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Honest Guy: The best response to a “thick-style” Nazi is gun powder. Hopefully a well-armed antifascist will do just that.

I’m happy that Honest Guy likes antifascists. One reason I’m supporting Russia in this war is because their fight is an antifascist and anti-Nazi project.

I dunno, if I were Jewish, I would consider Nazis to be my deadly enemies. Nazis don’t mess around. They really, really hate Jews. Not just watercooler nitpicking. They want to actively harm Jews, and I’m shocked at how many literally want to murder Jews.

I thought Jews were making that up because they’re so paranoid. I thought Nazis maybe wanted to throw them out of the country or restrict their rights or just get society to dislike them, but I was actually stunned at how many of them want to kill Jews. And not just a few either. Usually at least 100-200,000. If I were Jewish, that’s a serious threat.

One thing that bothers me about the Palestinian thing is they’re killing Jews, and they seem to think that all 7 million Jews in Israel are valid military targets. What if somehow 7 million Jews in Israel got shot dead? We’d have another Holocaust on our hands. Yuck! The last one was bad enough! Must we do this again? Gross.

The Palestinians do deliberately attack civilians. The “Occupation” refers to the whole place, not just the territories! All of Israel is “occupied.” I guess all the Jews in Israel have to pack up and take off! Well, I don’t support that at all. They can all stay but they just have to share the land with the Arabs, and the Zionist project needs to be halted for all of time.

Well, I do not mind attacks on the Israeli army in the West Bank. Go for it. Target them all you wish, especially when they invade those towns. I like that people are fighting back against those invasions.

And though it really bothers me to say it, I do support attacks on adult settlers. I say adult settlers because the minor settlers had no say in whether the decision to go live in the Territories. In a recent armed attack, the attacker saw a Jewish woman settler and he started yelling at her to drive off because he didn’t have it in him to kill a woman, even a settler. I rather liked that as it showed he had a heart. I’m proud of him on some level.

A very large percentage of the Jewish civilians killed and hurt in this war are settlers. They are not many attacks inside Israel proper; they’re actually rather rare compared to attacks on Jewish settlers in the Territories, which happen multiple times a day. I don’t support attacks on Jewish civilians inside Israel proper. Yuck. That really bothers me. I guess I don’t care if they attack soldiers in Israel though.

And a lot of people don’t realize that 4

I saw a photo of a bride and groom, both young settlers in the West Bank, who were killed by a Palestinian. I know they deserved it, but it really bothered me to say that because they looked so young, kind, and innocent. I’m just not that cold to cheer for stuff like that.

The Palestinians are like:

Kill the Jews! Well, the ones in Israel anyway.

I dunno. I don’t have much stomach for Jew-killing, especially killing large numbers of them. I don’t think the world does either. That last pogrom was really a doozy, the worst one ever, and I think most of the world feels angry or bad about it. And that recent mass murder has left most folks to not have much stomach for large-scale Jew-killing.

I really despise Israel, but I’m starting to have it up to here with the Palestinians too. It’s getting to the point where I don’t like or even fully support either of them!

Of course I say leave the Jews in the Diaspora out of it. Why should Palestinians hate Honest Guy? He’s just some Jewish dude living in New York. He’s not squatting in Palestine. He’s not oppressing you in any way, shape, or form. Leave him out of it, dammit!

Actually a recent statement by Hamas said we have no beef with Jews or the Jewish religion per se. Our fight is just with these Jews in Palestine who stole are land and are harming us all the time as part of an ongoing project.

Khaled Meshal said that. He’s been known to say more moderate things. A few years ago, they completely redid their Hamas Charter which was full of the most disgusting antisemitic poison straight out of the Protocols. They threw all that out. I’m very happy that they did that.

The Palestinians say the Diaspora Jews support Israel. Yeah, and? Guess what? So do most US Gentiles! Jews are

That’s why they ought to go easy on the Gentile hatred. Yeah, Diaspora Jews support Israel. But 55-6

Alt Left: Why Doesn’t Syria Respond to Israeli Attacks on Its Country?

Thread reader for this thread:

A Few Drugs That Help OCD

I don’t talk about it much, but I do have this disorder. I suppose it effects me pretty significantly, though I don’t talk about it much. I am dramatically better than I used to be though, I will say that. I’m on meds. You might think that’s weak, but if I go off of those, I will relapse fairly quickly. It’s odd. It will slowly come back over weeks, getting a bit worse every day for 2-3 months. After a few months, I’m not in good shape at all.

I have Pure O obsessional OCD. You can look it up if you don’t understand what that is. As far as beating this thing goes, I must say that this thing has got me beat. I can’t seem to get rid of it. You can get better though, even dramatically better, and that’s what I’ve done. I have credit meds for that.

  1. Gabapentin 300 mg. twice a day. I take it for another reason, but it also works as an anti-anxiety agent. Alcohol dramatically potentiates the effect, which is why I like to drink on it. I’m not sure if there is a “high” or not. Perhaps there is.
  2. Hydroxyzine 100 mg. Relief for a short period, maybe an hour or more. I am only supposed to take 50 mg. twice a day, but one time I took them all at once for the Hell of it.
  3. Hydroxyzine 50 mg. plus 300 mg Neurontin (Gabapentin) plus 40 mg. Lexapro (escitalopram) over a 16 hour period. Relief for possibly 2-3 hours. This one was pretty nice!
  4. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) 50 mg.. Good relief for an hour or more. Similar effect to #1 above. You are only supposed to take 25 mg. at once, but I took two of them because I forgot I had taken one, so I took another one. This drug actually has an anti-anxiety effect.

My daily med dose is 300 mg. Wellbutrin (Buproprion) plus 20 mg. Lexapro. Wellbutrin isn’t even supposed to work, but I found that at high doses, it worked incredibly well. I’m told that it acts like an SSRI at high doses. It sort of speedy too, which is cool because a lot of these drugs are sedating. I found that 40 mg/day of Lexapro was excellent for depression (really seasonal affective disorder), as I definitely suffer from SAD.

Hydroxyzine is prescribed for anxiety.

There is a report that Benadryl improved symptoms in OCD.

The information on Gabapentin is that it works as an additive to an SSRI in that it allows the SSRI to come on quicker. But I found it has an effect in and of itself.

You would think an anti-anxiety agent would not work at all, but I found that they did. To me, anxiety is like fuel. It’s fuel in your gas tank, and OCD is your car. Anxiety is the fuel that powers OCD along. That’s why OCD’ers can get so much worse under serious stress.

With my clients, in severe cases with extreme anxiety, I felt that no benefit was going to happen until we got the anxiety tamed down because as long as it was raging along, they weren’t going to get better. There was too much fuel in the tank.

Anxiety doesn’t cause the disorder per se, but as I said, it acts as a fueling agent and it “powers it along.” When you decrease anxiety you are depriving the OCD car of fuel. When anxiety goes up, you are putting more fuel in the OCD car’s gas tank. The disorder itself thrives on anxiety.

You will also notice that 1-4 only worked for a short period of time, but with this problem, any relief is like manna from Heaven.

