Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: There’s No Such Thing as “Sexual Abuse Experienced in One’s Teen Years”

Many young women suffer from severe emotional disorders due to sexual abuse experienced in their teens.

This is nonsense. It’s not possible to experience “sexual abuse” as a teenager. Sexual abuse only refers to molestation of small children. Teenagers are naturally sexual, have raging sex drives, and often very much wish to have sex. On the other hand, we scream at teenage girls that if they have sex at all, particularly with an adult, they are ruined for life. A lot of girls and young women incorporate this silly lie, and consequently they suffer harm. But the harm is coming from within. These girls are harming themselves!

I will say though that if fathers or stepfathers have sex with their teenage daughters, in our society anyway, this seems to cause harm. The harm is not due to the sex per se so much as from the person the girl is having sex with.

And the harm in these cases is not all from everyone saying it’s a harmful thing. Parents and minor children are not supposed to have sex with each other. While it’s harmless a lot of the time, some girls are definitely harmed by this. Sex between these two groups seems to mess up the basic family dynamic. The incest taboo is universal in humans for a reason.

Teenagers have been having sex all over the world all through time and space and no one has ever noted that this caused the slightest bit of damage. They’re simply not inherently harmed by having sex with adults. Nor are they harmed by having sex with peers. Or at least in both cases, they are not harmed anymore than adult women get harmed by having sex.

One would think that if teenagers were inevitably horribly harmed for life by having sex, nature would have made puberty around 18, no? Nope. Puberty occurs at age 13 in the West. In all mammals this means that the female is ready to breed, and she typically starts breeding soon afterwards. This applies to chimps and gorillas too, our closest cousins.

Nature literally wants teenage girls to have sex, get pregnant and bear children! I’m not saying that’s always the best option, especially the last one, but if this caused inherent harm to teenagers, it never would have evolved in the first place. Destructive tendencies do not survive natural selection.

I’ve thought about this a lot. There’s common wisdom the world over about all sorts of things derived from the ancients or even our grandmothers. Humans are fairly consistent in what they regard as inherently harmful and what they regard as harmless.

If 13-17 year old girls were damaged for life by having sex or having sex with adults, you would think there would be some folk wisdom along these lines. But a lot of cultures both primitive and civilized have allowed this sort of thing to go on. I searched cultural records all over the world for a long time studying this subject. No culture on Earth other than the modern West has ever had the notion that teens having sex with peers or adults causes inherent harm or causes any sort of harm at all.

On the other hand, most cultures primitive and civilized in the past and present definitely think child molestation with little kids is messed up. They don’t like it and it’s typically banned in their culture.

There are a few cultures like the Sambia in New Guinea that have ritual homosexual child molestation of boys by adult men as part of a manhood ceremony. As this is normal in their culture, these boys experience no harm at all.

I found another culture that allows teenage boys to have some sort of sex with little girls and apparently there’s no harm there either. I heard about one case in this culture where an adult joined the teenage boys in having sex with little girls. He was regarded as a laughingstock, as a man who was acting immature, like a boy instead of a man.

You can read in Suetonius that even the Romans strongly forbidded adult sex with little children because they thought it was messed up. On the other hand, Rome and Greece both allowed teenage boys to have lots of sex, sometimes homosexual sex. No harm was ever recorded. I even think that since most societies past and present have banned child molestation as aberrant behavior, that human “Natural Law” bans child molestation by adults of little kids as something humans just won’t tolerate. It’s on a level with incest.

If teen sex with adults carried some sort of inherent harm, you would think there would be some folk wisdom along those lines. For instance you would find many cultures that banned teenagers from having sex with adults because it seemed to harm or damage the young person. There would be folk wisdom that said, “We used to allow that but teenagers kept getting harmed, so we banned it.”

I didn’t find one single culture in anywhere on Earth outside of bizarro modern West that had folk wisdom that said teenagers having sex with either peers of adults were permanently damaged.

