Alt Left: Russia/Ukraine War March 6, 2023

Russian missile hit Zaporizhzhia apartment building, killing 11 people. Lie. It was hit by Ukrainian anti-aircraft.

Leak about conflicts within the Russian general staff saying that they need to focus on defense instead of offense right now. Probably not true but who knows?

Volya Media reports that Gerasimov perceives the terrible state of affairs in the military, wants them to shift to a defensive posture, so can build up personnel. Putin refuses, he wants at least one oblast in full. Gerasimov was impressed with the “fortress Bakhmut,” and wants to do the same to their controlled territory.

According to sources in the Russian Armed Forces, Gerasimov and Sergei Surovikin prepared a detailed report for Sergei Shoigu and Vladimir Putin, in which they propose to stop senseless offensive attempts and go on the defensive along the entire line of contact.

The transition to the defense, in their opinion, will allow them to accumulate reserves of equipment, train personnel and ensure their rotation, prepare for a large-scale offensive when the army is really ready for this.

“In January, reports of officers were launched, who shared their thoughts on how this mess could be turned into an army. People started talking. A whole year! It took a year for them to realize issues!” Says a source at the [field] headquarters.

According to sources in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation [in Moscow], the proposals of Gerasimov and Surovikin reached Putin and Shoigu, but the transition to the defense will not happen quickly. Allegedly, Putin demanded full control over at least one region [oblast] of Ukraine, after which, he is willing to give approval to change the strategy.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have not been able to solve this [personnel] problem over the past year, and many senior officers understand that in an attempt to completely capture the Donetsk, Luhansk or Zaporozhye regions, the Russian army will lose people and equipment without any benefit, but will not achieve the goal.

A Staff Officer has shocking prediction in his dismissal of these plans:

“Gerasimov may have understood something, but definitely not everything. He doesn’t come down here. What transition to defense? It would be necessary to withdraw troops to the line from 2015—at least that way, something could somehow be held.

When the Armed Forces of Ukraine go forward, we will not hold them in the south, we might not be able to hold them in the east, either. Literally a week ago, there was a situation when the Ukrainians almost destroyed our entire defense near Avdiivka. As soon as Ukraine has the resources and men to attack, we will lose all the territories for which we have been losing men all year.

How long will it take Gerasimov to understand this? And how much will our Supreme Commander need [in order to realize]? They learn from the blood of our soldiers, from our blood. And they learn slowly, like repeaters [students who had to repeat a class],” says an officer serving in the headquarters of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine [field HQ].

It’s all very interesting, but there’s not yet any evidence that any of this is true. However, it’s a fact that most of the newly mobilized Russian soldiers are not yet on the front line, believe it or not.

There were some losses in Adviivka recently.

I’m not sure if Ukraine, if they do an offensive, can overtake Russian troops in both the South and possibly in the East. That seems very dubious. In fact, the whole idea of a Ukrainian offensive in the next couple of months strikes me as absurd. But Zelensky and his generals think they have to stage a (failed) offensive in order to keep the NATO weapons stream flowing and keep NATO countries from tiring on the war.

Ukraine took back a lot of Luhansk. Lie.

Yeah, the Ukrainians gained a lot of Luhansk back. They control 1% of its territory!

Russians are losing 1,000 men a day and have already lost 200,000 men in this conflict. Lie.

More nonsense. All of those figures about 1,000 Russian soldiers dying every day and 200,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in this war are all nonsense.

The liberals at Daily Kos swear by these figures. Markos Moulitsas, runs the site, which is the home of the base of the Democratic Party, in other words, liberal Democrats or the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Markos is one of the most fanatical supporters of the Ukrainian Nazis in the US. Moulitsas is a strong liberal Democrat and identifies as a progressive, yet he is one of the biggest Nazi supporters in the US. The other main Nazi supporter on Kos is Mark Sumner, another hardcore liberal Democrat or progressive. All of the commenters on Kos, most of whom identify as liberals or progressives, are extreme Nazi supporters. Brad Friedman, a Jewish self-proclaimed progressive who runs his own daily radio show, is also a fanatical Nazi supporter.

Yes, there are some strong supporters of the war on the Right, in particular Michael Savage, the National Review, and most Congressional Republicans, especially Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell, but the loudest and most extreme supporters seem to be liberals.

