Alt Left: Not Only Wagner is Fighting Around Bakhmut

Everyone thinks that it is only the Wagner PMC that is racking up all the victories in and around Bakhmut because this is how it is portrayed everyone, including in the pro-Russian Twitter sites. This goes along with an idea that only Wagner can fight well and the actual Russian military is poor at fighting compared to Wagner. It is true that Wagner is doing a lot of the “shock troop” actions or direct storming of enemy positions.

However, it is not only Wagner that is fighting around that city. As you can see below, Wagner fighters are not even the majority in the area. In fact, non-Wagner forces make up the majority or 56

See below:

List of all the Russian forces in and around Kurdyumivka - Bakhmut - Soledar                


Total             45,000        100

Wagner  PMC       20,000        44

Russian military  18,000        40

LPR forces         3,500         7

DNR forces         3,000         7

Cossacks             500         1

To all the people saying Wagner is fighting on their own in Bakhmut. Its a combined effort of all parts of Russian forces in different roles where the main shock troopers are indeed Wagner.

Here are the different forces fighting around this area:

PMC Wagner

Russian military 217th Airborne Regiment from the 98th Airborne Division
Russian military 106th Air Assault Division
Russian military 4th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade

DNR 3rd Motorized Brigade Berkut

LPR 10th artillery brigade of the
LPR 6th Separate Motorized Rifle Regiment

6th Cossacks Motorized Regiment

In total 45.000 Soldiers if forces at approximately 70

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