I Still Don’t Know My ABC’s


Actually, I do. But I haven’t memorized them in the sense that I intuitively know which letter comes before or after which letter in a lot of cases, especially towards the middle and end of the alphabet. I know the ones towards the beginning a lot more intuitively.

As I do a lot of alphabetizing in my projects, I need to get my ABC’s right. So quite a few times I have to run through the whole alphabet until I get to the letters in question to figure out which letter comes before or after which letter. On the other hand, I can say my ABC’s in my head very, very fast, like I can run through the whole thing in 3-4 seconds. Three seconds for show and four or more to actual find the letters in question and suss them out.

So I know my ABC’s and I don’t!

Anybody else wish to comment?

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