Alt Left: How Many Times Are We Westerners Going to Keep Falling for This Fake Nonsense?

How many times are the Western idiots going to let their countries lie themselves into wars and conflicts?

  1. Iraqis killing Kuwaiti babies in 1991? Lie. Never happened. Lie used to start a war against Iraq.
  2. Ghaddafi giving his troops Viagra so they could rape women? Lie. Never happened.Lie used to start a war against Ghaddafi.
  3. WMD’s in Iraq in 2003? Lie. They didn’t have any. Lie used to start a war against Iraq.
  4. Litvinenko poisoned with radiation by Russia in the UK? Lie. The MI6 poisoned him in order to frame Russia for the death. False flag.
  5. Chemical weapons attacks on Syria in the 2010’s? Lie. Lie used to get involved in a war against Syria. How do we get fooled on the WMD nonsense again? First we got fooled on the WMD BS in Iraq, then we get fooled again by the same WMD BS in Syria a decade later. They tried it over and over in Syria, and the West fell for it every single time. Fake attacks.
  6. Government Berkut snipers in Ukraine shooting protestors? Lie. NATO snipers shot both Berkut police and protestors and then the shootings were blamed on the Berkut. Lie used to overthrow a pro-Russian government and put in a vicious, Russia-hating Nazi regime. False flag.
  7. M17 passenger jet shot down by pro-Russian rebels over Ukraine? Lie. Ukraine shot it down in order to blame it on Russia. False flag.
  8. Skirpals poisoned by Russia with Novichok in the UK? Lie. Nobody was poisoned by Novichok. Lie used to put sanctions against Russia. Fake attack.
  9. Navalny poisoned by Russia with Novichok in Russia? Lie. Nobody got poisoned by Novichok. Lie used to put more sanctions against Russia. Fake attack.
  10. Russia conducted a massacre of civilians in Bucha, Ukraine? Lie. Apparently Ukrainians killed some of them and others were just dead bodies dragged out of a morgue for the spectacle.
  11. Russia bombed a theater packed with civilians in Mariupol? Lie. Azov Battalion mined the theater and then blew it up as they retreated.
  12. Russian troops raped women, children, and babies in Ukraine? Lie. Never happened. Not even one case was verified.
  13. Russia deliberately targeting civilians in Ukraine? Lie. They’re actually going way out of their way to not hurt them.

Western morons keep falling for these fake attacks and false flags over and over. With the West being as gullible and stupid as we are, these maniacal militarists who run our countries and going to do these false flags and fake attacks over and over, usually to start wars or military operations (as a casus belli) or to gin up support for ongoing wars and operations. And we morons in the West are going to keep falling for this fake BS over and over and over.

I actually think the Global South is much more intelligent than stupid Westerners, who must be the dumbest suckers on Earth. People down there are very suspicious of anything weird the government says in a war context and they are very open to what the West calls “conspiracy theory,” in other words, the truth. They think the state and media lie to them all the time, and they are very quick to figure out false flags and fake attacks.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: How Many Times Are We Westerners Going to Keep Falling for This Fake Nonsense?”

  1. Lol Russia are saints everytime right?
    Critically analyse if you yourself are brainwashed if you always fall on the Russian narrative side of things.

    1. All right, you’re banned. I’ve studid Russia extensively and they hardly lie about things at all. In the current conflict against Ukraine, they are definitely the good guys. In Russia is the good guys in their entire relationship with the Global South. I have an open mind about Russia and I do condemn some of the government’s behavior inside the country, however, these rights violations due to seem have mass support, maybe 80%, among Russians.

      I’m confident that I am not brainwashed on this issue and just about everything I say on it is true. That’s because I looked into all this stuff to try to see who was correct, Russia or the West. In almost every case, Russia took the humane stance. Also the West did lie and do false flag attacks in every instance mentioned.

      Also I am banning you. You are not allowed to attack Russia like this on the blog. You may condemn Russia, but we don’t allow Russia-haters on here, especially Westernized traitors like you.

      1. I don’t think Uke Nats want to debate. They’re my way or the highway types. Seen one vid where they just threatened to kill the Ukrainian guy that disagreed with them.

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