It’s Not Antisemitism That’s the Problem, It’s the Degree of It

Two commenters below:

An obsessive and conspiratorial antisemite on Simplimus’ substack: The policy of banking in US & China is the same – get everybody into real-estate debt to make them debt slaves.

Not for China. For the US, sure.

The next comment is by a different person:

Polar Bear: Enough of Jews are little shits that you can at least see where the antisemitism is coming from.

That’s watercooler antisemitism or mild antisemitism. It’s just what everybody knows is true about those people.

Yes, a lot of Jews especially the men (Though not all of them by any means!, can act like total pricks. The men are often very aggressive, determined to succeed, and will let nothing get in the way of their quest for success. This gives a lot of them a sort of thuggish air. I believe a lot of these Jewish men have elevated sociopathy levels, though they’re not necessarily out and out sociopaths.

It’s not illegal to be aggressive, act like a little shit, be thuggish in your dealings with others, or have an elevated sociopathy level. Hell, you don’t even get a parking ticket for acting like that! Of course it’s not a misdemeanor. On the other hand, it might make a lot of people not like you too much, but a lot of Jewish men seem to be just fine with being disliked, as it fulfills their passionate desire to be a victim.

None of these things are any reason to kill a man. That’s just ridiculous. The behavior doesn’t even merit a citation, and you’re going to kill a man over it? Get real. No pogroms against Jews have ever been launched for such petty reasons. The charges were often much more serious.

The real hardcore obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism is definitely bad for the Jews, and it is this type of extreme antisemitism that has set off pogroms down through time. It’s also genocidal antisemitism, as it often (but not always) takes on that characteristic.

Alt Left: A Look at China’s Economic System

Bilbo’sBitch: What the fuck is ‘public banking’?

The Bank of China (mainland banking) is a Rothschild’s Bank empire.

HSBC (HK banking) is the former “East India Company” (the UK Pinkerton’s of that era), now controlled by the CIA, that brought all the opium into China in 1860’s, destroyed the country, and caused millions of Chinese women to become prostitutes.

The policy of banking in US & China is the same – get everybody into real-estate debt to make them debt slaves.

As you can see this is an example of obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism. Note that he says the Bank of China is owned by the Rothschild family in UK. The Rothschilds are very wealthy Jews, and they play a prominent role in politics and the economy. They’re also a bunch of scumbags if you ask me. But most Gentile banksters are probably about as sleazy as these lowlifes.

Most people and organizations with a lot of power and money act horribly. Power and money basically ruins people and turns them into monsters. However, the Rothschild’s power is not nearly as great as this type of antisemite assumes.

From his other posts, you can see he is one of those “the Jews the cause of all problems” guys. I’m not sure if that is Nazi antisemitism or not. Someone needs to clue me. This type of antisemitism, in addition to being wrong, is just plain lousy thinking. When you say everything is caused by the Jews, you have a simplistic answer for all of the difficult problems, movements, theories, ideologies, and events in the world. You’re taking the easy way out, not to mention that this type of antisemite is bad for the Jews! If I were Jewish I would not like this type of Jew one bit!

Hong Kong isn’t China. Not yet. Most banking in China is done by state banks. Of course public banking exists. There are some private banks, but they are probably tightly controlled and regulated. For, instance I guarantee you they have a CCP committee on their board of directors, and I assure you that these banks have been ordered to increase wages by 1

Most important is that in China, the people are over the capitalists. They rule the capitalists. In the West especially, the capitalists are over the state. That is, they rule the state, and the state has to do whatever the corporations tell them to do. Under these conditions, it is very difficult to control and regulate corporations because most people in the government are carrying water for the corporations. The corporations have taken over the government. The state can’t regulate the corporations because the corporations are the state.

In China the state owns all the land. All those fancy real state buildings you see are built on state-owned land. This makes it easy to protect lands, forests, and jungles, etc. for environmental reasons because no land has to be bought. Everyone is pretty much squatting on state land, and they can be and do get removed at any time. Those fancy buildings are sitting on land leased from the state with no option to buy.

Furthermore, the CCP is insistent that the capitalists must be kept out of the media and they just that. When the capitalists take over the media, any hope for a just and fair country is ruined.

Alt Left: Why the Cuban Refugees Are Not Coming Back to Take Over Cuba Anytime Soon

Polar Bear: I watched both Cocaine Cowboys documentaries. One mentions jurors were segregated. A woman says people don’t like to admit they self-segregate.

This trial would have taken place in the 1970’s, no? They were still segregating juries back then?

If it’s Miami, I get it. Miami is one of the most racist cities in the US. The racism is open, bald, naked, and guiltless. The racism is coming from the Cuban refugees, the gusanos. These are the people who had money in Cuba, and they are disproportionately White. The racism in Cuba was literally Jim Crow racism before the Revolution, and this is the type of racism the gusanos have brought over with them. One more reason the Revolution was a great thing.

I really hate the gusanos. The word means “worms.” Castro called the people who fled gusanos. By the way, Castro took over every bit of their property after they left. LOL good for him!

In addition, at the same time the gusanos fled, a bunch of US companies said, “We’re out of here,” and took off, leaving their factories and businesses behind. Castro said, “Fine, then we’re going to take all your stuff!” And he confiscated their businesses and factories. Ha ha.

Cuba has long offered to pay for all of the confiscated factories and businesses via some sort of slow terms, I forget which (I think some sort of 30-year bonds), but Cuba will reimburse them at 1961 values LOL. The gusano capitalists who took off want to be reimbursed at 2023 levels, and they reject this slow method of payment. The US government also pigheadedly refuses to even negotiate on the issue. It’s a matter of pride to them.

The gusano capitalists have all filed lawsuits in US courts and courts have awarded them all sorts of huge judgements, but Cuba does not honor those rulings. If you want to know why the US is so stubborn and enraged at Cuba, there ya go.

The gusanos keep saying they are going to come back and take over the island. The problem is almost everyone in Cuba hates their guts. The people who stayed behind liked Castro. People who didn’t like him took off. I’d say maybe 1

However, they have freedom of speech to mouth off and say whatever they want. Where they get in trouble is when they form organizations, stage demonstrations, and especially when they invite the foreign media in to interfere in Cuba’s affairs and spark color revolutions. It’s not true you can’t criticize the state in Cuba. LOL everyone does that, all the time.

Race is a big part of why those slimy gusanos ain’t coming back anytime soon, or really in my lifetime.

See, those rich Whites took off, and a lot of them had these very fancy mansions in Havana. They left and Castro stole those mansions and gave them to the state. Now it’s state property, and a lot of people have gone in there and made a bunch of apartments by walling off rooms with curtains and whatnot. The apartments are not fancy at all, but hey, they have a roof over their head.

I would like to point out that Cuba is much poorer than the US, but for all intents and purposes, Cuba has zero homeless people. Sure, there are a few who have fallen out of the system, but their numbers are negligible. Whenever anyone tells you that we can’t afford to house all the homeless, point to Cuba and ask them why not.

