I Have to Admit That I Seriously Hate Human Beings

I don’t hate what they are. I hate what they’ve turned into. We basically have some version of Shithead World or Clown Rock, take your pick.

The only sane thing to be nowadays is a misanthrope. If you’re not, you’re one of them, and that’s cowardly and pathetic.

Part of me wants out but I think instead of buying it with my hand, I’d rather resign.

That is, I am no longer a human. I am not a part of this garbage called humanity. I’m something else. I’m an ex-human. I’m not part of them. I left the Church of Human a long time ago, so please don’t judge me for that. And everyone who hates me for whatever reason, fine. Obviously you hate me because I don’t go along with your “how to be a human” bullshit. That’s fine. You can hate me all you want. In fact, I consider an honor to be hated by most people. I’d be much more upset if they liked me because then I’d be one of them.

I make up my own rules and laws and I decide for myself what’s right and what’s wrong. As I’m an ex-human, I’m under no obligation to live according to the rules of idiotic, garbage humans. I do it my own way. My way. And I don’t look back, ever. Not even once.

I do like some of you, though. But most of you that I like, just like me, are ex-humans too, whether you know it or not. Humanity is such shit nowadays, at least here in the West, that being an ex-human strikes me as the only intelligent thing to be. Go ahead and resign. Fuck em all. Resign from this joke of a Clown Species. Take leave of this Clown Rock.

Come along.

Come join me.

Come here.


Yes, you.

Stand closer.

Don’t be afraid.

It’s only the night.


Take my hand.

It’s warm, isn’t it?

I told you it would be.


Come with me.

Let us go, you and I, into the night.

Into the night and out of the world.

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2 thoughts on “I Have to Admit That I Seriously Hate Human Beings”

  1. I understand the sentiment. I’ve noticed a contingent of white people on the far left and the far right who are channeling their white nationalist sentiment onto this Russian genocide and are making every excuse for Putin as he makes Israel’s war crimes in Palestine look like verbal assault by comparison.

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