Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: The Sex Fascists Double Down – The Sheer Insanity of Modern Discourse on Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and Ephebophilia

Now that everyone has exposed these scum on their lies about “pedophilia,” they’ve doubled down and now insist that Hebephilia and Ephebophilia are just as pathological. According to almost everyone in the Anglospere, even having a mere attraction to any minor female means you’re a pedophile! You think that 17 year old girl over there is pretty hot? Too bad, you’re a pedophile! Basically, anyone over 18 who finds any minor sexually attractive is a pedophile! This includes 18 year old man and 17 year old girls.

There’s virtual unanimity on this across the spectrum. The Left is just as insane on this as the Right or the Center are. Actually one of the few groups that make sense on this are the far Right, Alt Right, or MAGA Right. Support for this lunatic view is also very high across both males and females.

Nobody wants to go against the insane rhetoric because if you do, you get called pedophile, told that you’re about to commit a sex crime, and mass reported to the police. If you have a career it’s probably over. So most probably go along with the insane lies because telling the truth gets you banned from social media and possibly fired from your job.

You would think that minors themselves could be attracted to other minors without getting called pedophiles, but that’s not quite so either. A woman was slandered as a pedophile for having a 15 year old girlfriend when she was 17! This seems to be the normal attitude nowadays. She was slandered on a site, Kiwi Farms, that is extremely popular with the Woke Left. Many teenagers are noting that they are attracted to their peers and worriedly asking questions about whether they are pedophiles or not!

The public mostly dodges the question but how a 17 year old boy turns into a pedophile when he turns 18 and still finds 17 year old girls hot is beyond me. And yes, 18 year old men are absolutely being arrested for sex with 17 year old girls! As are 19 year old men.

And 20 year old men. Some states have tried to get around this by putting in Romeo and Juliet laws, but you will never hear one sex fascist anywhere support any Romeo and Juliet laws. The line across the mass of society is that these laws “legalize pedophilia.” Other than people in my generation, I have only met one person so far, a feminist at that, who supported Romeo and Juliet laws.

The other line, across the board once again from left to right, is that “minors can’t consent.” Well, that’s bullshit. Of course they can consent to sex, for God’s sake. This crazy line came from the anti-child molestation line that “children can’t consent.” That’s not even true either, but we say they can’t consent in a legal sense though of course they can in a psychological sense. Kids don’t know what sex is before the sex drive comes on. So we say they can’t legally consent in that sense.

Somehow this line about little children under 13 got conflated to 13-17 year olds. Turns out now they can’t consent either! Really? Mystery to me! Of course they can consent psychologically, though whether they can legally or not is another matter.

The problem? All normal men are attracted to 15-17 year old girls at a very high rate of 82% of normal. And at least 23% of men are as attracted to them as they are to grown women. So it’s absolutely normal in every sense of the world for any man of any age to be attracted to 15-17 year old girls! It’s normal behavior.

Now whether they should have sex with them or not is another matter, but the line gets a lot trickier with teenagers because teenagers definitely know what sex is because they have raging sex drives. We say they can’t legally consent because we think a lot of adult-teen sex is immoral, so we want to ban it.

We also think the adult is preying on the teen, which is usually dubious. Of course society has a right to turn its morals into laws as with anything else. On the other hand, sex between adults and teens is not mentally disordered (though child molesting may be). It’s not pedophilia or anything else. Even if the adult has Hebephilia, that’s not a mental disorder. And of course Ephepophilia is normal!

About peer sex between teens, every sex fascist I’ve ever talked to has told me that teens can’t consent and therefore they oppose teen sex. Supposedly teens are not mentally ready for sex! So just about everyone nowadays is opposed to teenagers between 13-17 having any sex at all! How prudish! Once again, this is right to left, males and females, across the board.

Lately we have seen articles, one in particular in the Scottish press, saying that Hebephilia and Ephebophilia are just as wrong and messed up as Pedophilia and acting on these feelings should be outlawed. But wait. The age of consent in Scotland is 16. So adults who have sex with 16-17 year old girls are psychologically disturbed, the same as pedophiles? In addition, Ephebophilia was completely condemned. However this means an attraction or preference for girls 15-19.