The people living in those mansions are almost all Black people who don’t have a lot of money. These are the types who really hate the gusanos. You think those Blacks in that mansion are going to let that racist White gusano who owned that mansion come back to take away their apartments? LOL you gotta be kidding.

In one way or another, that’s the story all over Cuba, and that’s why those dirty gusanos ain’t coming back anytime soon.

Alt Left: Why Russians Don’t Mind Hearing Bad News, with a Side Note on Americans Ridiculous Attitude towards the State

Found on the Net:

After 26 million people dead in WW2, you will have a very dark perspective about the world. But that view goes a long way back in their history, Dostoevsky is beyond dark. All major Russian writers have a nihilistic worldview. That is because they have been at war for a very long time. The Americans live in an optimistic la-la land.

A comment on my previous post about Russians viewing the world as pretty much a lousy place and life as more or less sucking a lot if not most of the time. On the other hand, you are supposed to carry on nonetheless and find some enjoyment out of life however you can.

A lot of this is due to the very harsh environment. It is freezing ass cold much of the time and there is often snow or ice on the ground. In the North, winters may be so long that the sun doesn’t come out for months on end. These conditions in Scandinavia have been shown to cause a high suicide and alcoholism rate. Face it, it’s depressing as Hell to live in place where it’s nighttime all the time for months on end.

A lot of Russian is either not good or frozen a good part of the time. There’s also plenty of permafrost. This makes it hard to grow food. The food that does grow is often root vegetables and the like that end up leaving you with a rather depressing and tasteless diet. It’s easy to get frostbite. Cars crash in the ice and snow. Wild animals like grizzly bears, wolves, and polar bears roam all over, even in fairly large towns. It’s easy to get lost in the forest and fail to get out, leaving to death by the elements.

I’ve also been told that so much of the land is frozen part or all of the time that’s it’s hard to build paved roads in Russia. Apparently pavement isn’t very happy with roads that are frozen much or all of the time.

I also agree that Americans are very hostile to bad news. In the US, the good guys are always winning, and the bad guys are always losing. When the opposite starts happening, Americans demand their leaders’ heads on pikes and think changing the leader will fix things. It’s ridiculous.

They think changing the people in the state is the same as replacing an executive or manager in a failing corporation or losing team. Changing the people in the US state doesn’t necessarily change things at all. A lot of the problems are beyond the reach of the present state and a lot of others are not their fault. The new people coming in often have no plan to deal with the problems or they have plans that will make the problems even worse. The Executive Branch isn’t a bunch of football coaches. Americans can’t seem to figure that out.

Alt Left: More on the Differences Between the West and Russia on the Perception of Lies in State Policy

Countries where everyone agrees with vast lies, like the US and now the entire West, do not think they are being lied to. They swear by the media/state lies about foreign policy which these entities have told them are the truth. So they think they believe in the truth. They get upset if you tell them they are being lied to because to believe that makes you feel like a mark, a tool, and idiot, a fool.

People are correct in a sense that no one likes being lied to. But the West is very hostile to the belief that the state and media are lying to them about foreign policy. They don’t believe it’s true.

In Russia, by contrast, the notion that the state and media are lying to you is easily accepted as obvious in many cases. This is perhaps a legacy of their Soviet past and its propaganda. They are naturally suspicious of anything the state or media tells them, and the reflexively want to check it out to see if it is true or not. At least that’s the case on Russian Telegram and Twitter sites.

There was some controversy over this. Some Twitter people said, “Hey, let’s not talk about these unpleasant truths!” Other said it is good we are talking about failures in mobilization or on the field because this means that we now have a “civil society” where people can protest conditions. And indeed a lot of people protested mobilization problems and they typically were resolved quite quickly instead of buried and covered up. The same with military failures. Users were saying we need to talk about this so we don’t do the same mistakes in the future.

A very pleasant attitude, I must say!

The fact that so many people openly protested to the various government agencies gives the lie to the notion that in Russia you cannot protest against the state. Of course you can protest. People do it all the time. And local governments protest against the national government.

Alt Left: Some Thoughts on Various Nations and Their Views on Lying and Being Lied to

There’s basically zero disinformation coming out of the Russians and the pro-Russian social media sites. In general, these people don’t like being lied to, and if Russia is making something up or denying something (their typical fault in this area), these citizen journalists will usually uncover it and post it quickly. Russian people on the Net have an attitude that they don’t appreciate being lied to by anyone, including their own country.

There are a lot of fake pro-Russian reports that come out and say that Russia has taken X village or this territory or part of a city. If it’s not true, the bloggers report that it’s false very fast. Russians don’t want to believe crap and lies. Their country is harsh enough. They are used to the idea of the world as a cruel, cold place where your dreams often don’t come true, your side loses and the bad guys win, and life basically more or less sucks, etc. So they’re not averse to bad news.

Heck, I can’t even remember the last time Russia even denied something that they actually did.

I think Americans love being lied to. Or at least when you tell them they’re being lied to, they get very angry and shoot you down. The reason is simple. If you start thinking that the media and government are lying to you a lot of the time, this causes a lot of anxiety. How will I know what’s true and what’s a lie? That attitude makes the world a much scarier place than it already is.

Ukrainians love lies and believing lies and don’t care if the “facts” they spout are actually falsehoods. Hell, a lot of them are making up their own lies all the time. Ukraine is a fascist country and one of the hallmarks of fascism is near-continuous lying by the state. Apparently people living under fascism think this is fine.

Bottom line is people really don’t care whether some statement or story is true or false. Most people operate on this form of logic:

Things I want to believe are true = truth.

Things I don’t want to believe are true = false.

I’ve been around this world for a number of decades, and if I’m sure about anything, it’s this. People honestly could care less about facts or lies, and really don’t care if the stuff they believe is true or not.

Alt Left: Jails and Prisons Too Full? Oh Boo Hoo Injustice System!

RL: “A judge ordered California prisons to only allow inmate populations at 13

Polar Bear: Insane.

RL: How do you mean insane? Insane that it’s not 10

Polar Bear: Insane to be over 10

Thank you. Yes, I agree, they should only be filled to 10

I actually hate prison and jail guards, judges, and especially prosecutors way more than cops. I don’t even necessarily hate cops. I’ve dealt with cops as a victim five times in the past few weeks, and they were very kind and good to me. Generally, cops are superbly behaved towards crime victims. They even show a lot of warmth and compassion, sympathy, and empathy. I didn’t expect to see that in such macho guys.

Cops just arrest folks who are breaking the laws. They don’t write the laws. On the other hand, they have considerable leeway about whether to even investigate a crime or charge someone with it or at least they used to back in the day anyway. But how much leeway do they really have? If cops think their hands are tied, and they have to make arrests on chickenshit crimes, then I won’t begrudge them for that.

It’s really the prosecutor scumbags who are prosecuting people on these chickenshit victimless offenses.

The worst pigs of all are fed pigs. All federal laws have  extreme sentencing guidelines, and federal law makes an astounding number of rather harmless things illegal. They really throw the book at you when they convict you of a federal offense too.

