Some Thoughts About Finding Your “Real Writing Voice” and Discovering the “Real You”

I don’t know about having a “real writing voice.” You will develop one after a while anyway. With me, whatever good stuff I am reading at the time goes into my prose, but not as a conscious influence, more of an unconscious one. So my writing might sound a bit like whatever I am reading at the time.

Also, I walk around in the day a lot writing things out in my head.

In addition, I write sentences different ways until I find the one the one that has the right “poetic sound, music, or beat.” You take out or add just one word, and you change a sentence into something perfect with a perfect “beat,” or you get something with a not so good “mouth feel.” In poetry, they call this stuff meter and weight, but I don’t understand that. I just know that I like my writing to sound “beautiful,” or “musical,” so I suppose I am dealing with things like meter and weight without even realizing it.

I’d say your “real writer’s voice” is, like the “real you”, whatever writing voice you created when you woke up that day. The “real you” of course being whatever persona you created when you woke up that day.

Of course over time you will develop a basic voice, but I think it should grow organically rather than as a conscious endeavor. Just sit back, relax, and let it flow. Sort of like what the surrealists were doing with “automatic writing.”

On the other hand, there does seem to be a “real you” and hopefully it’s relatively healthy and not too sick or messed up. As the Greeks said,

The purpose of life is to know yourself


to thine own self be true

Trying to be something you are not just doesn’t work, and that’s why closeted gays are so screwed up. I’m supposedly a homophobe, but I strongly support actual biological gays coming out of the closet at the very least to themselves. Living a lie and pretending to be straight just doesn’t work, sorry.

I’ve noticed that closeted gays are particularly messed up people. Some appear haunted, and they tend to be inauthentic, paranoid, weird, twisted, explosive, touchy, far too sensitive, take offense at every little thing, dishonest, aggressive, menacing, and even violent, unable to admit they are wrong, use defenses like denial to a point where they are nearly delusional. One I knew was an actual out and out criminal who had spent time in prison.He was out of prison when I knew him, but he wasn’t really reformed.

It’s like they are a boiling pot that barely has its lid on. Out gays are supposed to be psychologically messed up too, but I think they are a lot healthier then the closet cases.

Of course over time we develop a basic personality that doesn’t change tremendously, but you can move around a lot in that range especially as in you can get quite mentally healthy or quite mentally unhealthy. Even there, I think people have individual “crazy styles,” or ways of going crazy. Many people will have different ones.

And we have different “sane styles” too or “ways of being healthy.” I’ve done a lot of work as a psychological counselor so this stuff is interesting to me.

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