All of the Western media is printing them as if they are true! In fact, Russia has lost ~15,000 soldiers in this war. Ukraine has lost at least 257,000! Ukraine projects like mad in this war, as does the entire West. If you live in the West, almost nothing you have been told about this war is true or was reported in good faith.

On the Ukraine War subreddit, most of the posters are liberal Democrats. Posters elsewhere in the West also tend to be on the left, liberals to social democrats. What the Left sees in these Nazis is beyond me. They call pro-Russian people on the Left like me “tankies,” even though I’m not a communist.

Here is a purported leak from the Russian FSB discussing a planned false flag at Bryansk that was only aborted by Ukrainian intervention of the Nazi terrorist team. This is almost certainly not true.

This is an extract from the latest FSB letter “winds of change”.

People have varying opinions about the letters. Take them with a grain of salt.

This one is via Google translate. It was posted by Osechkin 17 hours ago, I haven’t seen anyone translate it yet. A “drg” is a raiding party.

We needed our own “Russian Bucha”, which would copy the effect of the Ukrainian Bucha and psychologically block it in the memory of the Western layman. Similar things are planned with the highest degree of secrecy, although for a number of indirect points involved in the operation, specialists receive guidance on exactly when and what will approximately happen.

In the end, it is necessary to prepare reactions along the chain of events, provide for a number of factors, think over instructions, etc. Important markers that this year have been particularly evident in our work:

Whatever happens, if we did not prepare it ourselves – no reactions and tough actions. The airfield was blown up, Nord Stream was pierced, even though Bryansk was squeezed out – if we didn’t plan and implement it ourselves, then in the worst case, Peskov will send to the Moscow Region or us for answers;

If we are planning something ourselves, then the performers must be in a hurry so that a pompous official reaction to the event does not happen before the events themselves.

So, a rather formidable appeal by Putin V.V. for today it was ready, legislative the base, as far as I know, is worked out. The case remained for the manifestation of an inhuman terrorist attack.

At least one refrigerated vehicle entered from the Kursk region or with the bodies of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, units of the Russian Guard and OMON were withdrawn from the selected territories, a completely safe corridor was made at the border (no one planned to walk along it, but it was required so that later none of the border guards would testify that they had not seen anyone in his zone responsibility everything went smoothly).

Interaction with the media has been worked out a priori, statements about civilian casualties, shot hostages, etc. prepared, n.p. was chosen (according to my information, the main coven should have been in one settlement). “Enemy UAVs” were supposed to destroy all cameras at the “crossing the border of the DRG” with pinpoint accuracy.

In addition, there could be no “retreat” of the DRG in the plans: they went in, beat up the locals, scattered leaflets, but the valiant special forces immediately burst in and during a short effective clash killed every single terrorist. Media, corpses, paintings, evidence,The President makes the only possible statement, the whole country is united in the need to repel the terrorists.

And now some obscure, Russian people by passport burst into this impeccable plan. They fit perfectly at a time when a hole was kindly made in the border (we did), when it is impossible to call law enforcement agencies at the site of a future special operation, where there is no one at all. Yes, they arrived a little earlier, but in such a situation it was already difficult for the organizers to figure it out. Secrecy is a double-edged sword.

“One death is a tragedy, millions of deaths are statistics.” These words of Stalin are a standard informational rule: individual stories are always needed against the background of the statistics of an event: a little girl who dreamed of buying a toy for her mother on March 8, but was brutally killed by a Ukrainian DRG, a grandmother burned alive in the courtyard of the house, etc.

Now I gave examples, not specifics. And the leadership was lucky twice: firstly, that they slowed down our DRG by the time the “stray” calmly went home and the National Guard began to catch up, and, secondly, they did not start tearful stories about the dead civilians quite in advance. It would be inconvenient. Although what else can be spoiled in this operetta?

But there were already instructions on what and how to comment,how to direct your contacts among journalists and bloggers, what information can be passed as a source to contacts in Western media. And now so many people in the system understand the essence of what happened that the organizers should be a little offended. But from this we draw the first main conclusion:

THE PERFECTLY PRECISE TIME AND THE CALM OF THE FLIGHT DRG COULD NOT BE A NORMAL RANDOMNESS. These were not specialists, they went as if on a holiday, they could take a g*p*y camp with tambourines and buffoons with bears in both directions – and they would have passed with the same result, but precisely in this corridor of time.