I’m actually quite happy that a lot of county jails are full up in California and they can hardly take in anymore inmates! There are people who get arrested for car theft and released the next day because there’s no room for them in the jails. Don’t like it? Build more jails and prisons! Or get rid of a lot of these chickenshit laws and let us folks solve our problems amongst themselves!

Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: Normal Male Sexuality (Ephebophilia) Is Sick and Evil and All Men are Pedophiles Who Need a Woodchipper

Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: There’s No Such Thing as “Sexual Abuse Experienced in One’s Teen Years”

Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: The Erroneous Conflation of the Language and Concepts of Child Molestation to Adult-Teen Sex

ChangeIt: I am beyond convinced that the extreme suppression of an entire gender’s fundamental, basic, healthy desire that 10

Interesting. What’s bizarre is that we are not even supposed to admit to having an attraction to, say, 15-17 year old girls, although a strong attraction to girls that age is about as normal as it gets for any man.

Most of the Internet argument that I am a “pedophile” stems from my argument that it is very normal for adult men to be aroused by 15-17 year old girls. They’ve even attracted to 12-14 year old girls, just at a lower level. I share these attractions of course. “Lindsay says it’s normal for men to get turned on by teenage girls,” and “Lindsay says teenage girls turn him on.”

That’s the whole argument for me being a “pedophile!” Can you believe that? People have gone crazy.

Now they seem to be saying it’s pathological and sick to even be attracted to 18 and 19 year old women, who are full-fledged adults. I see a lot of comments that 18 and 19 year old women are children (!).

I also see post after post after post demanding that we raise the age of consent. In particular, they want to make it illegal to have sex with 18 and 19 year old women except for people who are close to their age.

The rationale is “their brains are not fully developed.” But that’s bullshit.

They go on to say that the brain is not fully developed until 25, and an amazing number of these psychos literally want to raise the AOC to 25. I shit you not. There are lots and lots of these psychos out there.

I think almost all of these lunatics are under age 40. A lot of people over age 40 seem to have a normal attitude about this stuff. I’m told that in the early 1990’s, adult men and 17 year old perfectly legal girls were considered a normal thing. I say this because of the reaction to Seinfeld, who started dating a 17 year old girl at age 38. She was legal as the AOC is 17 in New York. I believe they are still together to this day!

People also said that this insanity started in the 2000’s, probably at the beginning of the decade. So we can trace the Teen Sex Mass Hysteria back about 20-25 years. I’d like to point out that everything these male cucks and fags are arguing for has come straight out of 3rd Wave feminism. So all you “men” freaking out about this stuff are cucks and homos who are spouting feminist lies about the male sex drive, which of course feminists hate.

All the crap about “minors can’t consent to sex” (which is bullshit), “adults should not date minors ever because they’re children (!),” the notion that a 17 year old girl in the same as a 7 year old girl, the notion that older teenagers are even “children” at all, which is very dubious, and the grotesque abuse of the term pedophile along with fanatics arguing “kill all pedos,” which if taken literally, means they would have to kill 22 million American men, the refusal to consider Romeo and Juliet laws since they “allow pedophiles to abuse children,” and the ridiculous and insane obsession with age gaps and power differentials, both of which are considered forms of sexual abuse. If the age gap is too large, the man is called a pedophile even though the woman is an adult!

This is all down to the insane conflation of child molestation and pedophilia and the language around those two, one a crime and the other a serious and problematic disorder, to adult-teen sex, which is completely different, as we are moving into statutory offenses here, and any sane person knows banging a 17 year old teenage girl isn’t the same thing as molesting a 7 year old girl child!

Also, you can only “groom” little children. The “grooming” bullshit was a phrase used back in the day to describe the process child molesters use to convince kids to have sex. “Grooming” only applies where the person has no idea what’s going on. Children are sexless and don’t even understand what sex is, so they have to be talked into doing this weird sex thing by the molester. The talking them into it part is referred to as the “grooming.”

Teenagers on the other hand are quite aware of what sex is and most have raging sex drives. You can’t “groom” a teenage girl, nor can you “groom” an adult woman, another concept people are throwing around.

Yes, men seduce women and I suppose they even seduce teenage girls, though my experience has been that the girls usually try to seduce the men. These dipshits have conflated seduction with “grooming.” It’s bullshit!

The phrase sexual abuse has been grotesquely abused. Really, it only applies to child molestation of little children under age 13. Even there, long term harm only occurs in ~2

I don’t consider what happened to me to be abuse!

In addition, it’s little talked about, but some kids literally enjoy getting molested. It’s a lot more common than you think, and this is the source of a lot of the guilt and shame that causes so much damage. There’s surely no abuse if the child liked it! I think we should just stick to the old term “child molestation.” It works just fine and of course kids can be indifferent to being molested or even enjoy it. The term fits well.

Further, the fact that ~2

But the conflation of this notion with consensual adult-teen sex has resulted in the insane idea that teenagers suffer long-term harm from sex with adults. In general, they just don’t. They only suffer harm in societies that tell people it’s harmful. In societies that tell people it’s harmless, no young person is harmed.

I get bashed to Kingdom Come and back for harping on this issue, but my whole position is that we’ve gone insane in this subject, and we need to move back to a saner attitude about it like when I was growing up.

I don’t want to have sex with any of those girls, and I don’t care where the AOC is between 16-18.

I do want generous Romeo and Juliet laws though, and I want to bring back sane sentencing for these often fake “crimes” with no victims!

I’m in a Real Bad Situation Here

Basically, I took my brother in to live with me in, I think, Spring 2019. He was living with my mother but he’s Bipolar, and he wasn’t treating it. He’s been cycling every few years since the late 1970’s. During manic episodes he is seriously insane, aggressive, menacing, hateful, violent, and sometimes paranoid and delusional. They were happening every few years, but then they started happening more often. This last one only had a break of six months. He has denied that he is ill for 40 years.

He put my mother through utter Hell when he was living with her three times. He acted like a demon or Satan or like he was Satanically possessed. He just terrorized the living Hell out of her. One thing he did was play music late at night. The neighbors kept complaining but he kept doing it anyway. When he’s like that he doesn’t follow anybody’s rules. He could have easily just used a set of headphones, and I believe he even had one, but he simply refused to use them. Same thing at my place. He has headphones but he refuses to use them.

One night at 2:30 AM, my mother told him to turn the music down or she was going to call the police. He gets cops called on him every time he goes manic, and typically he gets arrested at least one time. He stared at her and said with profound seriousness:

If you call the pigs on me, I’ll kill you.

This terrorized my mother. She relayed it to my brother, and he drove up to see what he could do. They went to the police about a restraining order, but the cops said it sounded like a crime. My Mom decided to press charges against him as the only way to get him out of the house. She also got a restraining order against him.

So he was arrested on the Criminal Threat law. Of course people threaten each other all the time, but you need to be careful about threatening to kill someone because if they can prove it, you can go to jail!

