Alt Left: Ukrainian Nazis Execute Their Own Soldiers for Trying to Surrender to Russia

This has to be correct. You can see the white flag and the soldiers advancing towards what must be the Russian position. Then you see that they are all shot in the back from an area where the video is being filmed. Apparently the killer or his pals took this video, perhaps as an object lesson.

Russia doesn’t shoot their own soldiers for trying to surrender to the enemy. For that matter, neither does Wagner. I’m not aware of a single recorded case of Russians shooting their own men for trying to surrender. So that means that the men shooting the prisoners from the POV of the video cannot be Russians.

Also, the men who are shot cannot be Russians either. Ukrainians would not shoot Russian surrendering in the back! That they were shot in the back means that they were coming from their own lines to surrender to the enemy in front of them.

Russia in general does not execute Ukrainian prisoners. So that’s not a Russian filming the video, and those are not Russians who are shooting the surrendering men.

In addition, we have many reports of Ukrainian Nazi militias who are working in “punisher groups” embedded with the Ukrainian army in the rear who shoot Ukrainian troops who desert or try to surrender. Also we so far have three videos of Ukrainian Nazis executing their own men for trying to surrender, deserting, or refusing to fight. The executioners in all of these videos were from the Kraken Battalion, which is an Azov unit out of Kharkiv. It is this battalion that executed the Russian prisoners by shooting them in the knees in the famous video.

There are claims that the video is fake. But there’s no need to make fake photos of Ukrainian brutality towards Russian POW’s and even their own men who surrender, leave, or avoid fighting. With the Ukrainians committing so many filmed atrocities of their own, why bother to make up lies about them. The truth is bad enough!

And the way that last guy falls down looks hella realistic. I vote for this video being real. We already know the Ukrainians have tendencies towards executing their own attempting to vacate the fight, so it’s no great leap to assume that this is just one more video of the same thing we’ve seen them do before.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Ukrainian Nazis Execute Their Own Soldiers for Trying to Surrender to Russia”

  1. I saw a video showing very young men, maybe 16 years old, who were fighting on the Ukrainian side and who were shaking in their boots. I imagine young boys like those thinking that surrendering might be a way to escape, talking to one another to strengthen their resolve, only to fall at the hands of their own comrades. This video haunts me.

    1. I think I saw that one of the 16 and 17 year old young men. I still say that soldiers should be at least 18.

  2. Should be legal for a soldier to have sex. A person likely to die for country should be able to live life to the fullest in said country.

    I believe Russia’s been taking the moral high road, in comparison to Ukraine. A part of me was concerned Russia was treading too softly.

    Most Americans I talk to only see it from the Ukrainian POV. They see Ukraine as moral superiors.

    1. I believe Russia’s been taking the moral high road in comparison to Ukraine

      I want them to keep doing this! I will be very unhappy if they don’t!

      Most Americans I talk to only see it from the Ukrainian POV. They see Ukraine as moral superiors.

      Yeah and that’s completely false based on their war crimes alone.

    2. That’s because Ukraine (the country under invasion) IS the moral superior to the country doing the invading. I think most people can see the moral clarity of one country having the option of turning back and going home.

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