveax Tonton Macoute group. They murdered 3,000 members of the opposition in a short period of time. The coup was supported by France, Canada, and the US. Incredibly, the US convinced that UN to send UN troops to Haiti to enforce putschist rule! Most of these troops were from Brazil and Chile. They spent most of their time shooting at rebellious Lavalas supporters in the big slums of Port Au Prince.

The US overthrew a popularly elected government led by a man named Maurice Bishop that won a free and fair election in Grenada in 1982. A fascist government was put in in its place.


The US supported fascist coup attempts, insurgencies, and murderous riots during the Chavez presidency in Venezuela. He won many free and fair elections, but the US claimed fraud every time with no evidence. The US claimed there was massive censorship of the press when the press was freer than in the US. The US may well have murdered Chavez by giving him cancer somehow. His personal bodyguard was working for the CIA and fled to the US soon after Chavez got sick.

After he died, Nicolas Maduro and the Chavista political party, the Venezuelan Socialist Party, won several free and fair elections. The US claimed massive fraud every time with zero evidence.

After the last election, the US claimed the fraud was so bad that a new leader had to be appointed to rule the country instead of the “illegitimate” government.

This is how the fake Juan Guaido fascist government was put in as a shadow government. Gauido tried to institute violent fascist coups in two cases. The US froze and stole $20 billion of Venezuela’s money. The UK froze $3 billion dollars in Venezuelan gold. Huge sanctions were put in Venezuela that amounted to a trade embargo. This was done  because of a stolen election that never happened.

The entire EU and NATO supported the embargo and the fascist Guaido government. The US and Colombia tried to murder Maduro at a rally, but the attempt was thwarted. The US and Colombia then set up a small insurgency, but Maduro caught onto it and captured the insurgents. The US and the fascists engaged in mass sabotage of Venezuela’s oil facilities.

They also staged an economic coup by deliberately withholding products from the market, thereby ruining the economy. Although the fascist business community ruined the economy, the US blamed Chavez and Maduro instead. There were secondary sanctions put in against Venezuela that made it extremely difficult to for Venezuela to engage in any trade.

An Iranian tanker sent oil to Venezuela but the US seized the ship near Venezuela and piloted it to the US, where all of the Iranian oil was stolen along with the ship. A fascist ship tried to ram another oil tanker delivering to Venezuela, but the ship escaped. The US then said that the Venezuelan Navy had sent ships that rammed the fascist ship! This never even happened!


The US supported the fascist Somoza regime in Nicaragua for decades. It was overthrown by a popular revolution called the Sandinistas in 1979.

Quickly the US opposed the regime and set up a fascist army called the Contras to fight the government. The Contras committed mass human rights abuses. They were fond of raiding state farms where they murdered all of the men and then raped all the women and then killed them.

The opposition had a newspaper called La Prensa that openly supported the armed Contras who had taken up arms against the state. The state responded by censoring the paper, but the censorship was not extreme. They simply were not allowed to cheerlead for the armed insurgents.

The US made a huge deal out of this and reported on it all the time. Most other countries would have shut down the paper and imprisoned its owners for treason, but incredibly the Sandinistas allowed it to publish. The paper was published by a fascist named Violeta Chammoro.

The Sandinistas won a number of free and fair elections, but the US claimed fraud with zero evidence every time. Terrible sanctions were put in Nicaragua for “stealing elections and censoring the media,” neither of which occurred. The sanctions were so horrendous that they ruined the economy, causing hyperinflation.

In 1990, the fascist Chamorro was elected President. The entire US government cheered her on, including every single liberal Democrat in the Congress. My liberal Democrat father supported this fascist to the hilt.

The first thing this fascist did was close down huge numbers of medical facilities and schools because they had been set up by the Sandinistas. Millions were without health care or schooling and countless kids were thrown out of school because she put in a $35 school uniform fee for kids to go to school. Huge numbers of people couldn’t even afford that fee, so kids were thrown out of schools all over the country. I told my liberal Democrat father about it, and he still supported the fascist.

Later the Sandinistas came back into power with a moderated program that was not as Leftist as the previous one. Manuel Ortega and his party won many elections for almost 20 years. Every time they won, the US claimed massive fraud with zero evidence.

The US then instigated a fascist coup against the government in which many government officials, police officers, soldiers, and government supporters were murdered by mobs. After every fascist murder, the US and its media claimed the government did it! The government defeated the insurrection after a while, and it only had 20% support anyway.

The government imprisoned many rioters, who were often criminals who were paid to riot and kill, in prisons which were not the greatest. After a while, the state had numerous amnesties and released most of the murderous rioters. After the insurrection, the US claimed the government had murdered 400 people when really it was the opposition that did it. Sanctions were put on the country as a result.