He was arrested and then they beat him badly in intake like they almost always do. He said he came into intake, and they started barking all these orders at him like dogs, and he couldn’t really figure out what they were saying, and he was trying to understand what they wanted. Well, they took that as refusal to follow orders and beat the Hell out of him.

I’d like to relate to you that pigs beat people up all the time in jails, and I do mean all the time! I really don’t think it’s necessary in most cases. Pigs are just sadists, that’s all. Guards beat people up in jail all the time too. Another bunch of sadistic freaks of nature.

I forget what happened but he was trying to use a phone to call out and it didn’t work, and he got angry. I guess he yelled. I’ve spent six whole hours in jail in my whole life. Sanctimonious Normie NPC twits like to make a big deal about that. Screw them! I was an angry and rebellious young man aged 20 and 21. Both arrests involved smoking pot in a car.

Well, let me tell you. People yell and scream in jails all the time. It’s par for the course. If you’re a jailer, you come to expect him. They just come by and threaten them with this or that and walk away.

Anyway this time they totally beat the shit out of him again, I guess for yelling. Then they threw him in the crazy/drunk tank, a rubber room, completely naked and kept him there for 48 hours. That seemed pretty excessive too if things went down the way.

I went to the jail on a regular basis to see him, and we could talk via video. He had some sort of cold sore breakout all over his face, which I assumed was due to stress. He said the food was literally inedible, and the guards deliberately played the TV loud all night long so you couldn’t sleep. They also threatened to beat him up on a regular basis.

I forget what I ended up doing during the video chats. They wouldn’t give him his meds or anything. There was no reading material at all. The place is just a gigantic torture chamber.

California jails have gotten a lot worse in recent years due to prison overcrowding. A judge ordered California prisons to only allow inmate populations at 13

As they went to put him in general population, a deputy saw his papers and put him in protective custody because he said they’d beat him up in there. I knew they didn’t like child molesters and I suppose rapists, but I had no idea that they hated guys who beat and threaten women too! Apparently the hated objects thing has migrated to include any crime against a minor or woman. It’s said that inmates have wives, girlfriends, and kids too, so they don’t like inmates who pick on the weak.

See, the thing is when you go into GP or General Population, everyone asks what you are in for, and even worse they ask to see your papers, which every inmate has on him. This is how they find out about inmates who commit crimes against women and children.

So he was put in PC or Protective Custody. I’m not sure who else was in there, but I think at one point he was in with the crazies, gays, and trannies. They all have to be segregated too because they can be victimized and beat up in jail. I think gang snitches and gang dropouts go in there too. There’s a “no snitching” culture in jails and prisons and gangs especially don’t like it.

Well, at least he didn’t get beat up in there. But towards the end, some mental guy (he had committed a crime, but he was seriously mentally ill) ended up being his roommate, and he ended up punching my brother in the head one night for no good reason. He said complaining to guards is no good because the guards blame the victim too. So if you’re a victim of an assault in jail and you report it to the guards, the guards punish you too! This makes no sense to me.

He said that coffee ended up being money or legal tender in jail, and everybody wanted money to buy stuff at the commissary because the food was so horrible.

He served seven weeks in the local jail, which was basically the Ninth Circle of Hell. The guards were monsters and even the nurses were just horrible. Just pure hatred and no empathy at all.

When he got out, my Mom had a restraining order against him, so he was homeless. My place was the only place to stay or else he would be homeless. I took him in out of the goodness of my heart. He was manic as Hell when he moved in. He had to go get his stuff at my Mom’s place and move it in here. He ended up moving into the living room and sleeping on the couch.

However, he had to be in a mental health program as part of his sentence. He had to take meds and see a therapist, a psychiatrist, and a social worker. I didn’t think much of that system. They really defend the cops, even if they beat people up.

He admitted that he had Bipolar Disorder and was put on various meds. He also had to attend counseling and group therapy sessions over video, which I didn’t think too much of. When he left the program, he flew out to New York to see a girlfriend and he came back manic as a bat out of Hell. I’m not sure what happened. I assumed he had gone off his meds.

But he’s been on them ever since he left the program, 200 mg of something. It’s not enough as he’s having a major breakthrough episode. The drug goes up to 300 mg. He probably needs another drug added on.

He wasn’t supposed to stay here according to the lease, so I let him come around in the daytime for up to 12 hours, but he had to leave and go to the Mission to sleep at night. This wasn’t optimal as it’s very unsanitary, run by Christian religious lunatics, and on top of that, he kept getting respiratory infections at the place.

The management was curious, but I argued that he wasn’t really staying here, as he was sleeping somewhere else. He was just coming around to visit in the daytime, like your friend coming over every day to visit you. They didn’t really buy that but they let him stay here.

He kept cycling while he was here, and the intervals got down to once every three months from once every six months. I kept threatening to throw him out all the time. I’ve been threatening to throw him out for three years or however long it’s been that he’s been here. Last year, police were called about him three different times. They came out to the house once but didn’t do much.

After maybe a year or so of that, COVID hit, and he used this to scam his way out of staying at the mission and live here full-time on the basis that he could catch COVID at the mission. This was in violation of my lease, but I didn’t know that. After a while, the manager kept giving him forms to get on the lease, but she said he wasn’t filling them out properly or he never returned them. I don’t understand what was going on. I know a couple were thrown back as not filled out properly.

This problem with him living here put me in a great big bind because he wasn’t supposed to be here, and caused me to violate my lease by having him here. I really didn’t want him on that lease, as my Mom said to not ever put him on the lease because he’ll end up getting me thrown out of my place.

I kept threatening to throw him out, but my Mom didn’t want me to because he had nowhere to go, and he’d be homeless. As a family, we look out for each other.

He went into another major manic episode just a few months ago. A previous one had just ended, and there was a hypomanic period in between, and a new one started up with only a three month interval between it and the previous one. The episodes start coming more frequently with time, especially if you don’t treat it.

I told my friends about his behavior recently, and they told me I’m a saint. They said 9

The last three weeks have been batshit insane. He’s been taking plates of food and throwing them all over the apartment, living room, and dining room. He threatens and assaults me all the time in all sorts of ways. He openly defies me and refuses to follow any of my rules. If you try to get him to follow a rule, he gets menacing or he assaults me.

There have probably been ~60 fistfights between him and me in the past year. One night there were 5-10 fistfights in a night. He’s thrown me across rooms to where I slammed into a table and pushed the table into a wall. He’s unbelievably clever, devious, and manipulative when he’s like this. He’s a total monster. It’s like living with the Devil, Satan, or Charles Manson. He acts like he’s pure evil.

Of course he projects everything onto me. He’s completely innocent and I’m the one who’s attacking him since he’s just a total victim. He’s incredibly irritable and every little thing makes him fly into a rage. He drinks like a fish when he’s like this, smokes a lot, and starts smoking pot. When he’s not too manic, the booze calms him down late at night, and he even turns pleasant or friendly sometimes.

