A Look at China’s Economic System

Bilbo’sBitch: What the fuck is ‘public banking’?

The Bank of China (mainland banking) is a Rothschild’s Bank empire.

HSBC (HK banking) is the former “East India Company” (the UK Pinkerton’s of that era), now controlled by the CIA, that brought all the opium into China in 1860’s, destroyed the country, and caused millions of Chinese women to become prostitutes.

The policy of banking in US & China is the same – get everybody into real-estate debt to make them debt slaves.

As you can see this is an example of obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism. Note that he says the Bank of China is owned by the Rothschild family in UK. The Rothschilds are very wealthy Jews, and they play a prominent role in politics and the economy. They’re also a bunch of scumbags if you ask me. But most Gentile banksters are probably about as sleazy as these lowlifes.

Most people and organizations with a lot of power and money act horribly. Power and money basically ruins people and turns them into monsters. However, the Rothschild’s power is not nearly as great as this type of antisemite assumes.

From his other posts, you can see he is one of those “the Jews the cause of all problems” guys. I’m not sure if that is Nazi antisemitism or not. Someone needs to clue me. This type of antisemitism, in addition to being wrong, is just plain lousy thinking. When you say everything is caused by the Jews, you have a simplistic answer for all of the difficult problems, movements, theories, ideologies, and events in the world. You’re taking the easy way out, not to mention that this type of antisemite is bad for the Jews! If I were Jewish I would not like this type of Jew one bit!

Hong Kong isn’t China. Not yet. Most banking in China is done by state banks. Of course public banking exists. There are some private banks, but they are probably tightly controlled and regulated. For, instance I guarantee you they have a CCP committee on their board of directors, and I assure you that these banks have been ordered to increase wages by 16% every year for some time now. The state often owns a large stake in this big private firms.

Most important is that in China, the people are over the capitalists. They rule the capitalists. In the West especially, the capitalists are over the state. That is, they rule the state, and the state has to do whatever the corporations tell them to do. Under these conditions, it is very difficult to control and regulate corporations because most people in the government are carrying water for the corporations. The corporations have taken over the government. The state can’t regulate the corporations because the corporations are the state.

In China the state owns all the land. All those fancy real state buildings you see are built on state-owned land. This makes it easy to protect lands, forests, and jungles, etc. for environmental reasons because no land has to be bought. Everyone is pretty much squatting on state land, and they can be and do get removed at any time. Those fancy buildings are sitting on land leased from the state with no option to buy.

Furthermore, the CCP is insistent that the capitalists must be kept out of the media and they just that. When the capitalists take over the media, any hope for a just and fair country is ruined.

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One thought on “A Look at China’s Economic System”

  1. I believe he’s right about US banking. A woman I know quit her bank job for moral reasons.

    I admire Jews to degree. The woman can be very sexy. I’m pretty forgiving of European antisemitism. Enough Jews are little shits that you can at least see where the antisemitism is coming from.

    However, I think antisemitism should be mild, not genocidal. I’ve seen a Japanese Nazi go off on Jews. That seemed very odd to me as Jews didn’t exactly really stir the rice pot in the East.

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