The sanctions were very serious and have caused problems for the country. In the next election, 50 people were banned from running for office on the basis of treason for supporting the insurrection. As the election moved forward, it turned out that none of those people had even been trying to run for office! The US claimed that 50 “candidates for office” were banned by the state simply for being oppositionists when none of them were even running! More serious sanctions were put on the state.

An election was held and Ortega won by 70%. In every election since they took power, Ortega and the Sandinistas had won with 70-80% of the vote. I calculated that the fascists only had ~27% support in Nicaragua. The hardcore fascist opposition had about the same level of support in Venezuela – 27%, with another 5-10% being more mild supporters. In both cases the US claimed that this 27% opposition were the vast majority of people in the country.

Mass Shooting at Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Nobody’s talking about it though because the shooter and victims are the wrong skin color. The shooter’s part of a race we can’t talk about. Sadly, the victims are also of a race we can’t talk about because if we talk about these victims, we end up shining a light on the race of the shooter, which is something that must not be discussed for fear of starting a KKK march or something.

There was a site up a while back about mass shootings, the definition of which is three or more people killed or wounded. The overwhelming majority of these mass shootings were Black shooters shooting other Black folks, typically with the shooter and possibly the victims having some sort of a gang background. I suppose in a number of cases these are NHI shootings as the LAPD used to call gang shootings of other gang members. NHI means “No Humans Involved.”

Below, these are the type of folks who are involved in the vast majority of mass shootings in the US. And if any of these fine upstanding citizens below are involved in a mass shooting, it’s obviously an NHI shooting. See any humans in this photo? Yeah, me either.

I shouldn’t have told you this. And whatever you do, please don’t tell anyone about this, ok? It’s the only antiracist thing to do. Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo told me so personally, and those are two of the most important people in the country right now! I’m sure everything they say is straight up truth! No way would they lie or stretch the truth or anything like that!

If you talk about this shooting, you are automatically a racist and probably a White Supremacist. You could even be a Nazi! You want to get called those names? Hell no, you don’t! So don’t talk about this shooting, dammit!

Why the Palestinians Make Me Angry

Ok there was a, let’s face it and call it what it is, terrorist attack today in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Attacking defenseless civilians on purpose is the very definition of terrorism. It doesn’t matter who the civilians are. So the US firebombings in Dresden and Tokyo in World War 2, in addition of course to the atom bombings, were absolutely 100% pure terrorism!

Tokyo firebombing:   100,00 killed.

Dresden firebombing: 34,000 killed.

Hiroshima atom bomb: 200,000 killed.

Nagasaki atom bomb:  100,000 killed.

That adds up to 440,000 killed by US terrorism. How many Israelis have been killed by Palestinian terrorists. It can’t be anywhere near that many.

Of course Germany and Japan targeted civilians all the time in these wars last time I checked anyway. I know Germany did. Japan certainly engaged in terrorism in China, especially in Nanjing.

But hey, two wrongs don’t make a right.

And the Palestinians, let’s get real here, have been engaging in pure terrorism from Day One in this conflict. Sure, they’ve targeted soldiers too, and I’m proud of them for that. But so many of their attacks, especially in Israel proper, and just attacks against defenseless civilians. It’s messed up. Let’s get real here. They’ve killed women and kids at short range, even with their bare hands.

Legitimate targets:

  • Israeli civilian adult settlers in the West Bank.*
  • IDF forces anywhere in the West Bank and Israel, even including off-duty forces.
  • Mossad forces in Israel and I suppose elsewhere.

Not legitimate targets:

  • Israeli civilians anywhere inside Israel.
  • Israeli police inside Israel.
  • Israeli minors in the West Bank. Those kids didn’t decide to move there, let’s face it.
  • Israeli tourists outside of Israel.
  • Diaspora Jews outside Israel.

*It makes me uncomfortable to even regard Israeli settler women as targets and it even breaks my heart to see them killed. But if they don’t want to get shot, they can move back to Israel.

The Palestinian armed groups cheer for every terrorist attack inside Israel, no matter how gruesome or unsettling.

As an example, let us look at the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv today. It was carried out by an Israeli Arab using a Carlo machine gun that the Palestinians manufacture on their own. He drove through the port area and shot one man on the sidewalk. He then drove his car into seven other people on the same sidewalk. He was shot dead in his car very quickly.

Palestinian armed groups like Islamic Jihad and Hamas are lauding this and calling it “the Tel Aviv operation.” They are saying that one “settler” was killed and seven “settlers” were wounded. I don’t regard Israeli civilians inside Israel as settlers. The only settlers are in the West Bank. There will never be any settlement here until people stop using flammable language. The Palestinians could start by not calling Israeli citizens inside Israel “settlers.”