They came out so on time that by the time we began to understand something, it was already too late. And the one behind this “action” perfectly knew the whole plan to the details. And to have a tolerance of this level could be a few. Which of them leaked and why? And to whom? It is clear that everyone will blame the Anglo-Saxons and their Ukrainian puppets, but real questions remain.

In general, of course, the Service, more than ever, has the right to declare that the enemy again shit in our pants, but then actions begin that I myself can’t explain in any way. More precisely, I can explain only one thing: realizing how much we screwed up, the management began to fuss, and mistakes the size of a rhinoceros began to multiply and multiply.

Here is the breakdown.

The claim is that

  • The Russian FSB planned to fake an attack on Bryansk by a Ukrainian raiding party to create a “Russian Bucha”
  • The FSB had Ukrainian army bodies ready in a freezer van and were going to stage a grisly murder scene
  • They were going to pretend the Ukrainian army had raided Bryansk and killed children or done horrible things
  • Part of the FSB plot involved emptying the area of Russian officials, so that they can’t later claim there were in the area and didn’t see anything.
  • Ukraine discovered this whole thing and sent the Russian volunteers to arrive just before this was supposed to take place
  • The Ukrainian aligned Russians (“Rex” and others) made their way to the area where they took the video. In their own interviews (see war translated) they’ve said they had a small engagement. In the video some gunshots can be heard
  • Anyway this is all extremely confusing to the FSB who aren’t sure whether someone screwed up the timing or what
  • Around this time in the real world we saw all kinds of crazy stories about the attack – school bus kidnapped, explosives hidden in the area etc. The author implies these were just part of the media scheduling for the days operation

The letter continues after this quoted section to talk about some of the mistakes the author said grew to the “size of a rhinoceros”. For instance the security services claim that they had shelled the terrorists over the border and “squeezed” them all….the author says it’s totally incredible that the FSB would unilaterally announce that they’ve shelled a target in Ukraine.

All right, this is almost certainly a lie. Tries to say that the Bryansk terror attack was supposed to be an FSB false flag attack, but the Ukrainians got wind of it and sent their own guys in to pre-empt it. Just more Ukrainian lies.

There will be a massive Ukrainian offensive in the spring that will devastate Russia. Probably not going to happen.

NATO’s air defenses are as good as Russia’s, and NATO soldiers are far better trained on these systems than Russians are. That’s got to be a lie.

Russia only had five hypersonic missiles and they all badly failed to hit even one target. This has got to be a lie. Russia has already fired hundreds of hypersonic missiles and it is very hard if not impossible to shoot them down. Also the ones that hit their targets all hit them very precisely.

Patriots can shoot down hypersonic missiles. I’d be very surprised if that’s true.

Updates from the front:

Bakhmut is for all intents and purposes surrounded. We don’t know how many Ukrainians are left there, (10,000?) but attempts to resupply them and bring in reinforcements don’t seem to be a good idea as Russia controls the roads going in and out. Ukrainians inside say they are running low on ammunition. The Russians are making major gains in Bakhmut. As noted, Wagner is only ~45% of the forces in this area. The rest are various forms of the Russian military. Ukrainians have taken huge casualties here.

Ukrainians are trying to do a fighting retreat from Bakhmut but the roads are under Russian fire control so they are getting hit hard. A number of convoys have been wiped out. The head of Wagner offered them a chance to withdraw earlier and a number took him up on it. This is a good idea for both sides. If your enemy offers to withdraw, let them do it! Otherwise you keep fighting and lose a bunch of men and then win the city. This way you lose zero men and win the city. Which is better?

The Russian army is closing in on Khromove. This has now cut the last main road out of the city.

Russians are shelling Chasov Yar very heavily. The city administration has fled the area. Many of the Ukrainians who retreated from Bakhmut went to this area.

In the north, Russia has made some gains to the west of Kremina of ~3 miles. There have also been unspecified gains to the south of Kremina. Bilohorkiva is still controlled by Ukraine. Siversk is now at risk with the fall of Bakhmut. Ukrainians are taking serious losses here.

To the north around Svatove, Russians have made slow gains in the direction of Kupyansk, capturing a few towns to the east of it. Ukraine has told all civilians to leave the city. Ukrainians are suffering serious losses here.

There is a lot of fighting around Toretsk near Gorlivka, but the line seems pretty frozen. This area is very well-fortified.

