I’m in a Real Bad Situation Here

Basically, I took my brother in to live with me in, I think, Spring 2019. He was living with my mother but he’s Bipolar, and he wasn’t treating it. He’s been cycling every few years since the late 1970’s. During manic episodes he is seriously insane, aggressive, menacing, hateful, violent, and sometimes paranoid and delusional. They were happening every few years, but then they started happening more often. This last one only had a break of six months. He has denied that he is ill for 40 years.

He put my mother through utter Hell when he was living with her three times. He acted like a demon or Satan or like he was Satanically possessed. He just terrorized the living Hell out of her. One thing he did was play music late at night. The neighbors kept complaining but he kept doing it anyway. When he’s like that he doesn’t follow anybody’s rules. He could have easily just used a set of headphones, and I believe he even had one, but he simply refused to use them. Same thing at my place. He has headphones but he refuses to use them.

One night at 2:30 AM, my mother told him to turn the music down or she was going to call the police. He gets cops called on him every time he goes manic, and typically he gets arrested at least one time. He stared at her and said with profound seriousness:

If you call the pigs on me, I’ll kill you.

This terrorized my mother. She relayed it to my brother, and he drove up to see what he could do. They went to the police about a restraining order, but the cops said it sounded like a crime. My Mom decided to press charges against him as the only way to get him out of the house. She also got a restraining order against him.

So he was arrested on the Criminal Threat law. Of course people threaten each other all the time, but you need to be careful about threatening to kill someone because if they can prove it, you can go to jail!

He was arrested and then they beat him badly in intake like they almost always do. He said he came into intake, and they started barking all these orders at him like dogs, and he couldn’t really figure out what they were saying, and he was trying to understand what they wanted. Well, they took that as refusal to follow orders and beat the Hell out of him.

I’d like to relate to you that pigs beat people up all the time in jails, and I do mean all the time! I really don’t think it’s necessary in most cases. Pigs are just sadists, that’s all. Guards beat people up in jail all the time too. Another bunch of sadistic freaks of nature.

I forget what happened but he was trying to use a phone to call out and it didn’t work, and he got angry. I guess he yelled. I’ve spent six whole hours in jail in my whole life. Sanctimonious Normie NPC twits like to make a big deal about that. Screw them! I was an angry and rebellious young man aged 20 and 21. Both arrests involved smoking pot in a car.

Well, let me tell you. People yell and scream in jails all the time. It’s par for the course. If you’re a jailer, you come to expect him. They just come by and threaten them with this or that and walk away.

Anyway this time they totally beat the shit out of him again, I guess for yelling. Then they threw him in the crazy/drunk tank, a rubber room, completely naked and kept him there for 48 hours. That seemed pretty excessive too if things went down the way.

I went to the jail on a regular basis to see him, and we could talk via video. He had some sort of cold sore breakout all over his face, which I assumed was due to stress. He said the food was literally inedible, and the guards deliberately played the TV loud all night long so you couldn’t sleep. They also threatened to beat him up on a regular basis.

I forget what I ended up doing during the video chats. They wouldn’t give him his meds or anything. There was no reading material at all. The place is just a gigantic torture chamber.

California jails have gotten a lot worse in recent years due to prison overcrowding. A judge ordered California prisons to only allow inmate populations at 133% of capacity, which I think is 33% too much. Anyway, it’s a lot lower than a lot of states. California ingeniously tried to solve this problem by sending a lot of the prison inmates to local jails to serve their time. Hence the culture of prison has come to local California jails. Prison culture is far worse than jail culture.

As they went to put him in general population, a deputy saw his papers and put him in protective custody because he said they’d beat him up in there. I knew they didn’t like child molesters and I suppose rapists, but I had no idea that they hated guys who beat and threaten women too! Apparently the hated objects thing has migrated to include any crime against a minor or woman. It’s said that inmates have wives, girlfriends, and kids too, so they don’t like inmates who pick on the weak.

See, the thing is when you go into GP or General Population, everyone asks what you are in for, and even worse they ask to see your papers, which every inmate has on him. This is how they find out about inmates who commit crimes against women and children.

So he was put in PC or Protective Custody. I’m not sure who else was in there, but I think at one point he was in with the crazies, gays, and trannies. They all have to be segregated too because they can be victimized and beat up in jail. I think gang snitches and gang dropouts go in there too. There’s a “no snitching” culture in jails and prisons and gangs especially don’t like it.