But when he’s in a full-blown episode like he is now, the booze just makes him worse, and towards late at night, he gets aggressive, menacing, and violent. I have had to barricade myself in rooms four times in the past two weeks. He has tried to smash the doors down each time. Once he punched holes in a door. He also tore that door off the track and then assaulted it two more times, making it worse. He made keys to my rooms and my car and started taking my car and driving it.

He broke into my room when I was sleeping to try to steal a bottle of liquor that I keep in there. Once he locked me out of my room, my house, and my car, and I had to climb in my window to recover my car keys. He broke into my room and grabbed a bottle of liquor and started drinking from it. A fight ensued and he locked the door and closed it on the way out, so I was locked out of my room. My house and car keys were on there too. He had a key to my room but he laughed and wouldn’t give it to me.

When he gets this crazy, he gets these weird glittery, glowing, or shining eyes. It’s a creepy effect. He shouts and screams all the time, and sometimes there are shouting matches.

The police were called five times about this mess in the last few weeks, four times by me and once by him.

The other night I heard sounds like he was dying. I went out into the living room and he was bent over on the couch and had vomited all over the carpet. I didn’t get mad at him, though most anyone else would blow up at you for doing that. I’m probably the least irritable person you will ever meet. I said in a completely matter of fact, businesslike tone that I had tried to remove all hostility from:

You’re going to have to clean that up?

Soon he was turning the light and I kept turning it on because I wanted him to clean up the vomit that night and not wait a while and he can’t clean it up with the light off. He kept turning it back on. I said:

Look, you’re going to have to clean that up, ok? I mean tonight. Like now.

This was also said in the most matter of fact way as possible. He charged at me and kept asking me what I had said. I kept repeating that I he had to clean up the vomit right now. He attacked me and I barricaded myself behind a locked door again as he smashed and pounded at it and screamed like a banshee and tried to tear it off the hinges again.

I called the police and told them to come out this time because I was really scared. The other times I kept going to the police station at night and talking to officers. The last time I was there, they told me to not come in and instead to call them out to the apartment the next time this happened, so I did it.

They actually came out to the house. I talked to the cop, told him what was going on, and he said he would try to 5150 him, but he probably wasn’t bad enough to take in. We always try to get him 5150’d, but they always say he’s not bad enough.

All five times, I must say that the police were extremely friendly and sympathetic. Once they even called me by my name! If you’re a victim, they are often very kind to you. In those cases, they’re not pigs. They’re just cops! The cop was even nice to me when my brother tried to get me arrested because he thought I acted in self defense.

I have pulled knives on him many times recently and it isn’t the first time. When he’s aggressive, menacing, and violent, the only thing that keeps him away is a damned knife. The cops were not wild about me pulling those knives, but I didn’t see any other way. Of course I never stabbed him and I always pulled the knives in self defense. I’ve pulled knives on him before years ago and right before he went to jail, my sister pulled a knife on him. He acts like Charles Manson. Wouldn’t you pull a knife on Manson?

The cops told me to stop responding to him, and the fights have gone way down because it’s true, the fights were happening because I reacted to him.

One night he tried to smash in my bedroom door that I had barricaded myself inside. He had an arm in the door and I kept hitting it to make it go away but it had no effect, so I took car keys and started stabbing his arm with the keys to make him pull his hand out of the door. This ended up putting bruises on his arm. I hope I didn’t cause any serious or permanent damage.

He then went to the police and tried to get me arrested for assault and battery on the basis of his wounds. The officer was sympathetic to me and said I had acted in self-defense, but he had to write up a report on it anyway.

I kept researching how to evict someone, but things were not very helpful. I went to the courthouse and they implied that a tenant could not evict a roommate. However, some web pages said you could. I finally wrote up an eviction notice and gave it to him on the 13th. He has 60 days to leave. If he’s not gone, I can go to court to try to get him thrown out. True, he will be homeless if I throw him out, but there’s no alternative at this point.

I talked to a lawyer and the lawyer said I could not legally throw him out. He suggested a restraining order or having the manager throw him out. The lawyer wasn’t very friendly or sympathetic either for whatever reason.

The manager is the worst manager on Earth, just pure evil and Satanic. She hated me from the day I moved in. She said, “I don’t trust that old man.” I haven’t done much of anything in 15 years here, but her attitude has not changed. Her attitude towards me is complete and utter contempt.

I went to her and told her what was going on and how I had served him with an eviction notice. I told her I went to a lawyer and he suggested that the management evict him. I asked her to do it but she put up a huge fight. I honestly didn’t know I was violating the lease and could get thrown out for that.

Today she called me in and gave me a paper of a three-day notice to clear up a matter or quit. It looks like it’s an eviction of him. It says on there that I am the only one who is allowed to live here. It was written in a hateful, contemptuous, enraged tone towards me for forcing her to do this. She blames all of this bullshit on me. It’s all my fault. Not one milliliter of sympathy.

I showed my brother the notice, and he said he wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. So apparently he’s not going to be out of here in three days. The part I don’t like is that the notice implies that if I don’t get him out of here in three days, I’m getting thrown out. I showed the notice to a cop and he said he didn’t think that was what it said. I thought after three days were up, I could get the sheriff’s to force him to leave, but they only do that with a court order.

I’m now thinking of getting a restraining order against him. I really didn’t want to go this route, but if he has only three days to leave or he gets me in trouble. I’m going to go down to the court tomorrow and see if I can get a restraining order.

Here’s the document I served my brother:

Addressed to:

Mr. XXXX Lindsay

March 13, 2023

I am hereby evicting you from my apartment for rage, anger, temper tantrums, screaming and yelling, throwing objects, throwing glasses of water at me, anger at having to pay his share of the utilities, constant harassment, mocking, ridiculing, insulting, bullying, resentment, contempt, menacing, threatening, assaulting, throwing food and other items, punching holes in doors, tearing doors off of hinges, breaking into my locked room, stealing liquor and drinking it, shoving knives into walls, stealing my car and driving it without permission, locking me out of my room, home, and vehicle, making keys to my car, playing music too loud late at night and refusing to turn it down when ordered to, and refusing to treat your mental illness, which is the cause of all of this behavior.

You have 60 days after this notice to leave the premises. If you do not leave by that time, we will have to go to court on this matter.

Bob Lindsay

Signed Robert Lindsay

5:14 PM March 13, 2023 XXXX Street, Apt. X, California, XXXXX Zip Code

If this diabolical manager tries to get me evicted over this bullshit, I’m going to fight it all the way, sorry. I’m doing everything I can to get rid of him. What more can I do?

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

I Still Don’t Know My ABC’s


Actually, I do. But I haven’t memorized them in the sense that I intuitively know which letter comes before or after which letter in a lot of cases, especially towards the middle and end of the alphabet. I know the ones towards the beginning a lot more intuitively.

As I do a lot of alphabetizing in my projects, I need to get my ABC’s right. So quite a few times I have to run through the whole alphabet until I get to the letters in question to figure out which letter comes before or after which letter. On the other hand, I can say my ABC’s in my head very, very fast, like I can run through the whole thing in 3-4 seconds. Three seconds for show and four or more to actual find the letters in question and suss them out.