Russia has made some progress to the north of Avdiivka, as they are now fighting for the town of Batmuskove. This area is insanely fortified by the Ukrainians. Ukrainians are suffering some losses here, but apparently the Russians are too.

Russia has also made some progress around Vodyane and Pervomaiske. This area is also extremely fortified.

There has been extremely heavy fighting in Marivka. Russia has made some very slow gains in this city. They also took some territory to the north and south of the town. The town is a problem because Ukraine keeps resupplying it and the Ukrainians are incredibly dug in. However, Russia has recently pushed towards Poveda to the south, gaining one mile, and has reached the edge of the town.

In Vulhedar, the situation remains difficult in part because it is a very difficult city to take and also because Ukraine keeps reinforcing it. The Russians have retaken positions in the dachas the east of town. Ukrainians have taken heavy casualties. There are reports of heavy Russian casualties here too, but they may be exaggerated. It’s really hard to figure out what is going on here. Some of the Marines here recently complained about their commander and demanded that he be replaced.

To the West there is only the South of Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, and Kherson. There has been no movement at all in this area in either direction. Both sides are building up heavy forces in these areas, supposedly each one for an offensive.


The UK MoD have said that some of the Russians are using MPL-50 entrenching tools (that link is to the Wikipedia article. There’s pics if you want a look) as they haven’t got enough ammo.

The full quote from the Guardian:

The latest intelligence briefing from the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) says recent evidence suggests an increase in “close combat” in Ukraine, probably due to Russia’s shortage of “munitions”.

It also refers to Russian mobilized reservists being ordered to assault a Ukrainian concrete strong point armed with only “firearms and shovels”.

These shovels are likely to be the outdated MPL-50 entrenching tools used in hand-to-hand combat.

The MoD says their continued use highlights the “brutal and low-tech fighting” that has characterized much of the war.

The briefing continues:

The lethality of the standard-issue MPL-50 entrenching tool is particularly mythologized in Russia. Little changed since it was designed in 1869, its continued use as a weapon highlights the brutal and low-tech fighting which has come to characterize much of the war.

One of the reservists described being ‘neither physically nor psychologically’ prepared for the action.

Recent evidence suggests an increase in close combat in Ukraine. This is probably a result of the Russian command continuing to insist on offensive action largely consisting of dismounted infantry, with less support from artillery fire because Russia is short of munitions.

Using shovels as combat tools. I’m not sure.

The Russians are using dismounted infantry with less fire support due to an ammo shortage. An out and out lie. Russia is using ~45,000 artillery shells per day. Ukraine is using ~5,000 shells per day. Russia fires nine shells for every one shell Ukraine fires! A while back they were said to be using 50-60,000 shells per day, but then there was a “shell shortage” where they were firing ~20,000 shells a day. Now they are back up to 45,000. There’s no shell shortage!

Keep in mind that almost everything coming out of UK military intelligence these days is a flat out lie in some way or another. It’s nothing but war propaganda and made up bullshit. Ignore it!

Wagner has taken massive losses, as in 40,000 killed, trying to seize Bakhmut. Lie! Actually Wagner has lost 1,200 men at last count. They lose ~35 men per day. The Russian military has been losing about that many men per day for some time now.

Russia lost a horrendous number of men trying to take Bakhmut. Lie. Actually it was the other way around. Russia has lost 18,000 men and Ukraine has lost 237,000 men. Ukraine loses 13 soldiers for every one that Russia loses. Who’s taking the massive casualties? Certainly Russia did not lose 60,000 men trying to take Bakhmut. Who knows how many they lost. They’ve only lost 18,000 men in the whole war. How could they lose 60,000 in one battle?

Russia is suffering a manpower problem. Lie. There are actually 675,000 Russian soldiers in and around Ukraine at this very moment. And most of the mobilized are not even at the front lines yet.

Ukraine is going to launch a huge Spring Offensive, pushing Russia back, seizing Melitopol and cutting off access to Crimea. Dubious.  They’re out of men and they’re running out of weapons. It’s a crazy idea. But they are going to try it anyway and fail because they need to do this to keep Western support up and keep the weapons flowing. It’s all about PR at this point.

The Ukrainian defense of Bakhmut worked as a “holding action” to grind down Russian forces and equipment. BS. With 13 Ukrainian losses for every one Russian loss, you call that a holding action? Nonsense.

The ruble is crashing. Lie. It’s at its highest level since 2015!

