It’s Not Antisemitism That’s the Problem, It’s the Degree of It

Two commenters below:

An obsessive and conspiratorial antisemite on Simplimus’ substack: The policy of banking in US & China is the same – get everybody into real-estate debt to make them debt slaves.

Not for China. For the US, sure.

The next comment is by a different person:

Polar Bear: Enough of Jews are little shits that you can at least see where the antisemitism is coming from.

That’s watercooler antisemitism or mild antisemitism. It’s just what everybody knows is true about those people.

Yes, a lot of Jews especially the men (Though not all of them by any means!, can act like total pricks. The men are often very aggressive, determined to succeed, and will let nothing get in the way of their quest for success. This gives a lot of them a sort of thuggish air. I believe a lot of these Jewish men have elevated sociopathy levels, though they’re not necessarily out and out sociopaths.

It’s not illegal to be aggressive, act like a little shit, be thuggish in your dealings with others, or have an elevated sociopathy level. Hell, you don’t even get a parking ticket for acting like that! Of course it’s not a misdemeanor. On the other hand, it might make a lot of people not like you too much, but a lot of Jewish men seem to be just fine with being disliked, as it fulfills their passionate desire to be a victim.

None of these things are any reason to kill a man. That’s just ridiculous. The behavior doesn’t even merit a citation, and you’re going to kill a man over it? Get real. No pogroms against Jews have ever been launched for such petty reasons. The charges were often much more serious.

The real hardcore obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism is definitely bad for the Jews, and it is this type of extreme antisemitism that has set off pogroms down through time. It’s also genocidal antisemitism, as it often (but not always) takes on that characteristic.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not Antisemitism That’s the Problem, It’s the Degree of It”

  1. Nazism is indeed a problem and there are NO “watercooler” or “mild” versions of it, particularly when it comes from Nordic White supremacists such as the piece of Minnesota flyover country Polar filth quoted above.

    1. Fuck Nazis! I hate Nazis! That’s one reason I’m supporting Russia in this war. They’re fighting Nazis and fascists. I wish more Jews would join me and support Russia in this war against the worst enemies of the Jews. Instead, Western Jews are supporting the damned Nazis! Screw that! That’s stupid and self-destructive of them.

    2. Cry me a blizzard, snowflake.

      I feel sorry more for your keyboard covered in tears.

      I’ve been very watercooler here, but you people expect everyone to treat you like Barney treated his audience of children. Man up.

      Anti-Semitism is like pizza. A thin organic Californian crust may be healthiest. NY-style IMO tastes the best, but I personally can appreciate a thick Detroit or Chicago style too.

      1. The best response to a “thick-style” Nazi is gunpowder. Hopefully a well-armed antifascist will do just that.

        1. Blind hate is arrogant. There’s good and bad of every group. I’ve been defending Jews lately on racial forums. They could ease up on Jews. Fully blaming Jews gives other anti-Whites a pass.

          The Black cancer has metastasized, and the White hot lava is flowing is response. Anti-Whiteness is now much bigger than Jews. You’re exactly what Commander Rockwell noted Jews are though – quick to take up violence.

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