Alt Left: Some Thoughts on Various Nations and Their Views on Lying and Being Lied to

There’s basically zero disinformation coming out of the Russians and the pro-Russian social media sites. In general, these people don’t like being lied to, and if Russia is making something up or denying something (their typical fault in this area), these citizen journalists will usually uncover it and post it quickly. Russian people on the Net have an attitude that they don’t appreciate being lied to by anyone, including their own country.

There are a lot of fake pro-Russian reports that come out and say that Russia has taken X village or this territory or part of a city. If it’s not true, the bloggers report that it’s false very fast. Russians don’t want to believe crap and lies. Their country is harsh enough. They are used to the idea of the world as a cruel, cold place where your dreams often don’t come true, your side loses and the bad guys win, and life basically more or less sucks, etc. So they’re not averse to bad news.

Heck, I can’t even remember the last time Russia even denied something that they actually did.

I think Americans love being lied to. Or at least when you tell them they’re being lied to, they get very angry and shoot you down. The reason is simple. If you start thinking that the media and government are lying to you a lot of the time, this causes a lot of anxiety. How will I know what’s true and what’s a lie? That attitude makes the world a much scarier place than it already is.

Ukrainians love lies and believing lies and don’t care if the “facts” they spout are actually falsehoods. Hell, a lot of them are making up their own lies all the time. Ukraine is a fascist country and one of the hallmarks of fascism is near-continuous lying by the state. Apparently people living under fascism think this is fine.

Bottom line is people really don’t care whether some statement or story is true or false. Most people operate on this form of logic:

Things I want to believe are true = truth.

Things I don’t want to believe are true = false.

I’ve been around this world for a number of decades, and if I’m sure about anything, it’s this. People honestly could care less about facts or lies, and really don’t care if the stuff they believe is true or not.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Some Thoughts on Various Nations and Their Views on Lying and Being Lied to”

  1. Very true. People I thought were Russian have come out as Ukrainian. They support Ukraine. Their Ukrainian flags are an obvious tell. Both Russian and Ukrainian women are very beautiful. For White women, East Slavs are the highest ranked on many forums. American White women the lowest. For women in general, some rank East Asians highest and Blacks lowest. Some say Asians are better in a factory. Blacks are better at pimping out your ride. I believe Asians can do fine at the other shit too.

    The ranking of White women should tell us something. Russia is not perfect but I’d rather have their non-war related problems.

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