There is a huge problem here though with this latest attack. No Jewish “settlers” were killed or wounded in this attack! Instead, one tourist from Italy was killed and seven tourists were wounded.

Ok so now it’s ok to kill tourists who are merely visiting Israel to take in the sights? That’s really stretching it. In fact that is absolutely unjustifiable. How on Earth are they the bad guys?

Sure their cause is legitimate and there are legit targets for them in this war, but so many of their attacks are just pure terrorism, and I can’t get behind that.

Ukraine May Be Retreating from Bakhmut

Jesus Christ that is terrifying! You can hear very close small arms fire during the whole video. I’m not sure if that is their own guys or enemy fire. Perhaps their guys are covering their movement with small arms fire. I also counted eight artillery strikes in 1:23 minutes, which is about one every 10 seconds.

This is said to be Wagner, but we must understand what Wagner is. Prigozhin has no military background, zero. Therefore he’s not running Wagner. Instead, Wagner is stuffed top to bottom with acting and retired Russian military officers. Many of the men in Wagner are Russian military whose contracts have run out. Instead of going home, a lot of them sign on with Wagner. The much-discussed convicts make up a mere 5% of the force. They have ~60,000 men but they have only lost ~3,000 KIA.

Also, Wagner only makes up 44% of the troops in the Bakhmut area, so whenever you hear that Wagner did this or that, you are really hearing that the Russian military did the same thing too. This is because the Russian military fights alongside Wagner. Now many Russian VDV paratrooper troops (a very well-trained force) are fighting with Wagner on the front lines.

Wagner has taken the police station and the jail.

There are reports that Ukraine is retreating and destroying their equipment. They definitely seem to have retreated to the west side of the Bakhmut River. They are reportedly heading for the west side of town, and many others are going beyond that and heading for Chasov Yar. However, the retreat was not authorized by the Russians, so many are being hit with artillery on the way out. Yesterday, Russia came very close to seizing part of the 0506 Highway near Khromove, the last good retreat/reinforcement road.

Two more videos below. These are further removed from the fighting but they are still quite scary.

In addition, Wagner has taken the main Bakhmut-Chasov Yar road via Ivanske. They’ve cut the road at the airplane statue in far southwestern Bakhmut.

Below, even the always lying British Defense Intelligence is starting to tell the truth for once. The thing about pathological lying is that at some point, your lies just don’t cut it anymore. Your lies become so at odds with verifiable reality no one believes you and become a disdained laughingstock.

So at some point the truth just gets too real, and inveterate liars even have to start telling the truth because all those sheets at the window just aren’t blocking the hurricane outdoors anymore. When the wind’s blowing you smack in the face and everyone can see that, it gets hard for even sociopaths to deny it anymore. These types need to keep some credibility so they can go back to blanket lying again when the fog of war starts to descend upon the land again.

Ukrainian losses here have been horrific; Russian losses far better than Ukraine’s. Russia might be losing 40 men a day there, but Ukraine is probably losing 400!

The Ukrainians in Bakhmut are poorly led, as the commanders often abandon their troops to their fate, while the officers retreat back to headquarters. Why even fight when your officers have run away? For some time now, ~40 Ukrainians have been surrendering every day.

In addition, Ukrainian troops are said to have serious supply shortages and seem to be lacking enough weapons to fight well. Nevertheless, they are still putting up a ferocious resistance.

Russian losses in total:   ~25,000*

Ukrainian losses in total: ~249,000 minimum**

Civilians:                 ~8,000***

*Includes Russian military, National Guard, FSB, Wagner, volunteer battalions, and the DPR and LDR militias which are now embedded in the Russian Army.

**That figure was from General Zaluzhny on a visit to the Pentagon over a month ago, so it must be higher since as they're losing 20,000 men/month whereas Russia loses 2,000.

***This figure is remarkably low for such a vicious war and proves my point that Russia is fighting one of the most humane wars in recent memories as they are going far out of their way to not hurt or kill Ukrainian civilians.

There’s way that Ukraine can keep fighting for a long time when they are behind 10-1 in casualty figures. Sure, you can keep shoveling weapons at them, but at some point, you run out of men to operate those very weapons. Further, many of Ukraine’s best troops have already been killed or wounded.

New battalions are being formed from Territorial Defense groups, who often are armed merely with an automatic weapons and have received almost zero training. A soldier is a lot more than a warm body on the battlefield. If he doesn’t know how to fight, he’s useless or worse than useless as his inexperience gets his own guys killed in addition to himself.


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