Also, not one culture had the notion that teenagers “cannot consent” to sex, even though everyone in the West regards that as fact. This refers to the  “children (teenagers) can’t consent to sex” bullshit.

In general in most cultures the world over traditionally and especially in more primitive or tribal cultures, when girls reach 13 or 14, they are allowed to start having sex. I suppose they have sex with boys, but they can also do so with adult men.

The typical adulthood ceremony in most cultures, practiced to this very day in Africa and other places, occurs at age 15 in both boys and girls. In Mexican and Mexican-American society, girls have a Quinceanera ceremony at age 15 (quince means 15 in Spanish). This means that they are not a girl anymore, and they are now a woman ready to partake in normal activities of women, which includes sex with boys and men.

So cultures all around the world have decided that 15 years of age is when you stop being a kid and start being an adult, and you’re expected to act the part.

If it were inherently damaging for 15-17 year olds to have sex with adults, no culture would have set the adulthood rituals at that age.

The Jews actually set the adulthood ritual earlier, as Bar Mitzvas and Bat Mitzvas occur at age 13. In traditional Jewish culture, a child became an adult at age 13, was treated like one, and was expected to act like one.

Germany still has a folk manhood tradition for teenage boys at age 14. After that age, they are called “little men, junior men, young men, etc.” They are thought to be in a transition phase between childhood and adulthood, but they are closer to the latter than to the former. In Germany, at this age, young people are allowed to have sex with anyone, minors or adults.

All of these facts led me to conclude that the behavior is inherently harmless.

That is, if you grow up in a culture that says it’s normal, you do it and think it’s normal, and there’s no harm. If you grow up in a culture that tells you it’s horribly abnormal and damaging, you get damaged. Humans are rather stupid. If you tell them that some behavior is harmful, a lot of them get harmed, and they are basically causing the harm to themselves.

Now there may be other legitimate reasons to ban adult-teen sex or at least put Romeo and Juliet limits on it. Some societies think it is morally wrong, bad, evil, despicable, horrible, awful, scummy, disgusting, low, and depraved behavior for an adult to have sex with a teenager. I won’t argue against that, though I don’t agree. People are entitled to whatever reasonable moral opinions they wish.

In addition, there is a prevalent attitude that allowing this sort of thing will let adults to take advantage of credulous teens, and this is unfair, so teens have be protected against people who want to take advantage of them. I won’t argue against this. I don’t agree but once again, morals in general are not factually based. They’re just subjective opinions and often there’s no way to prove if a moral value or correct or incorrect.

People get to make whatever morals they want within reason, and they get to codify them in laws as they wish. Therefore, we have age of consent laws in the US ranging from 16-18, often with Romeo and Juliet close in age exceptions in addition. You won’t find me arguing against any of these laws. Different states have different morals about this matter and set their AOC’s at different ages accordingly. I won’t argue either with most or Europe setting the AOC at 14 or 15. Once again, that’s their free choice to to do that.

I do want Romeo and Juliet close in age exceptions in all AOC laws in the US.

In general, I’m not real keen on raising the age of consent from 16-17 to higher in the US.

Even though the behavior is harmless, society hates this behavior at various levels, which is their right. They have set up laws to police this behavior, as is also their right.

Any sensible man should look up the AOC laws in his state before proceeding to have sex with a 16 or 17 year old. I don’t feel a lot of sympathy for older men who break these laws. They knew the law and they broke it anyway. They should have known better. They’re not scumbags. They’re just idiots who could not control themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: There’s No Such Thing as “Sexual Abuse Experienced in One’s Teen Years””

  1. The girls are so confused with this fascist abuse gibberish that they conflate any negative feeling related to a sexual experience as “abuse”. It used to be very clear what abuse was until they changed the definition – if the victim’s face was bashed and bloody, that’s where we drew the line. The line is infinite now, and so are many of the statutes of limitation, the perfect excuse for the continued march of state power over capable heterosexual men and interference in the personal lives of the population.

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