Alt Left: The West Has Been Hating Russia Forever

2 thoughts on “Alt Left: The West Has Been Hating Russia Forever”

  1. The White Western Horse of Conquest is always chasing the Rising Red Horse in the East. As the life-blood Red Wolf Hati (Hate) is always chasing the White Moon.

  2. First Ancient Greece and Rome bloomed. They’ve never been matched again on many levels.

    Germany bloomed early with some of the best Medieval armorers in Europe.

    Italy is of note too but there’s a feeling of Western Supremacy in armor.

    Poland bloomed later with the Winged Hussars. Further East bloomed later. I guess Lithuanians looked similar to Russians in armor. Russians had their own vibe. They sort of made their own brand of Viking like the Normans. I think pre-Mongol Russia is cool, but the Mongols helped the Rising Russians. What’s great about Russia is that they are still blooming.

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