Alt Left: The Latest Ukrainian Lie

Ukraine is claiming that Russians blew up the Soviet airplane statue in Bakhmut. But they also are fond of saying, “Destroy all Soviet monuments. Check out the cognitive dissonance here:

Ukrainians: Destroy all Soviet monuments!

Also Ukrainians: Evil Russians destroyed a Soviet monument! What scum!

Actually, of course, the Ukrainians blew up the airplane statue. God knows why? God knows why they do a lot of the things they do.

So many things that the Ukrainians say are something along these lines. It’s the same way with almost all of their supporters too. If you have to resort to near-psychotic levels of cognitive dissonance to defend your view or mindset, there’s a pretty good chance that your view is messed up bullshit and your mindset is unhealthy and non-adaptive.

Personally I try to keep my politics free of as much cognitive dissonance, unreason, insensibility, and hypocrisy as possible. I’m quite capable of having a sensible politics without resorting to those levels of dishonesty. I also try to not live a hypocritical life. One of the worst things you can be in life is a goddamned hypocrite. Most everyone goes ahead and turns into one anyway because they can’t cope with the idea of “being wrong.” It’s so painful and such a devastating ego blow that they have to resort to the most ridiculous levels of hypocrisy just to keep their political views and lifestyles free of conflict.

If you ever catch me in any cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy, or blatant unreason, please point it out to me in the comments or in email.

To my readers. If you catch yourself engaging in this level of open cognitive dissonance about political issues or the way you live your life, I’d advise you to seriously check out your views. Sure, life is hard and we all lie to ourselves every minute of everyday just to keep from putting a bullet in our heads. That’s fine, to a point.

Go ahead and lie about your personal narrative to yourself all you want to keep your self-esteem going and nice and high. But when you get to the point where you statements and views and obviously nonsensical and contradictory, people are going to notice.

And you’re guilty of being insensible and frankly, crazy. Telling lies to yourself to keep above ground is just fine, but there’s no need to go to psychotic levels of defense. Life’s not that bad. Come on. You can do it. You can make it. You don’t need to go completely nuts to make it in this world. It’s just not necessary.

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