Alt Left: Catholic Church “Pedophile” Scandal Again

I looked over the data on this again and it appears that I was wrong. This case is about:

  1. Gay priests. The Catholic Church has a gay priest problem.
  2. Pedophile priests. The Church also has a pedophile priest problem, but most of these are homosexual pedophiles, so we once again, we are back to the Church having a gay priest problem

It turns out, looking at the data, that 47% of the cases involved minors under 13. That counts as child molestation in the US, and I’m not opposed to that designation. The other 53% of the cases involve young adults from 13-17. This is more of a gay priest problem.

82% of those the priests had sex with were boys and male young adults. Only 18% were girls and female young adults. So we can see once again that the “pedophile priest” BS is really just a gay problem within the Church.

The 53% of priests who had sex with 13-17 year olds, primarily boys, may not have any disorder at all. It is possible that some are hebephiles, but hebephilia is not a disorder and in fact, it’s not even abnormal! So the majority of the priests involved here were quite normal sexually. Their problem was a moral and legal one, not a psychiatric one.

Now we look at that 47% of priests who molested children under 13, mostly boys once again. Although 75% of child molesters are non-pedophilic, most of these molestations occur within the family, are associated with elevated levels of psychopathy, and occur in the context of other types of abuse such as verbal, psychological, or physical.

Since these priests were not molesting family members, few of them were probably non-pedophilic molesters. The only type of man who would go out of his way to molest little boys who are not in his family is a pedophile. So,

82% of the priests engaging in sex with minors were gay men.

47% were probably pedophiles and the vast majority of them were probably homosexual pedophiles.

So we can see that the Church has two problems:

  • A gay priest problem.
  • A pedophiles (mostly gay pedophile) priest problem.

So the “pedophile priest” scandal is at least partly true, although less than half of the priests involved were actual pedophiles.

Most of the boys who got damaged in this affair were straight boys. It can be quite traumatic for a straight boy to be lured into gay sex. It messes with their identity. Nevertheless, any gay young men these priests had sex with probably enjoyed it. As a rule, gay teenagers do not seem to be harmed at all by having sex with adult gay men. In fact, 1/3 of gay teen minors are currently in a sexual relationship with an adult gay man.

Even in the case of molestations, 70% of gay men who were molested as boys were not harmed at all, and in general said that they very much enjoyed it! 30% did not like it and may have suffered harm. The ones who liked it experienced non-coercive or consensual molestation. The ones who disliked it and were harmed had experienced coerced molestation.

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