2 thoughts on “Alt Left: I Told You They Want to Break Russia up into Little Pieces”

  1. That’s one person’s Tweet pointing out that “Russia” is really a large land mass of conquered territories. You’re taking that as some indication that “they” (whoever “they” are) want to break up Russia. That’s not very highbrow. That’s low brow click bait level nonsense.

    1. So is the US. So is Australia. So is everywhere. So what?

      There is indeed a huge effort to break up Russia into pieces.

      It’s different. Those are not occupied areas. They are exercising their right to self-determination. Via 100% free and fair votes, all of those oblasts voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. That’s not imperialism or illegal occupation or any of that. It’s just regular old basic human rights.

      Occupation is where you are occupying and possibly settling a hostile population who doesn’t want you there. Such as Spanish Sahara, Irian Jaya, Kurdistan, Nagorno Karabakh, Turkey’s occupation of Northern Syria, etc.

      The US is also illegally occupying Syria. They are there against the government’s wishes and control 1/3 of the country. That’s an illegal occupation.

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