Alt Left: Jails and Prisons Too Full? Oh Boo Hoo Injustice System!

RL: “A judge ordered California prisons to only allow inmate populations at 13

Polar Bear: Insane.

RL: How do you mean insane? Insane that it’s not 10

Polar Bear: Insane to be over 10

Thank you. Yes, I agree, they should only be filled to 10

I actually hate prison and jail guards, judges, and especially prosecutors way more than cops. I don’t even necessarily hate cops. I’ve dealt with cops as a victim five times in the past few weeks, and they were very kind and good to me. Generally, cops are superbly behaved towards crime victims. They even show a lot of warmth and compassion, sympathy, and empathy. I didn’t expect to see that in such macho guys.

Cops just arrest folks who are breaking the laws. They don’t write the laws. On the other hand, they have considerable leeway about whether to even investigate a crime or charge someone with it or at least they used to back in the day anyway. But how much leeway do they really have? If cops think their hands are tied, and they have to make arrests on chickenshit crimes, then I won’t begrudge them for that.

It’s really the prosecutor scumbags who are prosecuting people on these chickenshit victimless offenses.

The worst pigs of all are fed pigs. All federal laws have  extreme sentencing guidelines, and federal law makes an astounding number of rather harmless things illegal. They really throw the book at you when they convict you of a federal offense too.

I’m actually quite happy that a lot of county jails are full up in California and they can hardly take in anymore inmates! There are people who get arrested for car theft and released the next day because there’s no room for them in the jails. Don’t like it? Build more jails and prisons! Or get rid of a lot of these chickenshit laws and let us folks solve our problems amongst themselves!

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Jails and Prisons Too Full? Oh Boo Hoo Injustice System!”

  1. Maybe we can go back in time and instead of GWB, we can elect Putin. When he invades Iraq under the “WMD” pretense he can have Blackwater use these prisoners as soldiers that will commit atrocious war crimes in Iraq. Would that make you happy? I imagine you would be for this war and would find excuses to make Iraq somehow look like the bad guy in this exchange.

    1. All right Nazi, you’re gone. We don’t allow Nazis like you to support the Ukrainian Nazis on here. This is a leftwing antifascist blog.

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