LOL Ukraine suffers one loss for every seven Russian losses and Russia has suffered half of their losses in the last two months. Lies. As a rule of thumb, take any Ukrainian claim about casualties and reverse it to get the  correct answer. The Ukrainians and their scumbag Nazi-loving Western buddies project like madman.

One thing I can tell you is that a person who projects all the time is deeply sick mentally in most cases. It’s just not a healthy defense and anyone who uses it like a madman is pretty seriously fucked in the head. We’ve known the Ukrainians are head-fucked forever, but it was a surprise to me just how fucked in the head the Nazi-loving West is. This war has convinced me that the West is garbage. The future is in the East with Russia, China, and the Global South. Death to the West and death to Western imperialism!

The Institute for the Study of War is one of the most dishonest outfits out there, with deep ties to the neocons who run US foreign policy for both parties. It’s run by a lying Jew named Frederick Kagan, who is married to a truly horrible lying Jew named Victoria Nuland.

However, there are 5-6 others who author Kagan’s posts along with him, and they all appear to be Gentiles. Gentiles are definitely capable of Jewish-level extreme lying, but sometimes I think Jews just lie more or do a better job of it. But as US Gentiles become Judaized, they’re starting to lie just as much as Jews. One at a time here.

NEW: #Ukrainian forces may be conducting a limited fighting withdrawal in Eastern #Bakhmut & are continuing to inflict high casualties against advancing #Russian forces, but it is still too early to assess Ukrainian intentions

Lie. They’re not inflicting heavy casualties on the Russians. The casualties run 12-1 in Russia’s favor!

2/ The #Ukrainian defense of #Bakhmut remains strategically sound as it continues to consume #Russian manpower and equipment as long as Ukrainian forces do not suffer excessive casualties.It’s not strategically sound at all. It’s all about image and PR and keeping the West’s hopes up and guns rolling in.

3/ The #Russian military’s attritional campaign to capture #Bakhmut has likely prompted Russian milbloggers to adopt more realistic expectations for further Russian operations in #Ukraine.

Nonsense. Russian milbloggers have not become pessimistic with the battle of Bakhmut. Quite the opposite.

4/ The #Russian offensive to capture #Bakhmut will likely culminate whether Russian forces capture the city or not, and the Russian military will likely struggle to maintain any subsequent offensive operations for some months.

There’s no evidence for this at all. The notion is that after Russia captures Bakhmut, they won’t be able to do anymore serious offensives for months. Really dubious.

5/ If Russian forces manage to secure #Bakhmut they could then attempt renewed pushes towards one or both of Kostyantynivka or Slovyansk but would struggle with endemic personnel and equipment constraints.

There are no serious personnel constraints. They have 675,000 men in the theater! The equipment is fine. They’re firing 45,000 shells a day!

6/ The likely imminent culmination of #Russia’s offensive around #Bakhmut before or after its fall, the already culminated Russian offensive near #Vuhledar, & the stalling Russian offensive in #Luhansk are likely setting robust conditions for a future #Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Absolutely not! The Russian offensive in Vulhedar has not completed at all. There is heavy fighting in the dachas right now. How on Earth does the fall of Bakhmut create good conditions for a fake Ukrainian counteroffensive? It’s ridiculous.

These liars will say anything! The offensive in Luhansk is not stalling. Russia has made progress in both the Kremina and Savatoe directions. In the north they have captured a few villages near Kupyansk. How on Earth does the fighting in Bakhmut, Vulhedar, and Luhansk set the stage for a robust Ukrainian counteroffensive. It’s ridiculous!

Lie. Bakhmut is extremely important strategically. Why do you think Ukraine fought so hard for it?

The USSR was nothing but a cover for Great Russian nationalism.  No. Anyone who says this doesn’t understand the USSR. It wasn’t like that at all. And the Legislature was full of Ukrainian deputies, I mean full of them. There was no Holodomor. Lenin didn’t want any parts of the Russian Empire seceding from the USSR back then. He also initiated Ukrainization, which was a great project from a Ukrainian nationalists’ POV.

This isn’t true at all. Only the Baltic states left the USSR and joined NATO. That’s it. Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, the barking Nazi poodles. Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Kirghistan all left the USSR, and none of them have joined NATO. Three joined NATO and 11 didn’t. Anyway, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan are pretty much authoritarian states. Eight become democratic and six became autocracies.

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