Alt Left: Why the Cuban Refugees Are Not Coming Back to Take Over Cuba Anytime Soon

Polar Bear: I watched both Cocaine Cowboys documentaries. One mentions jurors were segregated. A woman says people don’t like to admit they self-segregate.

This trial would have taken place in the 1970’s, no? They were still segregating juries back then?

If it’s Miami, I get it. Miami is one of the most racist cities in the US. The racism is open, bald, naked, and guiltless. The racism is coming from the Cuban refugees, the gusanos. These are the people who had money in Cuba, and they are disproportionately White. The racism in Cuba was literally Jim Crow racism before the Revolution, and this is the type of racism the gusanos have brought over with them. One more reason the Revolution was a great thing.

I really hate the gusanos. The word means “worms.” Castro called the people who fled gusanos. By the way, Castro took over every bit of their property after they left. LOL good for him!

In addition, at the same time the gusanos fled, a bunch of US companies said, “We’re out of here,” and took off, leaving their factories and businesses behind. Castro said, “Fine, then we’re going to take all your stuff!” And he confiscated their businesses and factories. Ha ha.

Cuba has long offered to pay for all of the confiscated factories and businesses via some sort of slow terms, I forget which (I think some sort of 30-year bonds), but Cuba will reimburse them at 1961 values LOL. The gusano capitalists who took off want to be reimbursed at 2023 levels, and they reject this slow method of payment. The US government also pigheadedly refuses to even negotiate on the issue. It’s a matter of pride to them.

The gusano capitalists have all filed lawsuits in US courts and courts have awarded them all sorts of huge judgements, but Cuba does not honor those rulings. If you want to know why the US is so stubborn and enraged at Cuba, there ya go.

The gusanos keep saying they are going to come back and take over the island. The problem is almost everyone in Cuba hates their guts. The people who stayed behind liked Castro. People who didn’t like him took off. I’d say maybe 14% of the population would let the gusanos come back and take over again. Those are properly regarded as country-sellers and traitors.

However, they have freedom of speech to mouth off and say whatever they want. Where they get in trouble is when they form organizations, stage demonstrations, and especially when they invite the foreign media in to interfere in Cuba’s affairs and spark color revolutions. It’s not true you can’t criticize the state in Cuba. LOL everyone does that, all the time.

Race is a big part of why those slimy gusanos ain’t coming back anytime soon, or really in my lifetime.

See, those rich Whites took off, and a lot of them had these very fancy mansions in Havana. They left and Castro stole those mansions and gave them to the state. Now it’s state property, and a lot of people have gone in there and made a bunch of apartments by walling off rooms with curtains and whatnot. The apartments are not fancy at all, but hey, they have a roof over their head.

I would like to point out that Cuba is much poorer than the US, but for all intents and purposes, Cuba has zero homeless people. Sure, there are a few who have fallen out of the system, but their numbers are negligible. Whenever anyone tells you that we can’t afford to house all the homeless, point to Cuba and ask them why not.

The people living in those mansions are almost all Black people who don’t have a lot of money. These are the types who really hate the gusanos. You think those Blacks in that mansion are going to let that racist White gusano who owned that mansion come back to take away their apartments? LOL you gotta be kidding.

In one way or another, that’s the story all over Cuba, and that’s why those dirty gusanos ain’t coming back anytime soon.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why the Cuban Refugees Are Not Coming Back to Take Over Cuba Anytime Soon”

  1. Unofficial segregation. Like how a high school lunch room segregates.

    I have a mild interest in living in Miami. A friend of mine lives there. California tends to have better weather though. One difference is the California dealers used trucks, whereas in Florida they flew the drugs a nearby island then speedboated the drugs to the mainland. The mindset was it’s easier to kill everyone in the room than a single person. That’s a crazy mindset, even for gangsters.

    “Sal” Magluta and “Willy” Falcon were said to be the biggest dealers in the 80’s. Less violent then their peers until they went to trial. I believe they were acquitted by a dirty jury in the 90’s. Willy Falcon’s wife was murdered in an act of random street violence by Blacks.

  2. “Sal” Magluta and “Willy” Falcon were also sort of like O.J. for Cubans. Many Cubans celebrated their acquittal.

    Latino racism is generally good for light boys like Robert and me. My Colombian friend tells me it doesn’t matter how you look. If you’re light skinned you’ll do well in Columbia.

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