Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: Normal Male Sexuality (Ephebophilia) Is Sick and Evil and All Men are Pedophiles Who Need a Woodchipper

This guy was making sense until he wasn’t.

Having an strong to extremely strong, even maximal sexual arousal to 15-19 year old females is normal for all men. And vice versa for gay men. In fact, gay men are even more ephebophilic than straight man.

The big to-do here is about Andrew Tate. Now, Andrew Tate is mostly guilty of being a massive asshole and a narcissistic psychopath. As women love criminals and bad men, of course these characteristics made him irresistible to women. He’s been arrested, but I’m not exactly sure what they got him on. It was some sort of sex trafficking charge, but I don’t have the details or even know if it is a valid charge.

It’s also uncertain what exactly Tate did with this 16 year old girl when he was 29 years old. Apparently whatever happened occurred in Romania, so it doesn’t really matter what he did with her, as the age of consent in Romania is 16, so the girl was 100% legal. There are different stories. One says he had sex with her. Another said he merely engaged in sexting and dirty talk with her. As both are 100% legal in the country he lived in, it’s hard to see what the fuss is all about.

A big Internet personality, apparently a “streamer,” did a session where he said that Tate’s encounter involved a 29 year old man (Tate) and a 16 year old girl, and, whatever else it was, it was not pedophilia on Tate’s part. That is obviously true. No pedophile wants anything to do with a 16 year old girl. Hell, even a hardcore hebephile won’t touch her. Both types think girls that age are “grandmas.” I shit you not.

The streamer said that the proper term for Tate was “ephebophile.” Actually, he’s probably not even that. In fact, it is uncertain if ephebophilia is a thing at all or if it is instead simply a normal part of male sexuality. As there are few to no men who react maximally to 15-19 year old females but not to women in their 20’s, it’s dubious whether the concept even exists.

But perhaps ephebophilia does exist. If it does, no one has ever proven that it is a real thing. There are do not seem to be any men who have a preference for 15-19 year old females and react at no or low level to women outside that age range, but perhaps further research will discover one here or there.

As no one has even proven that ephebophilia is even a thing, and there is no evidence for it in the sexological literature (trust me, I’ve been searching for it), then Tate is not an ephebophile and perhaps no one is. What is he then for getting horny over a 16 year old girl and doing sexual things with her?

He’s a normal male, that’s what he is! We men react very strongly to girls that age, and if we have sex with them, we are simply fulfilling our genetic and biological destiny. There is no clinical pathology, mental disorder, or even abnormality in a man having sex with a 16 year old girl. It’s simply not disordered behavior, period. So it’s not ephebophilia, nor is it anything else. It’s outside the realm of psychology altogether and off into the realm of moral psychology and legal theory.

That said, it is illegal in a number of states for adults of various ages (up to age 23+) to have sex with a 16 year old girl. Many states allow teenage young men and men aged anywhere from 18-22 to have sex with these girls under Romeo and Juliet statutes.

What I’m saying is that even if having sex with 16 year old behavior is biologically and anthropological natural and normal, it can indeed be one of those “normal” things that gets you years in prison. Just because something is “normal” for humans to do doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. A lot of biologically and anthropologically normal behavior is rendered illegal by modern laws who wish to impress upon us that we moderns are beyond this primitive behavior that is a throwback to our hunter-gatherer origins.

Now that I think about, most crime is “normal.” As a general rule, most crime is not disordered behavior. That is, whatever else criminals are, they’re not necessarily nuts. Some are but you don’t have to be crazy to be a criminal. You just have to be bad. One definition of normal is “not mentally disordered.” This corrals in a lot of pretty damned bad behavior because as lousy as it is, it’s not mentally disordered to act that way. It’s just morally wrong by most people.

It is for this reason that some are calling for removing psychopathy, sociopathy, and Antisocial Personality Disorder from the clinical manuals. Having studying these folks for a long time, it’s very difficult to say they’re nuts. A lot of them are sane, even extremely sane. Their lack of guilt and worry and ability to manipulate everyone around them even implies that they may be saner than most of us who are so burdened by such hindrances.

Bottom line is this:

Criminals aren’t generally crazy.

They’re just bad!

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One thought on “Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: Normal Male Sexuality (Ephebophilia) Is Sick and Evil and All Men are Pedophiles Who Need a Woodchipper”

  1. *A comment I put elsewhere in response to a post about maximum female fertility and the length of time thereof.*

    Er, no. 15 to 25. 15 years old (despite any uncomfortableness of the people here due to MODERN attitudes, and I must stress just how unusual and NEW these attitudes are) despite AOC laws, seems to be mother nature’s AOC for first conception.

    Why do I say that? Because of the stats of maternity mortality. They equalize with what we regard as adult women at 15, whereas if a 12 year old is ‘knocked up’ she’s more likely to experience pregnancy problems, and her life and health is at increased risk.

    So yeah, about 15 to 25 or so are the best years for fertility and safety for women, though you could make an argument for 15 to 34 because pregnancy over 35 is considered “geriatric” pregnancy, and while women are still pretty fertile (esp if they keep in shape) in their early 30’s, by the mid 30’s, fertility starts falling off a cliff.

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