Nazis, Jews, Israelis, Palestinians, and the Holocaust

Honest Guy: The best response to a “thick-style” Nazi is gun powder. Hopefully a well-armed antifascist will do just that.

I’m happy that Honest Guy likes antifascists. One reason I’m supporting Russia in this war is because their fight is an antifascist and anti-Nazi project.

I dunno, if I were Jewish, I would consider Nazis to be my deadly enemies. Nazis don’t mess around. They really, really hate Jews. Not just watercooler nitpicking. They want to actively harm Jews, and I’m shocked at how many literally want to murder Jews.

I thought Jews were making that up because they’re so paranoid. I thought Nazis maybe wanted to throw them out of the country or restrict their rights or just get society to dislike them, but I was actually stunned at how many of them want to kill Jews. And not just a few either. Usually at least 100-200,000. If I were Jewish, that’s a serious threat.

One thing that bothers me about the Palestinian thing is they’re killing Jews, and they seem to think that all 7 million Jews in Israel are valid military targets. What if somehow 7 million Jews in Israel got shot dead? We’d have another Holocaust on our hands. Yuck! The last one was bad enough! Must we do this again? Gross.

The Palestinians do deliberately attack civilians. The “Occupation” refers to the whole place, not just the territories! All of Israel is “occupied.” I guess all the Jews in Israel have to pack up and take off! Well, I don’t support that at all. They can all stay but they just have to share the land with the Arabs, and the Zionist project needs to be halted for all of time.

Well, I do not mind attacks on the Israeli army in the West Bank. Go for it. Target them all you wish, especially when they invade those towns. I like that people are fighting back against those invasions.

And though it really bothers me to say it, I do support attacks on adult settlers. I say adult settlers because the minor settlers had no say in whether the decision to go live in the Territories. In a recent armed attack, the attacker saw a Jewish woman settler and he started yelling at her to drive off because he didn’t have it in him to kill a woman, even a settler. I rather liked that as it showed he had a heart. I’m proud of him on some level.

A very large percentage of the Jewish civilians killed and hurt in this war are settlers. They are not many attacks inside Israel proper; they’re actually rather rare compared to attacks on Jewish settlers in the Territories, which happen multiple times a day. I don’t support attacks on Jewish civilians inside Israel proper. Yuck. That really bothers me. I guess I don’t care if they attack soldiers in Israel though.

And a lot of people don’t realize that 46% of Palestinians oppose attacks on Jewish civilians in Israel proper, so a lot of Palestinians agree with me. Bottom line is the complete projects of of these radical armed groups (who all support attacks on Jewish civilians inside the Green Line last time I checked) only have the support of maybe 54% of the Palestinian population. Much more of the Palestinians support parts of their project – attacks on adult settlers and soldiers in the West Bank for the most part. That has mass support for sure.

I saw a photo of a bride and groom, both young settlers in the West Bank, who were killed by a Palestinian. I know they deserved it, but it really bothered me to say that because they looked so young, kind, and innocent. I’m just not that cold to cheer for stuff like that.

The Palestinians are like:

Kill the Jews! Well, the ones in Israel anyway.

I dunno. I don’t have much stomach for Jew-killing, especially killing large numbers of them. I don’t think the world does either. That last pogrom was really a doozy, the worst one ever, and I think most of the world feels angry or bad about it. And that recent mass murder has left most folks to not have much stomach for large-scale Jew-killing.

I really despise Israel, but I’m starting to have it up to here with the Palestinians too. It’s getting to the point where I don’t like or even fully support either of them!

Of course I say leave the Jews in the Diaspora out of it. Why should Palestinians hate Honest Guy? He’s just some Jewish dude living in New York. He’s not squatting in Palestine. He’s not oppressing you in any way, shape, or form. Leave him out of it, dammit!

Actually a recent statement by Hamas said we have no beef with Jews or the Jewish religion per se. Our fight is just with these Jews in Palestine who stole are land and are harming us all the time as part of an ongoing project.

Khaled Meshal said that. He’s been known to say more moderate things. A few years ago, they completely redid their Hamas Charter which was full of the most disgusting antisemitic poison straight out of the Protocols. They threw all that out. I’m very happy that they did that.

The Palestinians say the Diaspora Jews support Israel. Yeah, and? Guess what? So do most US Gentiles! Jews are 2% of the US population. We wouldn’t support Israel at all if only 2% of the population supported it and 98% were against it. Jews can’t even do this project without mass support from Gentiles.

That’s why they ought to go easy on the Gentile hatred. Yeah, Diaspora Jews support Israel. But 55-60% of US Gentiles support Israel too. Why don’t you Palestinians go hate on them too? Gentile Zionists are as much of a menace to the Palestinian people as Jewish ones.

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3 thoughts on “Nazis, Jews, Israelis, Palestinians, and the Holocaust”

  1. Terrorism often is desperate and ugly. Arabs are Tusken raiders in an alien desert. Would Jews be as savage as Palestinian terrorists if they were the losers in Israel? Maybe. Jews, with help, succeeded in turning Palestine upside down.

    The Palestinian struggle is to turn Israel on its head. No help for them though.

    Jews are sacred in the West, especially in the US. Jews are good delis and bagels. Many White Christians believe them to be God’s chosen. I know an army of neocon military guys that support Israel with WWII-era Nazi fervor openly on Facebook. From here, far from backwards Ukraine, the viewpoint makes radical Israeli support seems more real of a threat than Nazism.

    Nazism exists more in the movies and the fantasy realm. A sweet dream for a few non-violent hermits.

    1. More Hitlerian bigotry conflating rightwing Zionists with every single Jew on the face of the Earth and again minimizing genocidal rightwing Nazi movements and their historical atrocities. Posted by an ultra-rightwing Minnesotan who probably voted for Michelle Bachmann.

      1. I’ve long put away my oven mitts. I’m not very political. I believe White Gentiles can thrive no matter what, East Asians even more so.

        I honestly struggle to listen to women I agree with.

        I strive to get more race, gender, and even Jew knowledge. Racists know race. Sexists know gender. Jews try to confuse.

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