Alt Left: Terrorist Attack on Russian Soil

A small group of Ukrainian partisans, mostly former Russians, invaded a small Russian town across the border. They shot up a car and killed a 60 year old man. A 10 year old boy was in the car and ran away and they shot him too, but he survived. He grabbed two eight year old girls and they ran to safety. They shot up some other places and left illegal petal antipersonnel mines scattered all of the town.

Then they went back to Ukraine and made videos bragging about it. The leader is an employee of the GRU, the Ukrainian intelligence agency. He is also a Neo Nazi. Not only that but he’s Jewish! He’s a Jewish Nazi! They have these types on Ukraine. He was photographed with three other fighters. All of those are former Russians living in Ukraine. One was such a Nazi that he actually got in trouble with the Ukrainian government over it, believe it or not.

Note that these were all Russian neo-Nazis. There may be a few Nazis fighting on the Russian side or for Wagner, but Nazism is not popular in Russia. Putin has outlawed most of the Nazi groups and most of their leaders and a lot of the membership were arrested and are currently incarcerated, laying low, under surveillance, or left the country. The vast majority of Russian neo-Nazis fighting in  this war have gone to fight for the Ukrainians for obvious reasons, as they see Ukraine as a Nazi or at least Nazi-friendly government.

The leader has now made a video saying that the Ukrainian government green lighted this Nazi terrorist attack on Russia. He said they couldn’t have made it across the border without government support. So Zelensky the Nazi Jew’s government gave permission for literal neo-Nazis to make a terrorist attack across the border into Russia and shoot up some civilians.

The cope is big on this one. Liberals all said it was a false flag, then they said it was just some little group of idiots doing it on their own. Now that it’s come out and they did it with government help, the narrative has switched back to Russian false flag. For its part, the Ukrainian government is pushing the false flag line.

This reminds me of the Chechen War when the Chechens used to do this sort of thing all the time. I’m really afraid that this is going to turn into a reprise here with Ukrainian Nazis replacing Chechen Islamists.

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