Alt Left: Ukrainians Kill Two Russian Soldiers Trying to Surrender

Obviously both of them are trying to surrender. You’re supposed to communicate with them. You yell at them to drop their weapons, to raise their hands, to surrender. I’ve seen the Russians do this many times.

You always want to take a POW instead of having an active fighter who is fighting you and trying to kill you.

I’ve heard one report from a Russian around the Kremina front who said that they were told to take no prisoners.

That’s unfortunate, but the Ukrainians have been doing this everyone for this whole war. Many are on tape saying that they don’t take prisoners, and they execute all POW’s. In general, the Russians take POW’s and don’t attack Ukrainians who are surrendering. That’s why they have 20,000 POW’s and the Ukrainians only have 100 Russian POW’s. Why the discrepancy? Well, in part, it is because the Ukrainians are simply not taking prisoners and the Russians are.

I don’t know that all Ukrainian soldiers are Nazis, but this refusing to take prisoners and executing POW’s crap is straight up Nazi behavior. If the Ukrainians don’t want to be called Nazis, they can quit acting like them! Until then, the name-calling will go on!

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