Why Russians Don’t Mind Hearing Bad News, with a Side Note on Americans Ridiculous Attitude towards the State

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After 26 million people dead in WW2, you will have a very dark perspective about the world. But that view goes a long way back in their history, Dostoevsky is beyond dark. All major Russian writers have a nihilistic worldview. That is because they have been at war for a very long time. The Americans live in an optimistic la-la land.

A comment on my previous post about Russians viewing the world as pretty much a lousy place and life as more or less sucking a lot if not most of the time. On the other hand, you are supposed to carry on nonetheless and find some enjoyment out of life however you can.

A lot of this is due to the very harsh environment. It is freezing ass cold much of the time and there is often snow or ice on the ground. In the North, winters may be so long that the sun doesn’t come out for months on end. These conditions in Scandinavia have been shown to cause a high suicide and alcoholism rate. Face it, it’s depressing as Hell to live in place where it’s nighttime all the time for months on end.

A lot of Russian is either not good or frozen a good part of the time. There’s also plenty of permafrost. This makes it hard to grow food. The food that does grow is often root vegetables and the like that end up leaving you with a rather depressing and tasteless diet. It’s easy to get frostbite. Cars crash in the ice and snow. Wild animals like grizzly bears, wolves, and polar bears roam all over, even in fairly large towns. It’s easy to get lost in the forest and fail to get out, leaving to death by the elements.

I’ve also been told that so much of the land is frozen part or all of the time that’s it’s hard to build paved roads in Russia. Apparently pavement isn’t very happy with roads that are frozen much or all of the time.

I also agree that Americans are very hostile to bad news. In the US, the good guys are always winning, and the bad guys are always losing. When the opposite starts happening, Americans demand their leaders’ heads on pikes and think changing the leader will fix things. It’s ridiculous.

They think changing the people in the state is the same as replacing an executive or manager in a failing corporation or losing team. Changing the people in the US state doesn’t necessarily change things at all. A lot of the problems are beyond the reach of the present state and a lot of others are not their fault. The new people coming in often have no plan to deal with the problems or they have plans that will make the problems even worse. The Executive Branch isn’t a bunch of football coaches. Americans can’t seem to figure that out.

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One thought on “Why Russians Don’t Mind Hearing Bad News, with a Side Note on Americans Ridiculous Attitude towards the State”

  1. I believe a Russian stereotype is that they have unhappy faces. There’s a view that Communism altered the East and made it more grim. I’ve heard Slavs were entirely different before Communism. I’m skeptical of that view.

    About Russian women, an old White American teacher I had went to Russia and married a Russian though he’s an outsider. Some complain that in terms of access to women, it isn’t easy for the average Ivan in Russia. It’s good for the wealthy few whom the women flock to. The old Russian peasant stereotype is very patriarchal. I believe they’ve held onto this for the most part. I’d guess in southern and eastern Russia even more so. Big cities like St.Petersburg likely have a strong Western taint.

    I’m all for patriarchal societies.

    They do to be seem more prevalent in Southeastern Europe than in the rest of Europe. On some level, it’s good to be part of the Global South, and it’s also good to be part of the Global East. According to one study, Scandinavians were ranked least patriarchal. I believe Bulgaria(#1), Hungary, and Greece were more patriarchal. Lithuania was also patriarchal but the patriarchal leader was Bulgaria. Some say that in Hungary this powerful patriarchal culture is a reaction against Communist rule.

    Ukrainians are Nazis now but I’ve heard they were very hardcore Commies back in the day.
    I had a pro-Communist History teacher say the food in China was better in China before Communism.

    Swedes do take good advantage of what few sunny days they have. I’ll give them that.

    Far Eastern women are even more of a mystery to me. They seem different to me – everything the way an they walk down to their every little mannerism seems alien to me. I had one following and staring at me at the gym the other day. I didn’t mind. They’re like beautiful nerds that like old White men.

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