So I know my ABC’s and I don’t!

Anybody else wish to comment?

Alt Left: Catholic Church “Pedophile” Scandal Again

I looked over the data on this again and it appears that I was wrong. This case is about:

  1. Gay priests. The Catholic Church has a gay priest problem.
  2. Pedophile priests. The Church also has a pedophile priest problem, but most of these are homosexual pedophiles, so we once again, we are back to the Church having a gay priest problem

It turns out, looking at the data, that 4


The 5

Now we look at that 4

Since these priests were not molesting family members, few of them were probably non-pedophilic molesters. The only type of man who would go out of his way to molest little boys who are not in his family is a pedophile. So,



So we can see that the Church has two problems:

  • A gay priest problem.
  • A pedophiles (mostly gay pedophile) priest problem.

So the “pedophile priest” scandal is at least partly true, although less than half of the priests involved were actual pedophiles.

Most of the boys who got damaged in this affair were straight boys. It can be quite traumatic for a straight boy to be lured into gay sex. It messes with their identity. Nevertheless, any gay young men these priests had sex with probably enjoyed it. As a rule, gay teenagers do not seem to be harmed at all by having sex with adult gay men. In fact, 1/3 of gay teen minors are currently in a sexual relationship with an adult gay man.

Even in the case of molestations, 7

Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: Resolved: All Men are Ephebophiles (in a Sense)

Lately, people have been attributing this problem to “ephebophilia,” but ephebophilia is a preposterous concept, as all gay men and all straight men are ephebophiles. Ephebophilia refers to either the preferential attraction or, popularly, the mere attraction of adults to 15-19 year old young adults and adults.

If we adopt the concept of ephebophilia as maximal attraction to this age group with strong or normal attraction to adults too, it becomes clear that all men are ephebophiles. The only men who are not are hebephiles and pedophiles.

Gay men are maximally attracted to 18-19 year old men, which follows from popular culture noting that gay men like ’em young. Therefore, all gay men are ephebophiles because they are maximally attracted to 18-19 year old men, with the important exception of gay hebephiles and pedophiles.

All straight men, incredibly enough, are also ephebophiles! That is because straight men are maximally attracted to young women aged 18-24. As this includes 18-19 year old women, it is an absolute fact that all straight men are ephebophiles, with the exception once again of straight hebephiles and pedophiles.

When the behavior of 10

Apparently, one concept of ephebophilia would be if you could find men who were maximally attracted to 15-19 year old young adults and had little to no attraction to adults aged 20+. No one knows if such people even exist, gay or straight! If this is a valid concept, please show me in the lab where you have identified a population of men with maximal attraction to mid and late teens and little to no attraction to adults aged 20+.

As far as I am concerned, there is no reason to believe that such men even exist. If they exist, do a lab study and prove it!

In other words, the very concept of ephebophilia as some pathological disorder, attraction, or orientation is risible if not out and out preposterous. Shame on any serious person who suggests otherwise!

Alt Left: What’s up with the Russian Execution of a Ukrainian POW?

Alt Left: Ukrainian Nazis Execute Their Own Soldiers for Trying to Surrender to Russia

Alt Left: The Latest Ukrainian Lie

Alt Left: Pro-Nazi Finnish Prime Minister Goes to a Funeral for a Ukrainian Nazi

Alt Left: Ukrainians Kill Two Russian Soldiers Trying to Surrender

I Have to Admit That I Seriously Hate Human Beings

I don’t hate what they are. I hate what they’ve turned into. We basically have some version of Clown Rock, take your pick.

To put it mildly, the problem is people are idiots. They’re stupid. And by that I don’t mean anything having to do with IQ. Average and low IQ people can be very kind and wise. What I mean by idiots is that they lack wisdom, and you don’t need a high IQ to be wise. So the problem with people nowadays is not that they’re idiots. I can handle idiots just fine. The problem is that they are dangerous idiots, and that’s not ok. The lack of wisdom among the masses nowadays is what makes them dangerous.

The only sane thing to be nowadays is a misanthrope. If you’re not, you’re one of them, and that’s cowardly and pathetic.

Part of me wants out but I think instead of buying it with my hand, I’d rather resign.

That is, I am no longer a human. I am not a part of this dangerous nonsense called humanity. I’m something else. I’m an ex-human. I’m not part of them. I left the Church of Human a long time ago, so please don’t judge me for that.

And everyone who hates me for whatever reason, fine. Obviously you hate me because I don’t go along with your “how to be a human” bullshit. That’s fine. You can hate me all you want. In fact, I consider an honor to be hated by most people. I’d be much more upset if they liked me because then I’d be one of them.

I make up my own rules and laws, and I decide for myself what’s right and what’s wrong. As I’m an ex-human, I’m under no obligation to live according to the rules of idiotic, frightening humans. I do it my own way. My way. And I don’t look back, ever. Not even once.

I do like some of you, though. But most of you that I like, just like me, are ex-humans too, whether you know it or not. Humanity is such a bunch of menacing fools nowadays, at least here in the West, that being an ex-human strikes me as the only intelligent thing to be. Go ahead and resign. Fuck em all. Resign from this joke of a Clown Species. Take leave of this Clown Rock.

Come along.

Come join me.

Come here.


Yes, you.

Stand closer.

Don’t be afraid.

It’s only the night.


Take my hand.

It’s warm, isn’t it?

I told you it would be.


Come with me.

Let us go, you and I, into the night.

Into the night and right out of the world.

Some Thoughts About Finding Your “Real Writing Voice” and Discovering the “Real You”

I don’t know about having a “real writing voice.” You will develop one after a while anyway. With me, whatever good stuff I am reading at the time goes into my prose, but not as a conscious influence, more of an unconscious one. So my writing might sound a bit like whatever I am reading at the time.

Also, I walk around in the day a lot writing things out in my head.

In addition, I write sentences different ways until I find the one the one that has the right “poetic sound, music, or beat.” You take out or add just one word, and you change a sentence into something perfect with a perfect “beat,” or you get something with a not so good “mouth feel.” In poetry, they call this stuff meter and weight, but I don’t understand that. I just know that I like my writing to sound “beautiful,” or “musical,” so I suppose I am dealing with things like meter and weight without even realizing it.

I’d say your “real writer’s voice” is, like the “real you”, whatever writing voice you created when you woke up that day. The “real you” of course being whatever persona you created when you woke up that day.

Of course over time you will develop a basic voice, but I think it should grow organically rather than as a conscious endeavor. Just sit back, relax, and let it flow. Sort of like what the surrealists were doing with “automatic writing.”

On the other hand, there does seem to be a “real you” and hopefully it’s relatively healthy and not too sick or messed up. As the Greeks said,

The purpose of life is to know yourself


to thine own self be true

Trying to be something you are not just doesn’t work, and that’s why closeted gays are so screwed up. I’m supposedly a homophobe, but I strongly support actual biological gays coming out of the closet at the very least to themselves. Living a lie and pretending to be straight just doesn’t work, sorry.