Well, at least he didn’t get beat up in there. But towards the end, some mental guy (he had committed a crime, but he was seriously mentally ill) ended up being his roommate, and he ended up punching my brother in the head one night for no good reason. He said complaining to guards is no good because the guards blame the victim too. So if you’re a victim of an assault in jail and you report it to the guards, the guards punish you too! This makes no sense to me.

He said that coffee ended up being money or legal tender in jail, and everybody wanted money to buy stuff at the commissary because the food was so horrible.

He served seven weeks in the local jail, which was basically the Ninth Circle of Hell. The guards were monsters and even the nurses were just horrible. Just pure hatred and no empathy at all.

When he got out, my Mom had a restraining order against him, so he was homeless. My place was the only place to stay or else he would be homeless. I took him in out of the goodness of my heart. He was manic as Hell when he moved in. He had to go get his stuff at my Mom’s place and move it in here. He ended up moving into the living room and sleeping on the couch.

However, he had to be in a mental health program as part of his sentence. He had to take meds and see a therapist, a psychiatrist, and a social worker. I didn’t think much of that system. They really defend the cops, even if they beat people up.

He admitted that he had Bipolar Disorder and was put on various meds. He also had to attend counseling and group therapy sessions over video, which I didn’t think too much of. When he left the program, he flew out to New York to see a girlfriend and he came back manic as a bat out of Hell. I’m not sure what happened. I assumed he had gone off his meds.

But he’s been on them ever since he left the program, 200 mg of something. It’s not enough as he’s having a major breakthrough episode. The drug goes up to 300 mg. He probably needs another drug added on.

He wasn’t supposed to stay here according to the lease, so I let him come around in the daytime for up to 12 hours, but he had to leave and go to the Mission to sleep at night. This wasn’t optimal as it’s very unsanitary, run by Christian religious lunatics, and on top of that, he kept getting respiratory infections at the place.

The management was curious, but I argued that he wasn’t really staying here, as he was sleeping somewhere else. He was just coming around to visit in the daytime, like your friend coming over every day to visit you. They didn’t really buy that but they let him stay here.

He kept cycling while he was here, and the intervals got down to once every three months from once every six months. I kept threatening to throw him out all the time. I’ve been threatening to throw him out for three years or however long it’s been that he’s been here. Last year, police were called about him three different times. They came out to the house once but didn’t do much.

After maybe a year or so of that, COVID hit, and he used this to scam his way out of staying at the mission and live here full-time on the basis that he could catch COVID at the mission. This was in violation of my lease, but I didn’t know that. After a while, the manager kept giving him forms to get on the lease, but she said he wasn’t filling them out properly or he never returned them. I don’t understand what was going on. I know a couple were thrown back as not filled out properly.

This problem with him living here put me in a great big bind because he wasn’t supposed to be here, and caused me to violate my lease by having him here. I really didn’t want him on that lease, as my Mom said to not ever put him on the lease because he’ll end up getting me thrown out of my place.

I kept threatening to throw him out, but my Mom didn’t want me to because he had nowhere to go, and he’d be homeless. As a family, we look out for each other.

He went into another major manic episode just a few months ago. A previous one had just ended, and there was a hypomanic period in between, and a new one started up with only a three month interval between it and the previous one. The episodes start coming more frequently with time, especially if you don’t treat it.

I told my friends about his behavior recently, and they told me I’m a saint. They said 95% of the population would not put up with it and would throw him out. But I didn’t want him to go homeless, so I kept him here. He got on lists for the various housing authorities because he qualifies for subsidized housing via the county, state, and federal government. He’s been on these lists forever. He turned down one place and recently he was offered another place, but something happened and he couldn’t move in.

The last three weeks have been batshit insane. He’s been taking plates of food and throwing them all over the apartment, living room, and dining room. He threatens and assaults me all the time in all sorts of ways. He openly defies me and refuses to follow any of my rules. If you try to get him to follow a rule, he gets menacing or he assaults me.

There have probably been ~60 fistfights between him and me in the past year. One night there were 5-10 fistfights in a night. He’s thrown me across rooms to where I slammed into a table and pushed the table into a wall. He’s unbelievably clever, devious, and manipulative when he’s like this. He’s a total monster. It’s like living with the Devil, Satan, or Charles Manson. He acts like he’s pure evil.

Of course he projects everything onto me. He’s completely innocent and I’m the one who’s attacking him since he’s just a total victim. He’s incredibly irritable and every little thing makes him fly into a rage. He drinks like a fish when he’s like this, smokes a lot, and starts smoking pot. When he’s not too manic, the booze calms him down late at night, and he even turns pleasant or friendly sometimes.