How on Earth is it pathological for any man of any age to be attracted to an 18 or 19 year old girl?! That’s just bizarre. And even as a preference, Ephepophilia is not considered to be abnormal. The that Scottish paper along with all sex fascists, defines things by attraction and not preference. So the vast majority of sex fascists now say attraction to 15-19 year olds by any adult of any age is sick and pathological and as bad as pedophilia and should be outlawed!

Problem? As noted, all men are attracted at high levels to 15-17 year old girls, so all men are sick and pathological Ephebophiles, as sick as pedophiles, and acting on this urge should be a crime. Incredibly, the paper also says that even attraction to 18-19 year old girls is Ephebophilia, as sick as pedophilia, and should be outlawed! But all normal men react maximally to 18-19 year old girls.

In fact they react stronger to them than they do to any other group of women! Now this paper is saying that all men who are not dead or gay are sick Ephebophiles, as sick as pedophiles, simply for having an attraction to 18-19 year old girls! God forbid that they act on it!

Now we move down to Hebephilia. This means either attraction or preference to 12-14 year old girls, but some put it up to 12-15, so it overlaps Ephebophilia. In common parlance, Hebephilia means any attraction at all to girls in this age range makes you a hebephile. Problem? You have just now made 82% of all men hebephiles, as sick as pedophiles because that’s the percentage of men who are aroused by 12-14 year old girls! So 82% of us men are sick fucks, huh? Well, excuse me for calling bullshit on that! This is what the sex fascists think!

And the vast majority of men are aligning themselves with the sex fascists nowadays. So the vast majority of men are saying that their own urges and desires are sick, hebephilic and probably pedophilic too as there’s no difference between the two! True the average man is attracted to girls this age at a lower level of 52%, but the attraction is there, it’s just lesser is all.

And 23% of all men are as attracted to 12-14 year old girls as they are to grown women. That’s maximal attraction. So according to the common discourse, absolutely 23% of all men are hebephilic sick fucks, as sick as pedophiles.

Now we move on to pedophilia. This actually seems to be a mental disorder in a lot of cases and I agree with that. On the other hand, as with the other chronophilias, it seems to be an inborn sexual orientation. Keep in mind that Elon Musk will ban you from Twitter if you say pedophilia is a sexual orientation, though this is the consensus among sexologists. Once again, attraction defines the disorder, say the sex fascists.

Yet 51% of men have measurable attraction to little girls under 13 in the lab. It’s at a relatively low level of 31% or about 1/3 of maximum, but it’s there all right. So a majority of normal men have significant attraction even to little girls! On top of that, 21% of all men are as attracted to girls under 13 as much or more than they are to grown women (most are attracted as much as they are to women, not more).

Are we ready to condemn 21% of adult men as pedophiles who need to be beaten up, executed or shoved into a wood chipper? And even with the pure pedophiles, apparently 3% of men are more attracted to little girls than they are to adults. We don’t know how attracted they are to adults, but in quite a few cases, they have little to no attraction to grown women. Well, that’s 3.3 million pedophilic men in the US. Are we ready to execute all of them? Shove them all into wood-chippers? See what I am getting at here?

Ultimately this is a men’s rights issue that has been blown out of proportion by women, and many of these women are feminists. A lot of men are along for the ride, but that’s always the case with men’s rights stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: The Sex Fascists Double Down – The Sheer Insanity of Modern Discourse on Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and Ephebophilia”

  1. I wonder, are the terrible and twisted leaders of the West another consequence of insane anti-heterosexual sex fascism? What kind of man would want to strive to achieve power and leadership in a society where one of the greatest rewards for a successful man, a nubile teen female, is completely restricted and demonized? Seems like it’s another example of the people get the leaders they deserve.

    1. I’m not so sure about that actually. What’s more concerning is that so many men in the West have completely cucked to this feminist-initiated mass hysteria and moral panic. I would look at it more through the lens of a moral panic and a mass hysteria than anything else.

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