I’ve noticed that closeted gays are particularly messed up people. Some appear haunted, and they tend to be inauthentic, paranoid, weird, twisted, explosive, touchy, far too sensitive, take offense at every little thing, dishonest, aggressive, menacing, and even violent, unable to admit they are wrong, use defenses like denial to a point where they are nearly delusional. One I knew was an actual out and out criminal who had spent time in prison.He was out of prison when I knew him, but he wasn’t really reformed.

It’s like they are a boiling pot that barely has its lid on. Out gays are supposed to be psychologically messed up too, but I think they are a lot healthier then the closet cases.

Of course over time we develop a basic personality that doesn’t change tremendously, but you can move around a lot in that range especially as in you can get quite mentally healthy or quite mentally unhealthy. Even there, I think people have individual “crazy styles,” or ways of going crazy. Many people will have different ones.

And we have different “sane styles” too or “ways of being healthy.” I’ve done a lot of work as a psychological counselor so this stuff is interesting to me.

Alt Left: Teen Sex Moral Panic: The Sex Fascists Double Down – The Sheer Insanity of Modern Discourse on Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and Ephebophilia

Now that everyone has exposed these scum on their lies about “pedophilia,” they’ve doubled down and now insist that Hebephilia and Ephebophilia are just as pathological. According to almost everyone in the Anglospere, even having a mere attraction to any minor female means you’re a pedophile! You think that 17 year old girl over there is pretty hot? Too bad, you’re a pedophile! Basically, anyone over 18 who finds any minor sexually attractive is a pedophile! This includes 18 year old man and 17 year old girls.

There’s virtual unanimity on this across the spectrum. The Left is just as insane on this as the Right or the Center are. Actually one of the few groups that make sense on this are the far Right, Alt Right, or MAGA Right. Support for this lunatic view is also very high across both males and females.

Nobody wants to go against the insane rhetoric because if you do, you get called pedophile, told that you’re about to commit a sex crime, and mass reported to the police. If you have a career it’s probably over. So most probably go along with the insane lies because telling the truth gets you banned from social media and possibly fired from your job.

You would think that minors themselves could be attracted to other minors without getting called pedophiles, but that’s not quite so either. A woman was slandered as a pedophile for having a 15 year old girlfriend when she was 17! This seems to be the normal attitude nowadays. She was slandered on a site, Kiwi Farms, that is extremely popular with the Woke Left. Many teenagers are noting that they are attracted to their peers and worriedly asking questions about whether they are pedophiles or not!

The public mostly dodges the question but how a 17 year old boy turns into a pedophile when he turns 18 and still finds 17 year old girls hot is beyond me. And yes, 18 year old men are absolutely being arrested for sex with 17 year old girls! As are 19 year old men.

And 20 year old men. Some states have tried to get around this by putting in Romeo and Juliet laws, but you will never hear one sex fascist anywhere support any Romeo and Juliet laws. The line across the mass of society is that these laws “legalize pedophilia.” Other than people in my generation, I have only met one person so far, a feminist at that, who supported Romeo and Juliet laws.

The other line, across the board once again from left to right, is that “minors can’t consent.” Well, that’s bullshit. Of course they can consent to sex, for God’s sake. This crazy line came from the anti-child molestation line that “children can’t consent.” That’s not even true either, but we say they can’t consent in a legal sense though of course they can in a psychological sense. Kids don’t know what sex is before the sex drive comes on. So we say they can’t legally consent in that sense.

Somehow this line about little children under 13 got conflated to 13-17 year olds. Turns out now they can’t consent either! Really? Mystery to me! Of course they can consent psychologically, though whether they can legally or not is another matter.

The problem? All normal men are attracted to 15-17 year old girls at a very high rate of 8

Now whether they should have sex with them or not is another matter, but the line gets a lot trickier with teenagers because teenagers definitely know what sex is because they have raging sex drives. We say they can’t legally consent because we think a lot of adult-teen sex is immoral, so we want to ban it.

We also think the adult is preying on the teen, which is usually dubious. Of course society has a right to turn its morals into laws as with anything else. On the other hand, sex between adults and teens is not mentally disordered (though child molesting may be). It’s not pedophilia or anything else. Even if the adult has Hebephilia, that’s not a mental disorder. And of course Ephepophilia is normal!

About peer sex between teens, every sex fascist I’ve ever talked to has told me that teens can’t consent and therefore they oppose teen sex. Supposedly teens are not mentally ready for sex! So just about everyone nowadays is opposed to teenagers between 13-17 having any sex at all! How prudish! Once again, this is right to left, males and females, across the board.

Lately we have seen articles, one in particular in the Scottish press, saying that Hebephilia and Ephebophilia are just as wrong and messed up as Pedophilia and acting on these feelings should be outlawed. But wait. The age of consent in Scotland is 16. So adults who have sex with 16-17 year old girls are psychologically disturbed, the same as pedophiles? In addition, Ephebophilia was completely condemned. However this means an attraction or preference for girls 15-19.

How on Earth is it pathological for any man of any age to be attracted to an 18 or 19 year old girl?! That’s just bizarre. And even as a preference, Ephepophilia is not considered to be abnormal. The that Scottish paper along with all sex fascists, defines things by attraction and not preference. So the vast majority of sex fascists now say attraction to 15-19 year olds by any adult of any age is sick and pathological and as bad as pedophilia and should be outlawed!

Problem? As noted, all men are attracted at high levels to 15-17 year old girls, so all men are sick and pathological Ephebophiles, as sick as pedophiles, and acting on this urge should be a crime. Incredibly, the paper also says that even attraction to 18-19 year old girls is Ephebophilia, as sick as pedophilia, and should be outlawed! But all normal men react maximally to 18-19 year old girls.

In fact they react stronger to them than they do to any other group of women! Now this paper is saying that all men who are not dead or gay are sick Ephebophiles, as sick as pedophiles, simply for having an attraction to 18-19 year old girls! God forbid that they act on it!

Now we move down to Hebephilia. This means either attraction or preference to 12-14 year old girls, but some put it up to 12-15, so it overlaps Ephebophilia. In common parlance, Hebephilia means any attraction at all to girls in this age range makes you a hebephile. Problem? You have just now made 8

And the vast majority of men are aligning themselves with the sex fascists nowadays. So the vast majority of men are saying that their own urges and desires are sick, hebephilic and probably pedophilic too as there’s no difference between the two! True the average man is attracted to girls this age at a lower level of 5

And 2

Now we move on to pedophilia. This actually seems to be a mental disorder in a lot of cases and I agree with that. On the other hand, as with the other chronophilias, it seems to be an inborn sexual orientation. Keep in mind that Elon Musk will ban you from Twitter if you say pedophilia is a sexual orientation, though this is the consensus among sexologists. Once again, attraction defines the disorder, say the sex fascists.

Yet 5

Are we ready to condemn 2

Ultimately this is a men’s rights issue that has been blown out of proportion by women, and many of these women are feminists. A lot of men are along for the ride, but that’s always the case with men’s rights stuff.


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