But when he’s in a full-blown episode like he is now, the booze just makes him worse, and towards late at night, he gets aggressive, menacing, and violent. I have had to barricade myself in rooms four times in the past two weeks. He has tried to smash the doors down each time. Once he punched holes in a door. He also tore that door off the track and then assaulted it two more times, making it worse. He made keys to my rooms and my car and started taking my car and driving it.

He broke into my room when I was sleeping to try to steal a bottle of liquor that I keep in there. Once he locked me out of my room, my house, and my car, and I had to climb in my window to recover my car keys. He broke into my room and grabbed a bottle of liquor and started drinking from it. A fight ensued and he locked the door and closed it on the way out, so I was locked out of my room. My house and car keys were on there too. He had a key to my room but he laughed and wouldn’t give it to me.

When he gets this crazy, he gets these weird glittery, glowing, or shining eyes. It’s a creepy effect. He shouts and screams all the time, and sometimes there are shouting matches.

The police were called five times about this mess in the last few weeks, four times by me and once by him.

The other night I heard sounds like he was dying. I went out into the living room and he was bent over on the couch and had vomited all over the carpet. I didn’t get mad at him, though most anyone else would blow up at you for doing that. I’m probably the least irritable person you will ever meet. I said in a completely matter of fact, businesslike tone that I had tried to remove all hostility from:

You’re going to have to clean that up?

Soon he was turning the light and I kept turning it on because I wanted him to clean up the vomit that night and not wait a while and he can’t clean it up with the light off. He kept turning it back on. I said:

Look, you’re going to have to clean that up, ok? I mean tonight. Like now.

This was also said in the most matter of fact way as possible. He charged at me and kept asking me what I had said. I kept repeating that I he had to clean up the vomit right now. He attacked me and I barricaded myself behind a locked door again as he smashed and pounded at it and screamed like a banshee and tried to tear it off the hinges again.

I called the police and told them to come out this time because I was really scared. The other times I kept going to the police station at night and talking to officers. The last time I was there, they told me to not come in and instead to call them out to the apartment the next time this happened, so I did it.

They actually came out to the house. I talked to the cop, told him what was going on, and he said he would try to 5150 him, but he probably wasn’t bad enough to take in. We always try to get him 5150’d, but they always say he’s not bad enough.

All five times, I must say that the police were extremely friendly and sympathetic. Once they even called me by my name! If you’re a victim, they are often very kind to you. In those cases, they’re not pigs. They’re just cops! The cop was even nice to me when my brother tried to get me arrested because he thought I acted in self defense.

I have pulled knives on him many times recently and it isn’t the first time. When he’s aggressive, menacing, and violent, the only thing that keeps him away is a damned knife. The cops were not wild about me pulling those knives, but I didn’t see any other way. Of course I never stabbed him and I always pulled the knives in self defense. I’ve pulled knives on him before years ago and right before he went to jail, my sister pulled a knife on him. He acts like Charles Manson. Wouldn’t you pull a knife on Manson?

The cops told me to stop responding to him, and the fights have gone way down because it’s true, the fights were happening because I reacted to him.

One night he tried to smash in my bedroom door that I had barricaded myself inside. He had an arm in the door and I kept hitting it to make it go away but it had no effect, so I took car keys and started stabbing his arm with the keys to make him pull his hand out of the door. This ended up putting bruises on his arm. I hope I didn’t cause any serious or permanent damage.

He then went to the police and tried to get me arrested for assault and battery on the basis of his wounds. The officer was sympathetic to me and said I had acted in self-defense, but he had to write up a report on it anyway.

I kept researching how to evict someone, but things were not very helpful. I went to the courthouse and they implied that a tenant could not evict a roommate. However, some web pages said you could. I finally wrote up an eviction notice and gave it to him on the 13th. He has 60 days to leave. If he’s not gone, I can go to court to try to get him thrown out. True, he will be homeless if I throw him out, but there’s no alternative at this point.

I talked to a lawyer and the lawyer said I could not legally throw him out. He suggested a restraining order or having the manager throw him out. The lawyer wasn’t very friendly or sympathetic either for whatever reason.

The manager is the worst manager on Earth, just pure evil and Satanic. She hated me from the day I moved in. She said, “I don’t trust that old man.” I haven’t done much of anything in 15 years here, but her attitude has not changed. Her attitude towards me is complete and utter contempt.

I went to her and told her what was going on and how I had served him with an eviction notice. I told her I went to a lawyer and he suggested that the management evict him. I asked her to do it but she put up a huge fight. I honestly didn’t know I was violating the lease and could get thrown out for that.

Today she called me in and gave me a paper of a three-day notice to clear up a matter or quit. It looks like it’s an eviction of him. It says on there that I am the only one who is allowed to live here. It was written in a hateful, contemptuous, enraged tone towards me for forcing her to do this. She blames all of this bullshit on me. It’s all my fault. Not one milliliter of sympathy.

I showed my brother the notice, and he said he wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. So apparently he’s not going to be out of here in three days. The part I don’t like is that the notice implies that if I don’t get him out of here in three days, I’m getting thrown out. I showed the notice to a cop and he said he didn’t think that was what it said. I thought after three days were up, I could get the sheriff’s to force him to leave, but they only do that with a court order.

I’m now thinking of getting a restraining order against him. I really didn’t want to go this route, but if he has only three days to leave or he gets me in trouble. I’m going to go down to the court tomorrow and see if I can get a restraining order.

Here’s the document I served my brother:

Addressed to:

Mr. XXXX Lindsay

March 13, 2023

I am hereby evicting you from my apartment for rage, anger, temper tantrums, screaming and yelling, throwing objects, throwing glasses of water at me, anger at having to pay his share of the utilities, constant harassment, mocking, ridiculing, insulting, bullying, resentment, contempt, menacing, threatening, assaulting, throwing food and other items, punching holes in doors, tearing doors off of hinges, breaking into my locked room, stealing liquor and drinking it, shoving knives into walls, stealing my car and driving it without permission, locking me out of my room, home, and vehicle, making keys to my car, playing music too loud late at night and refusing to turn it down when ordered to, and refusing to treat your mental illness, which is the cause of all of this behavior.

You have 60 days after this notice to leave the premises. If you do not leave by that time, we will have to go to court on this matter.

Bob Lindsay

Signed Robert Lindsay

5:14 PM March 13, 2023 XXXX Street, Apt. X, California, XXXXX Zip Code

If this diabolical manager tries to get me evicted over this bullshit, I’m going to fight it all the way, sorry. I’m doing everything I can to get rid of him. What more can I do?

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

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6 thoughts on “I’m in a Real Bad Situation Here”

  1. “A judge ordered California prisons to only allow inmate populations at 133% of capacity” Insane.

      1. Insane to be over 100%. It must be insane in an overdflowing prison.

        Someone recently suggested experimenting on inmates instead of animals in labs. I’m not a big believer in the justice system, too much weaselry. I believe many in prison are innocent.

        1. Thank you. Yes, I agree, they should only be filled to 100% capacity. You have to release some prisoners? Oh boo hoo pigs! Why don’t you and your injusticial system pig buddies quit convicting and sentencing people to incarceration for all these chickenshit, petty offenses!

          I actually hate prison and jail guards, judges, and especially prosecutors. Cops just arrest folks who are breaking the laws. They don’t write the laws. On the other hand, they have considerable leeway about whether to even investigate a crime or charge someone with it or at least they used to back in the day anyway.

          It’s really the prosecutor scumbags who are prosecuting all these people on these chickenshit victimless offenses. The worst pigs of all are fed pigs. All federal laws have insane sentencing guidelines and federal law makes an astounding number of rather harmless things illegal. And they really throw the book at you when they convict you of a federal offense too.

          I’m actually quite happy that a lot of county jails are full up in California and they can hardly take in anymore inmates. There are people who get arrested for car theft and released the next day because there’s no room for them in the jails. Don’t like it? Build more jails and prisons! Or get rid of a lot of these chickenshit laws and let us folks solve our problems amongst themselves.

  2. Sorry to hear about this. I would ask the landlord to sign an agreement to give my full security deposit back in exchange for leaving the apartment, then find another apartment and go there without bringing the brother with me.

    1. Yeah he has already been removed, but he came back tonight after he slept at the mission last night. Tonight he said he could not stay there due to all of these unpleasant conditions. The conditions will not change tomorrow night, and he will keep coming back here to sleep. He can’t spend the night here because that means he’s living here, and that violates my lease. So him staying here at night endangers my housing and can get me evicted.

      Only solution is to change the locks on the doors. I’m going to do that on Monday. I don’t care what the management thinks. I’ll give them the new keys and walk out the door. I had a very good reason to change them.

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